GS AIGETOA writes to Sr. GM (SR) for holding of free, fair, impartial and transparent 2nd Membership Verification after being apprised by our circle representatives that few circles are not observing the guidelines and insisting to act contrary to the guidelines issued by the Corporate Office, New Delhi.

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CO, New Delhi taking into the consideration above letter issued the further clarification.

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Fight for immediate disbursement of Salary and settlement of other dues :

AIGETOA CHQ Team met Director Finance on 22.06.2020 and enquired about the status of Salary disbursement. It was apprised to us that there is still some shortage of funds as collection is very low and the management is trying hard to arrange funds. Our team lodged strong protest on delay and apprised the hardships and restlessness prevailing in the field because of the non disbursement of Salary.

Friends, we are not going to accept such excuses. It seems the salary to the
employees has become last priority of the company and hence it’s high time to
Raise our Voice For the Salary and other Dues.

There is a no point in any activities if the management can’t disburse our fundamental due i.e. salary against our work. So, we have decided to start some concrete actions to ensure payment of salary as our prime agenda for all employees.

We are going to start it and request all to co-operate in our fight for the timely
disbursement of salary and immediate settlement of other dues.


GS AIGETOA writes to management with regard to Salary, Clearance of Medical Dues, Start of Mediclaim Policy for Executives :

GS AIGETOA writes to management with regard to Salary, Clearance of Medical Dues, Start of Mediclaim Policy for Executives, Regular and sufficient payment in Maintenance Head for services. Ultimately running the company and keeping it in healthy state is responsibility of management and the same should be taken care of with utmost priority. Just telling that funds are not available is not the solution. AIGETOA requests management to share the vision, mission and action ahead with its employees to end this precarious situation.
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The Positive role of AIGETOA and The Adverse Role of the so called recognised groups in the revival process of BSNL :

Dear Colleagues,
Here onwards we shall be presenting a free and fair Report card of the majority and support association for last 3.5 years vis-a-vis the role of AIGETOA for securing the rights of BSNL Recruits as well as executives.

Today we are analysing the role of AIGETOA/AIBSNLEA/SNEA in the revival process. Both the associations (SNEA and AIBSNLEA) tried their level best to derail the revival process by opposing VRS, Land Monetisation etc. (These things are on record).
AIGETOA was initially part of AUAB and it never let AUAB oppose the VRS on AUAB platform. We then delinked ourselves from AUAB when they started drifting from the core issues and things were not being towed in line with what was decided specially WRT SAB. Thereafter, AIGETOA started a separate campaign in support of the revival process. With positive support on the issues from one major association of BSNL in the form of AIGETOA, the basic foundation stone for the revival process was laid down by the government of India.

This fact was mentioned by Hon’ble MOC during his press briefing also that associations are supporting this demand – AIGETOA was the only association which supported VRS.

The role of AIGETOA is also clear from the fact that one of the leading News Channel NDTV gave space to our General Secretary in its all India prime time at 9:00 PM. None of the so called major corners and claimants found any space on any media news channel at this magnitude.
We are surprised to note that one association is audaciously claiming playing a major role in bringing this revival process while their opposition to the revival steps of GoI is on record captured in their own website. It was the support of AIGETOA to the VRS process which enabled BSNL to survive thisCOVID-19 mess also as the salary burden was hugely down.

The support to revival process of AIGETOA has laid an important stepping-stone towards achievement of E2 scales for JTO/JAO/Equivalent cadre and E3 scales for SDE/AO/Equivalent Cadre. In MTNL, pay scales are linked with the Pension contribution by Government.  So it becomes more important that a BSNL Recruit Association and a BSNL Recruit should represent the issues of executives of BSNL to management as well as government as during merger of MTNL/BSNL, settlement of Pay Scale will have to be done and we don’t want Pay scales issue to be compromised in lieu of Pension Revision etc.

So, a BSNL Recruit representing the issue becomes far more important and hence AIGETOA becomes all the more important further.
Hence,Please Choose AIGETOA – The only Association which can ensure your rights.

Unite for Change Lets unite For Progress
Lets Unite for Settlement of Our Long Awaited Rights of PPP.
A stronger AIGETOA…A stronger BSNL Recruit, A stronger Young Force, A stronger


Preparation of Electoral Rolls of 2nd Membership Verification :

BSNL CO issued instructions for preparation of Electoral Rolls for condicting 2nd
Membership Verification to elect majority representative.

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Notification of 2nd Membership Verification of Executive Associations :

BSNL CO notified 2nd Membership verification for recognition of Majority representative Associations of serving executives employees in BSNL. Click here for notification

Membership Verification of Executive Associations will be done through  “Secret Ballot”.

Details are as below :

Lastdate for submission of application– 3rd July 2020

Date of Membership Verification – 18th Aug 2020

Date of polling  – 18th Aug 2020

The facilities extended to all associations. Click here

Instructions to CGMs w.r.t 2nd membership verification. Click here


Questions which every BSNL Recruit Should ask from GS of the proclaimed SENA… who did nothing except for blaming AIGETOA for his failures and acting as a News Reader on behalf of management for all these 3.5 years.

