DEAR PROCLAIMED SENA – Stop the CPSU Song – Tell the truth to all:

Dear GS of the proclaimed SENA,

You are correct, the CPSU Hierarchy or Non-post based Time Bound promotion was our demand…It was AIGETOA baby…but your misdemeanours never allowed it to take birth..

We have also not forgotten that SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA together gone for various agitations for CPSU Hierarchy. AIGETOA was part of the Joint Committee formed in 2012 and 2015 and signed the Khan Committee recommendations ?

Yes We remember but your short term memory has perhaps forgotten that – the day Khan Committee Report was signed, you started an entirely different interpretation of the report very next day. Your website is testimony of this fact. Just go through that and refresh your memory…if you can.

During the discussions on MS RRs, it was your association along with other constituent which agreed for time bound up gradation instead of Implementation of Time bound Post based Promotions…In the process you ditched all BSNL Recruits…who fought with their heart soul and mind to implement the time bound post based promotions…If you have willpower, unmask your old website content and show the reality to all, how you and your proclaimed SENA had ditched BSNL Recruits every now and then…

Yes.. GS/AIGETOA was part of the discussions along with GS/SNEA and contributed whole-heartedly by getting the changes which were beneficial like  Parity between LDCE and SCF SDEs, relaxation to E2/E3/E4 executives in terms of residency period, replacement of JTO Scales by E2 and reduction of residency period to 3-4 years for JTOs and 8-10 years for SDEs but again you back tracked…and surrendered to management by compromising with the future of not only BSNL Recruits but youngsters of your own association, This you did silently by hobnobbing with management without letting GS AIGETOA Know. This uncalled for behaviour was formally informed by us to your president as well as Chairman…so…don’t try to put the blame…be a man…accept the truth that you don’t want BSNL Recruits to be promoted…It was categorically agreed that before implementation of this policy all eligible executives as per current policy will be promoted specially JTOs to SDEs but you again back tracked…It was agreed that an internal fast track promotion policy will replace MT RRs, so that our younger brothers and sisters can recoup their lost years…but you again back tracked.

You and your people went to management and opposed DPCs/LDCEs…You agreed for external recruitment of MT in lieu of your people being made DEs/AGMs…You got internal fast track promotion policy which would have benefited all youngsters put in cold storage..  and you started singing the song in synch with management.. People elected you as Representative to the executive but you started behaving like a Spokesperson on behalf of Management. Still you are doing the same.. Instead of opposing the wrongs like reduction in posts, your are simply acting as a news reader and informing all about management thought process. The list is endless…Sins are many, evidences are many…

Yes, We say it with conviction that implementation of this Half Baked CPSU policy is a wishful thinking as in current form it can neither be implemented nor it will sustain the test of law.., BSNLin its own affidavit has submitted this fact that this policy is in proposal stage…and board has allowed it subject to the implementation of the Govt of India reservation policy.. but your whimsical thought process forgot to inform people about it.

The same reservation policy for which opinion has been sought from DoT which in turn has sent it to DPE which in turn sent it to DoP&T and apparently DoP&T has replied that they are not in a position to comment on the policy till SLPs are pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court and you are telling all that this policy is the best solution…come on…be a mature person.. stop fiddling with the careers of BSNL Recruits and DOT Recruit executives of Later years…

Dear GS of the proclaimed corner. You forgot to inform people about the above fact. you forgot to inform people that policy has been limping not because of AIGETOA or its activists but the same has been limping because there is no clarity on this subject.. i.e. Subject of Reservation Policy. You are well aware of this fact that even if AIGETOA says Yes to this policy…it will not be implemented.

AIGETOA Agenda is very clear – We want promotions for all…
We would have accepted your half cooked promotion policy also.. but we know it will never be implemented in its current form.. it needs thorough overhauling and a complete relook into the whole subject..  You say, you are the only association which is entitled to comment on policy matters.. then what all these two years you were doing with your majority tag.. Why U could not get it implemented…You call yourself the mightiest…Had it been implementable, you would have got it implemented by now.. you have (mis)used your so called recognised tag many times.. you could have done now also.. But you also know the truth. This policy has been put in Junk…by BSNL as well as DoT.. Be A man…Tell the truth to all. Just give us one justified explanation for the two days before issuance of post based promotions in AGM cadre by creating new posts. If you were so serious and sure on implementation of new policy vis-a-vis 01.07.2018, why you demanded post based promotions by way of creating new posts…on 28.06.2018, 29.06.2018.

