Preparation of Electoral Rolls of 2nd Membership Verification :

BSNL CO issued instructions for preparation of Electoral Rolls for condicting 2nd
Membership Verification to elect majority representative.

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Notification of 2nd Membership Verification of Executive Associations :

BSNL CO notified 2nd Membership verification for recognition of Majority representative Associations of serving executives employees in BSNL. Click here for notification

Membership Verification of Executive Associations will be done through  “Secret Ballot”.

Details are as below :

Lastdate for submission of application– 3rd July 2020

Date of Membership Verification – 18th Aug 2020

Date of polling  – 18th Aug 2020

The facilities extended to all associations. Click here

Instructions to CGMs w.r.t 2nd membership verification. Click here


Questions which every BSNL Recruit Should ask from GS of the proclaimed SENA… who did nothing except for blaming AIGETOA for his failures and acting as a News Reader on behalf of management for all these 3.5 years.

Please tell what you discussed with management during your meeting with restructuring cell? Why you did not disclosed the details of your meeting to members. Why you disclosed it only after when AIGETOA brought to common domain after its agenda meeting with management.  Please tell all why you are not opposing the reduction of posts openly…? Why you are justifying and agreeing to the stand of Management that they will reduce posts…?

2. Please inform your members what is the current sanctioned Strength in SDE cadre, DE cadre, AO Cadre, CAO cadre and  whether it can cater to the need of executives waiting for their promotions…?

3.  Please tell that despite agreeing on your website that there is possibility of DPC happening for JTO to SDE, you have never gone to management for issuance of these promotions.Why You don’t want youngsters to be promoted…?

4. Please tell us why your beloved policy –  The half baked CPSU Hierarchy could not be implemented till date despite your association and having majority tag all these years and despite your claim to be the so called mightiest association. Also honestly tell all what management told to you with regard to implementing this half-baked CPSU Policy on 9th June 2020 and  why an approved policy is being talked about being taken to Management Committee – For implementation or For Rejection…?

5.  Do you agree that AIGETOA is most Powerful Association in BSNL as you blame AIGETOA for your failures? What you were doing with the strength of 22000 members (Now reduced to 11500) all these 3.5 years
except or using their membership fee against the interest of BSNL recruits.?

6. Please tell us what happened to your fighting spirit and resolve to struggle till last breath.  You Served Notice for agitation for implementation of CPSU policy. You Kept it postponing and postponing and then finally dumped it…What happened to your might..? Why you did not dared to launch any agitation on this…Do you remember that last successful agitation was done by you only when AIGETOA was part of it… There again you betrayed all using your Recognized Tag…and surrendering before management.

7. Please tell us while strongly advocating for CPSU policy for BSNL Recruits,  Why You went for promotions of your contemporaries through existing post based
mechanism just two days before the so called golden date of 01.07.2018…?
you were afraid to impose this new policy on your contemporaries. 
Why you want to experiment with future of BSNL Recruits only…?  Also tell us why Internal Fast Track mechanism, which was part of the CPSU discussion, is not part of this CPSU policy and Instead External MT recruitment finds a place. Please tell us why you have not ensured E2 scales for JTOs in your proposed beloved CPSU policy. Please tell how many more compromises you made for ensuring the wrongful promotion of your batch mates by way of matching saving in a single day.

8. Please tell us despite yourself having a recognized tag,  you allowed no BSNL Recruits to be promoted during June 2018…Even Category Promotions were not executed because they were having BSNL Recruits. Why you opposed moves of AIGETOA with respect to issuance of DPC promotions for JTO to SDE promotions.? Why you got 5400 SDE posts eaten away and left it for AIGETOA to get it restored.?

9. Please tell us why you filed a review petition against the Hon’ble Ernakulum High court judgment. Why You opposed 1:1 ratio seniority between DRs and PRs. Why you got Supernumerary JTOs placed senior to DRs and LICE JTOs.. Why you want BSNL Recruits to remain down in the seniority lists..(all LICE JTOs as well DR JTOs)…  Why you are against the interests of BSNL Recruits.?

10. Please tell us whether SDE Seniority should be framed on Date of Joining Basis or Vacancy Year Basis.? Your one of the Gurus have openly criticized AGETOA for pursuing for Vacancy Year Based Seniority fixation in SDE cadre. What is the stand of SNEA on this issue.  Please come out openly with your stand instead of hobnobbing silently behind the closed doors with management.

11. Please tell us  why you want management to give 2 percent less SAB when you were part of the discussions where management agreed to give 7 percent more.?

12. Please tell us  why you agreed for JTO RR 2014 with E1 as Pay scale.? Please tell all that AIGETOA was the only association which opposed degradation of Pay scales in new RRs..

