Circle Conference of AIGETOA Maharashtra held on 27th & 28th Oct 2021

As per the schedule, the Circle conference of AIGETOA Maharashtra Circle was held on 27th & 28th October 2021 in Emerald Hall, Mhalunge, Pune in offline mode. This extravagant & magnificent event was attended by MH collegiums members as well as other active members from various districts of Maharashtra along with all MH circle executive committee members.

Following dignitaries have graced this grand event & addressed the open session on the topic of, “Importance of BSNL Revival & Challenges in Present Scenario”.

  1. CGM MH Circle – Shri Ramakant Sharma
  2. GS AIGETOA CHQ – Shri Wasi Ahmed
  3. AGS AIGETOA CHQ – Shri Fazal Ahmed
  4. GM HR, MH Circle – Shri S V Nakhale
  5. PGM BA, Pune – Shri A N Dhanorkar
  6. PGM HQ & Op, Pune – Shri S M Bhatamabre
  7. PGM EB, S&M, Pune – Shri Vipul Agarwal
  8. CS SEWA MH – Shri G N Gharde
  9. CP AIGETOA MH – Shri Kamlesh Deo
  10. CS AIGETOA MH – Shri Ashish Jain

The election of the new governing body of Maharashtra carried out as per the provisions in presence of CHQ Observer AGS Fazal Ahmad. The following Circle Body was elected for the next three years tenure of AIGETOA Maharashtra. Shri Ashish Jain, Shri Mathew Kochuvarkey and Shri Raju Pathak was elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Finance Secretary respectively.

Click here for newly elected body of AIGETOA Maharashtra

Click here for Glimpses of Conference

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