You are writing lengthy-lengthy write-ups and accusing AIGETOA but why you are avoiding this basic question…Be a Man…Answer the million dollar question.

You could have pressed for implementation of CPSU policy at that time also but you didn’t because you did not wanted to put the future of your people in jeopardy…in the same way AIGETOA also don’t want future of our BSNL Recruits to be put in jeopardy..  After all association works for welfare of its fraternity. Isn’t it?

You yourself have filed a court case on its implementation. You must have received the reply of BSNL. We request you to share that reply in common domain.. which will spell many facts to all  and yes don’t forget to inform your members, What management said to you with regard to implementation of CPSU hierarchy...also inform all whether management wants to implement the policy or not. As per You, Policy is approved by Board. Then why approved policy is being again taken to Management Committee…for implementation or rejection.. Be a man.. Tell the truth..So dear GS of the proclaimed SENA…We once again request you to stop this song for a while and let the promotions through DPC happen…Every Time we put this on track, you start the song of CPSU Hierarchy.. After all you only say many BRs are your member. Why you are working against their interests.

Together Lets work on promotions for all and Internal fast track promotions (Not Recruitment) for the deserving youngsters.. Its our honest appeal. Don’t ruin the careers of all…


GS-AIGETOAwrites to the CMD BSNL for salary and medical payment:

GS AIGETOA has once again taken up matter of payment of salary and pending medical bills of outdoor and indoor claim. He told that, it has been apprised to us that the collection has improved considerably in the month of May-2020 and upward trend is continuing. Accordingly, he demanded for the followings:

The salary of May-2020 should be paid immediately and adherence of timely payment of salary form next month should be ensured.

The payment of pending medical bills should be initiated. In case of fund issue the
payment may be done in two parts. First arrange to clear outdoor medical bills and then indoor bills should be paid. But it’s a high time to clear outstanding medical bills immediately.

A suitable direction should be issued to Admin Section of CO Delhi and all Circles
to liaison with hospitals to start cashless treatment to BSNL employees and if required part payment of their dues may be cleared. It should also be directed to start empanelment of remaining hospitals, who left over due to any issues. This will give urgent relief to the employees.

Click here for the letter


The So Called Majority Association is Trying to Eat Away 2 percent of SAB Contribution of BSNL Recruits:

In one of the nastiest and blatant display of stubbornness, the so called majority association is trying to eat away 2 Percent SAB contribution of BSNL Recruits. In his latest communication to management, they have mentioned the current SAB Contribution amount as on date to be 25 percent, while the actual contribution as on date is less than the amount stated by them in the letter. In the meeting of AUAB with CMD BSNL, (The meeting which he is referring to in his communication),

Management has categorically accepted the demand of raising the contribution by another 7% in two trenches. In the first trench, it was to be given 3% and in the other trench, another 4% was to be given. 
But its unfortunate that the
GS of the so called proclaimed corner  is twisting the facts and projecting the agreed amount being less despite himself being the signatory to the minutes of the discussions.Perhaps, in the quest for proving one upmanship of his own wishful thought process, he has forgotten his own discussions as member of the AUAB in which the then GS AIGETOA was also present.

The joint letter signed by all the constituents of AUAB is
attached herweith >>>>>
which is testimony of the fact that he is projecting about the discussions in a wrong way.

This incidence shows the callousness of the thought process of the so called Proclaimed SENA and how they are handling the issues related to BSNL Recruits as well other executives. While management has agreed for 7 percent more, they themselves are asking for 2 percent less and one particular BR Leader in question justifying the stand of his master words will become short if we start writing about these type of persons… 

The callous approach towards BSNL Recruits of the Proclaimed SENA is also visible from the fact that actuarial value of the fund which needs to be created to take care of BSNL Recruits Post Retirement Medical Benefits is being touted and accepted by him as BSNL Contribution towards Superannuation Benefit…This is his vision towards issues of BSNL Recruits Actually He may have never known the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Scheme He has never got deep into the subject…He used to write EPF as Employee Pension Fund…So this is not a surprise that he doesn’t know that only Defined Contribution can be counted in Superannuation Fund…Neither him, his Cronies like a so called BR leader in question (who claim himself as representative of BSNL Recruits of a particular circle) will know this fact…as they are merely whatsapp champions. Such type of people, after getting posts in some association claim themselves to be representatives of BSNL recruits but do the work opposite to the interest of BSNL recruits just to appease their master.