Please tell what you discussed with management during your meeting with restructuring cell? Why you did not disclosed the details of your meeting to members. Why you disclosed it only after when AIGETOA brought to common domain after its agenda meeting with management.  Please tell all why you are not opposing the reduction of posts openly…? Why you are justifying and agreeing to the stand of Management that they will reduce posts…?

2. Please inform your members what is the current sanctioned Strength in SDE cadre, DE cadre, AO Cadre, CAO cadre and  whether it can cater to the need of executives waiting for their promotions…?

3.  Please tell that despite agreeing on your website that there is possibility of DPC happening for JTO to SDE, you have never gone to management for issuance of these promotions.Why You don’t want youngsters to be promoted…?

4. Please tell us why your beloved policy –  The half baked CPSU Hierarchy could not be implemented till date despite your association and having majority tag all these years and despite your claim to be the so called mightiest association. Also honestly tell all what management told to you with regard to implementing this half-baked CPSU Policy on 9th June 2020 and  why an approved policy is being talked about being taken to Management Committee – For implementation or For Rejection…?

5.  Do you agree that AIGETOA is most Powerful Association in BSNL as you blame AIGETOA for your failures? What you were doing with the strength of 22000 members (Now reduced to 11500) all these 3.5 years
except or using their membership fee against the interest of BSNL recruits.?

6. Please tell us what happened to your fighting spirit and resolve to struggle till last breath.  You Served Notice for agitation for implementation of CPSU policy. You Kept it postponing and postponing and then finally dumped it…What happened to your might..? Why you did not dared to launch any agitation on this…Do you remember that last successful agitation was done by you only when AIGETOA was part of it… There again you betrayed all using your Recognized Tag…and surrendering before management.

7. Please tell us while strongly advocating for CPSU policy for BSNL Recruits,  Why You went for promotions of your contemporaries through existing post based
mechanism just two days before the so called golden date of 01.07.2018…?
you were afraid to impose this new policy on your contemporaries. 
Why you want to experiment with future of BSNL Recruits only…?  Also tell us why Internal Fast Track mechanism, which was part of the CPSU discussion, is not part of this CPSU policy and Instead External MT recruitment finds a place. Please tell us why you have not ensured E2 scales for JTOs in your proposed beloved CPSU policy. Please tell how many more compromises you made for ensuring the wrongful promotion of your batch mates by way of matching saving in a single day.

8. Please tell us despite yourself having a recognized tag,  you allowed no BSNL Recruits to be promoted during June 2018…Even Category Promotions were not executed because they were having BSNL Recruits. Why you opposed moves of AIGETOA with respect to issuance of DPC promotions for JTO to SDE promotions.? Why you got 5400 SDE posts eaten away and left it for AIGETOA to get it restored.?

9. Please tell us why you filed a review petition against the Hon’ble Ernakulum High court judgment. Why You opposed 1:1 ratio seniority between DRs and PRs. Why you got Supernumerary JTOs placed senior to DRs and LICE JTOs.. Why you want BSNL Recruits to remain down in the seniority lists..(all LICE JTOs as well DR JTOs)…  Why you are against the interests of BSNL Recruits.?

10. Please tell us whether SDE Seniority should be framed on Date of Joining Basis or Vacancy Year Basis.? Your one of the Gurus have openly criticized AGETOA for pursuing for Vacancy Year Based Seniority fixation in SDE cadre. What is the stand of SNEA on this issue.  Please come out openly with your stand instead of hobnobbing silently behind the closed doors with management.

11. Please tell us  why you want management to give 2 percent less SAB when you were part of the discussions where management agreed to give 7 percent more.?

12. Please tell us  why you agreed for JTO RR 2014 with E1 as Pay scale.? Please tell all that AIGETOA was the only association which opposed degradation of Pay scales in new RRs..

13. Please tell how many cases you and your activists have filed for stopping LDCE promotions. Also Tell why your CHQ OBs went to management for stopping the issuance of LDCE 2015 promotions.  Also tell how many of your OBs filed court cases to derail the combined LDCE notification which was being published for conducting LDCE for four VY in year 2016 which would have benefited all youngsters.

14.  Please Tell all whether you accept 9470 as the strength in AGM cadre or less..

15. Also tell us are you willing to allow a BSNL Recruit to become General Secretary / All India President of your Association.  We have seen you offering peanuts in the form of DS/FS/CS posts. Are you willing to work under the leadership of a BSNL Recruit.

Ifeach BSNL Recruit can find a justified and honest answers from the proclaimed
SENA else they should all come together and unite under the umbrella of AIGETOA.


GS-AIGETOA writes to the Director-HR for opening of ESS Portal for submission ofself appraisal of e-APAR for leftover executives:

GS-AIGETOA has been apprised by many executives across the BSNL that they couldn’t submit their self appraisal of e-APAR of 2019-20. The window has been closed after last date of submission of 15.06.2020.

Considering the hardships being faced by executives in the pendamic of Covid-19, GS-AIGETOA writes to the Director HR for opening of ESS Portal for self appraisal of e-APAR of 2019-20 for at least one week to complete the e-APAR by leftover executives.

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