This is totally uncalled for…At least Wherever we remain alligned to, as a leader, we should have the guts to Say the truth…

This also proves the fact that only AIGETOA can pursue the issues of BSNL Executives with full honesty, dedication and commitment…

This episode also exposes his hollowness in his wishful thought process with regard to implementation of the half baked CPSU hierarchy policy with have so many complexities…We have said again and again that any new policy should be rugged and flawless, then only it can be implemented.

Therefore, only solution that remains is to call for previous vacancies should be filled up first with existing policy before moving to adventurism with any new mechanism to safeguard the interest of executives from any future hazard.

Dear BSNL Recruits…Just See the above, and decide for


GS-AIGETOA have discussed with Director HR for resolution of various Issues:

GS AIGETOA have discussed yesterday with Director-HR and requested him to direct all sections to expedite the resolution of various issues as per the timelines in the agenda meeting held with AIGETOA on 22-05-2020. Following issues were discussed with the Director HR and he was apprised of the delay happening on some issues and the time line not being followed by some sections.

The issues discussed are as below:

1SDE Reversal Issue: Despite the assurance to get the same resolved by 31st May, Committee is yet to submit its recommendation. The executives are suffering for months now. We requested him to direct the committee to expedite the report. Team AIGETOA again met the committee members and requested to expedite. All the committee members have till now shown a positive outlook on the issue and we hope for its resolution very soon.

2.Preparation of List 9: On the list 9, as per discussions, We once again emphasised that clarification on all the points raised by us including applicability of quota in the absence of Rota needs to be taken from the senior advocate dealing with the case.We requested Director HR for directing the Pers team to ensure that the whole issue be presented without any bias and explain all the facts so that the Senior Advocate can take a well informed decision.

3.LDCE notification: We informed Director HR that the LDCE for SDE (T) has not been issued yet despite a clear cut direction on the subject by Hon’ble Director HR on many occasions. The GM Recruitment has been delaying the notification for almost months now.

Team AIGETOA also met GM (Rectt) and expressed it’s firm displeasure on the undue delay by her section.Director HR assured GS, that he will direct the concerned sections to not todelay the things and take expeditious action.
Thereafter, Team AIGETOA CHQ met and discussed with authorities of Pers section and discussed about the proposed methodology w.r.t legal opinion for list -9 formation which is being sought. With respect to DPC from JTO to SDE (T) cadre, it is informed that the case has been sent to the senior advocate dealing with the case and his view is expected shortly.In the meanwhile, contrary to the view points expressed by some proclaimed corners, it is learnt  PGM ( Pers) has written to sections dealing with restructuring exercise to not to go for reduction in posts in the promotional cadres as it will result into huge stagnation of executives into their existing cadres. PGM pers has requested to consider the restructuring exercise in holistic manner so that career prospects of executives do not suffer adversely.

This was the point expressed by AIGETOA and we are thankful to PGM Pers and Personnel section for having taken a considerate view. We hope BSNL board will also keep the interest of executives in mind while deciding the restructuring of BSNL. This also shows that management is serious on promotional aspects and hence we request all groups to work unitedly for achieving something which is in existence and not to experiment with something which is illusionary and not possible due to the complexities associated with the new policy. If unitedly we can ensure that posts are not reduced, no executives hereafter will stagnate without promotion. It will take years to streamline a new policy and we hope that all realises the reality soon and will come out of the illusion/mirage of CPSU policy.

Our categorical view point is that as sufficient vacancies are available across all cadre to take care of the interests of all executives, hence, the priority should be to restrict management from going for reduction in posts. Going for any new policy will make all existing vacancies redundant and if new policy do not take shape on ground, then nothing except stagnation will be left for anybody. So, better approach is to ensure promotion from existing mechanism for BSNL Recruits also as was being done and pushed earlier for DoT absorbed executives by the same group who is advocating today for a new policy for BSNL Recruits.

So we urge upon all to not to fall trap into illusion and confusion tactics.. instead let us all work together to achieve what is best for the cadre and get the  promotions issued for all eligible executives which is right now possible only through existing mechanism.Had the new policy been so Easy to implement, why it is put in cold storage for almost two years despite the group advocating for it was having recognised status for three and half years..Try to find answers to such questions and then only you will realise the truth. Remember “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” meaning it’s better to hold onto something one has already than to risk losing it by trying to attain something better which is still in premature stage.


The analysis of the so called benefits of the half cooked CPSU policy as claimed by the proclaimed SENA…

The deadlock situation in post-based promotion (for the very limited vacancies) is
mainly due to litigations on:

i)Reservation issue in all the Grades –  It will be there in the so called half cooked policy also –better option would be to resolve the dispute in current policy through discussions across the table which the so called messiah always tries to derail…taking advantage of his so called recognised status now extended wrongly. RESERVATION ISSUE WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM IN JTO TO SDE DPC.

ii)Contempt of case (JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and JAO to AO) : Contempt case in JTO to SDE is not the show stopper.. In fact the messiah and his cronies tried their level best to derail the implementation of the Ernakulum Judgement by filing irrelevant review petitions… Now that after efforts and persuasion of AIGETOA, a conclusive direction has been given to these promotions where promotions can be done even in the absence of RP judgement and management is actively working towards issuance of promotion orders, the messiah has again started the CPSU song after two years JUST TO DIVERT THE ATTENTION OF THE MANAGEMENT… and derail the whole exercise.

SDE to DE and AO to CAO… the matter can be very well resolved through discussions…AIGETOA has already initiated these discussion…

iii)Seniority issue (JTO to SDE) – The dispute was on Inter-se-seniority which was finalised by Hon’ble High Court and there is no such dispute at all…In fact the messiah and his cronies only tried to create the dispute. By filing irrelevant review petitions for  Intra-Seniority (i.e. within the stream) which was never in question and was never disputed by anybody in court. There is no stay or injunction on promotions from any court of law and promotions can be issued very well subject to the outcome of the court direction as sufficient vacancies are there now which can cater to the requirement of all eligible candidates including LICE 2012 batch

Thereafter also the process will remain flawless…as more vacancies will be
created with promotions of existing incumbents of SDEs Posts…(Around 6000 in
number which takes care of all executives recruited or promoted till date) to
overcome the hurdles due to litigations, CPSU Hierarchy OR Time Bound functional promotion upto AGM/CAO Grade (E4 scale) is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018 –

Blatant Lie as explained in previous part.. This policy is just an illusion in its current form and needs drastic changes to make it implementable and acceptable to all.

The action plan of AIGETOA is very clear and AIGETOA is not interested in showing an illusion/mirage to executives.. rather believes in being practical and try for something which is implementable…

Once the current promotions policy is implemented with all vacancies filled up:

1)All the eligible JTOs/JAOs will get promoted to SDE/AO and thereafter there will be consistent promotions as sufficient vacancies shall be there with promotions of SDEs/AOs to AGMs…which will take care of all the JTOs/CAOs in a residency period of 3-4 years…

2).All the eligible SDEs will be promoted to DE/AGMs. All the eligible AOs will become CAOs… and as huge shortage is there, they can be given promotions by relaxing the residency period also..

3)Future promotions upto AGM Grade assured after 7 years of Service in SDE/AO Grade to all.

4)After VRS, there is a golden opportunity to get assured AGM promotion after 7 years of SDE/AO service and SDE/AO promotion after 3-4 years of service.

5)Without DPC promotion can not happen… if any body says that promotion can happen without DPC then… he is simply befooling all. As the APAR criteria for so called CPSU promotions is stringent/different than time bound promotion… so fresh eligibility assessment will have to be done and without doing that any promotion will not be valid.

6)On 29.06.2018, all the vacancies in AGM cadre filled up and in fact new posts were created by eating away SDE vacancies. This shows the dishonest approach of the proclaimed SENA.Post-based promotion never gives promotion to all the eligible Executives. If this realisation was true, why the proclaimed SENA opposed CPSU since 2007…CPSU was coined by AIGETOA… developed by AIGETOA…but our envisaged policy was completely distorted by the proclaimed SENA just to benefit his own set of executives…If this policy has got so much potential, why his own office bearers are in court and opposed to this policy…

If he was so sure of this policy, why he pressed for DPC for his own set of
executives despite the so called clearance from BSNL Board.

By mentioning the case of Telecom Wing, the so called messiah has in fact tried to create an illusion that through DPC, only JTOs upto 2008 RY will get promoted… but the fact is that sufficient vacancies are now available post VRS and all the JTOs can very well be promoted through existing mechanism.  In fact, this statement shows his intellectual status where he is trying to create a divide between DR JTOs and LICE JTOs…and is trying simply to instigate a particular group against another group…They have been using this divisive technique since years.

Now Post VRS, even with existing policy, all will get a smooth career progression by getting their first promotion in 3-4 years and second promotion to AGM level in
7 years. i.e. All of them will get assured promotion to AGM Grade after 10-11 years of complete service.
In the case of SDE to AGM promotion, if current strength is maintained than all eligible including the list 9 executives will get promotion to AGM cadre else if the malaise design of keeping the AGM+DGM Posts confined to 3500 is forced upon, no BSNL Recruit including list 8 BRs will ever get promoted to AGM Cadre…  and if this half cooked CPSU policy is implemented, no executive of BSNL will ever get any promotion till this policy passes the test of law in supreme court.. which may take years and years to settle…

Management will always support and encourage those who demands promotion for few Executives alone –  This statement is quite true and now we can see the reasons behind management agreeing to the proclaimed SENA unreasonable demands in June 2018 because they asked for few executives while AIGETOA wanted it for all. Implementation of the Promotion Policy as approved by the Board, complying with the Reservation Policy Requirements of the Govt of India and Court orders will protect the interest and career aspirations of all sections of BSNL Executives – How this can be implemented when there is no such provisions for reservation in this policy…  so CPSU policy will have to be redrafted again to incorporate the changes for reservation policy as per direction of the BSNL Board and DoT… Again the messiah is trying to befool all by saying that policy is approved while he himself is saying that policy require changes to comply with government of India guidelines…



In the continuing deadlock situation, instead of conniving with authorities for reduction in posts, better option is to get united and fight for promotions and against any reduction of Posts. Management has shown its positive attitude for giving promotions through existing mechanism… and have taken actions also… now its high time for the proclaimed SENA to realise that instead of misleading
executives into an imaginary and illusionary future,
The Proclaimed SENA should come to terms of reality and extend a helping and united hand in AIGETOAs fight for rights of executives of BSNL…

Ultimately, all Associations are working for the welfare of the members, the Executives. If all Associations could work unitedly to achieve this goal, management cannot divide us as seen today and issues will be resolved much earlier and all the Executives will be benefited.



A momentum has started : Willingness of BSNL Executives across the board are high to join us and all have started to gather on the platform of AIGETOA.

Recently Vellore BA of TN circle and Muzzafarnagar SSA of UP-West circle made
their District bodies.
Opening the Membership window has Charged up all the executives of BSNL, it seems officers are fed up for 3.5 years long hypocrisy of the So called mighty associations who failed to achieve anything significant w.r.t PPP (Pay Promotion Pension), committed by them. In fact they completely ignored the interests of young executives (Either BSNL Recruit it absorbed from DoT), and left them on mercy of management and kept their issues pending without any resolution. Even many times, well tracked issues which were moving towards resolution had been derailed by them. It’s a humble appeal to all executives of BSNL that now it’s time to change the legacy of leadership and it’s high time that policies of OUR BSNL should be dealt by the young brigade…

Join yourself and feel proud to be in your own association.

AIGETOA – Fighting For You…Always…


Flash News !!!

BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi issued letter opening the window for change of authorization for deduction of membership subscription from salary to union/Association between 16th June to 15th July 2020. The exercise to change over has become annually and next window will open in June-July 2021.

Click here for SR Cell order


Inauguration of Supply of Protective Materials (Covid-19) at BSNL offices & CSCs
in Kerala Circle by Team AIGETOA :

The Covid-19 protective materials for employees and customers at all external offices/CSCs and other units across Kerala Circle is being distributed by Team AIGETOA. The formal inauguration of the same was done by CGMT BSNL Kerala Shri C V Vinod on 03/06/2020 at O/o CGMT Trivandrum. GM HR/Admin Shri Satheesh, AIGETOA CS Shri Saheer S and other Circle/District office bearers and executives were present in the occasion. Later the distribution of kits in Trivandrum BA was done by PGM TVM Shri Rajendran.

Click here for the photos

The materials included Face shields, Masks, Sanitizers, Handwash, Gloves etc. The distribution across Kerala will be done by respective district teams soon. We express our heartfelt gratitude to one and all, especially the members of  AIGETOA Kerala who came forward to contribute towards this noble cause.


The Myth/illusion of Half cooked CPSU Hierarchy – A Wilful and wishful thinking of the so called proclaimed SENA….

We are Thankful that Leader of the so-called Proclaimed SENA finally accepted that promotion in the JTO to SDE Grade through DPC is possible??hough his uncalled for ego has used the term remote. Its a well known saying – Its Better to be late than never…So instead of misleading executives through a vicious campaign of showing something which is not possible in reality…he should now come to the terms of reality and pursue against reduction of the posts in all promotional cadres and unite with AIGETOA in its fight for promotions…

We also have noted their so called appeal for unity on CPSU, However, We are wondering… Where was this united thought of this so called great soul of BSNL when on 15th and 29th of June 2018, they were getting the orders of SDEs and AGMs issued for a select few leaving all BSNL recruits in lurch..Demanding Post based promotion instead of CPSU Hierarchy is equivalent to stalling all the present and future promotions. That also when Management itself considering implementation of CPSU Hierarchy – The great person himself acknowledges  his wrongful deeds in his own sentences…BSNL Board Passed this So Called CPSU on 28th May 2018…He himself demanded post based promotion for the DoT absorbed JTOs stalling the promotions for BSNL Recruits…Great…Preaching others but not practicing self – This shows the double speak and the real intentions.He himself demanded Post based Promotions for SDEs to DEs/AGMs??y eating away thousands of SDE posts.

The so called representative of executive fraternity brazenly allowed promotion for his own set of people leaving BSNL Recruits to fight and feed for themselves…It was AIGETOA which forced management to restore those posts in SDE cadre by asking for updated roster… After having eaten away all which was on the platter…the messiah got awaken and had a sudden enlightenment and came with a saintly advice – Now that all my friends and support base has got promoted through existing mechanism, the left over executives should now be promoted  through a new policy called half baked CPSU Hierarchy…After all…if he was so sincere in his approach, why he did not pushed his own people to get promoted through so called CPSU…After all…just 2 days before his so called golden date – 1st july 2018, he pushed for promotions through DPC…and that too by creation of extra vacancies – and now preaching others to get promoted through new policy…

He knows. This CPSU policy will never see the light of the day in its current form…The great warrior forgot to tell all that the so called CPSU Policy is already under injunction by Hon’ble Court even before it is implemented. The great warrior also forgot to tell that the so called CPSU policy has yet not been approved and board has approved with direction that Govt Directions on reservation policy is to be followed and the provisions of reservation contained in this half cooked policy is marred with controversy…The so called Warrior has forgot to tell that this so called policy is yet to go through the scrutiny of DoT before implementation…

So it is clearHe wanted his own set of people to be promoted through existing mechanism and wanted to push BSNL Recruits and  left over executives to an entirely new and litigation prone policy…Actually…reasons are clear…Designs are clear…BSNL Recruits should remain stagnated in their current posts for ever according to these people.The so called messiah also forgot to inform his under the wraps discussion with Restg Cell where BSNL Management have clearly stated that they want drastic reduction in post…The Meeting happened in 3rd week of March 2020 and  it took an update from AIGETOA after its agenda meeting with Director HR and other officers of HR wing that the proclaimed SENA accepted that posts are being reduced.

AIGETOA is very clear in its approach. We cannot play with future of executives...we are asking for filling up of all the vacancies. We are asking for extending promotion to all eligible executives.  If the sanctioned strength is not reduced, then even after deduction of VRS optees, the posts are sufficient to take care of career aspirations of all executives and in fact all executives will get promotions in a time bound manner only and there is no need for experimenting and putting careers of thousands and thousands of BSNL Recruits at risk by pushing for an uncertain and litigation prone policy.

To be continued – The analysis of the so called benefits of the half cooked CPSU policy as claimed by the proclaimed SENA…