13. Please tell how many cases you and your activists have filed for stopping LDCE promotions. Also Tell why your CHQ OBs went to management for stopping the issuance of LDCE 2015 promotions.  Also tell how many of your OBs filed court cases to derail the combined LDCE notification which was being published for conducting LDCE for four VY in year 2016 which would have benefited all youngsters.

14.  Please Tell all whether you accept 9470 as the strength in AGM cadre or less..

15. Also tell us are you willing to allow a BSNL Recruit to become General Secretary / All India President of your Association.  We have seen you offering peanuts in the form of DS/FS/CS posts. Are you willing to work under the leadership of a BSNL Recruit.

Ifeach BSNL Recruit can find a justified and honest answers from the proclaimed
SENA else they should all come together and unite under the umbrella of AIGETOA.


GS-AIGETOA writes to the Director-HR for opening of ESS Portal for submission ofself appraisal of e-APAR for leftover executives:

GS-AIGETOA has been apprised by many executives across the BSNL that they couldn’t submit their self appraisal of e-APAR of 2019-20. The window has been closed after last date of submission of 15.06.2020.

Considering the hardships being faced by executives in the pendamic of Covid-19, GS-AIGETOA writes to the Director HR for opening of ESS Portal for self appraisal of e-APAR of 2019-20 for at least one week to complete the e-APAR by leftover executives.

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We have come to know that GM SR has written a letter to SNEA and AIBSNLEA seeking their view on ending the existence of association bodies at District level. It seems that in their last ditch effort to get the MV extended, they may have agreed for this. However due to alertness of AIGETOA, they fell in their designs and neither MV nor the recognition period was extended any more.

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It is a well known fact that now mostly BRs are the OBs at District levels in all Associations. So it appears that they may have given their tacit support on this. Isn’t it quite ridiculous that after enjoying the immunity fruit for their brothers, all these years, they are now trying to snatch this right from the BSNL Recruits… It must be known to all that they do not want BRs of even their own association to avail such benefits. It shows their true mindset towards BSNL Recruits.

The legacy associations even if somebody sneezes, put the news on their website… why they did not put this letter on their website… just like earlier instance when they did not flashed the news for reduction of posts by Restructuring Cell.

They must have given their concurrence silently just like what they did by hobnobbing silently for decreasing the posts… God knows what they have compromised in lieu of this. It is as good as throwing water on the pitch or running away with wickets when u become certain that you will loose the cricket match.. But AIGETOA will not let BSNL Recruits be at receiving any more. We will ensure that BR rights, BR benefits and BR interest is not compromised any more.

It’s time for introspection for the BSNL Recruits of these two associations l, whether they should continue anymore there. It’s time to leave these legacy and align under the banner of AIGETOA for the best interests of BSNL Recruits.

unity Zindabad…


Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL:

All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta Met CMD BSNL on 11th June 2020 and discussed the  issues of Membership Verification, Pending Promotions and Restructuring Exercise and others. On Membership Verification, CMD BSNL told that he has approved the file and Membership Verification will be held in the third week of August 2020 and the notification may be issued by next week.

On the restructuring of cadre, we shared our apprehension that this exercise is intended towards reducing the post drastically and it will result into stagnation of executives in their current cadre.
We requested CMD that on the name of restructuring, reduction in posts should not be affected in promotional grade else the career prospects of existing executives will be doomed. The CMD assured that while carrying out the restructuring works, it will be ensured that such exercise shouldn’t result into stagnation of executives and their career prospects will be kept in mind. He emphasized that purpose of restructuring is to make the organisation more vibrant and in line with the contemporary setup. CMD BSNL also told that while doing restructuring, the hierarchical/organisational structure of BSNL will be kept intact and current pyramid structure will not be dispensed away with.

The views of CMD points to the thought process of management with respect to implementation of earlier proposed CPSU Hierarchy. The perception created by some corners that policy is flawless and ready to implement by management is just a myth as it have numbers of lacunas else it wouldn’t have been lingering since last two years even after getting the nod of board as claimed by the Proclaimed Corners. So, we again reiterate, as of now, the only possibility for promotions is existing policy for which we are trying our level best despite obstacles being created by Proclaimed corners and we have a firm belief that we will succeed.

We informed CMD BSNL about the status of the current process of JTO to SDE promotions and apprised him about the AIGETOA discussions with HR team and requested him to direct concerned section to further expedite the process. We also requested him for directing the concerned HR wing for taking the steps to resolve the stalemate in promotions for other cadres to bring motivation among the executives, who are taking care of extra load on account of implementation of VRS of more than 50% of the employees. The CMD assured us that he will speak to his HR team with regard to promotions in various grades. We also requested for his kind intervention in expeditious resolution of SDE-2007 Reversal issue.

Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with Director Finance:

AIP AIGETOA and VP AIGETOA also met Director Finance and discussed over the issue of Pending SAB contribution Payment, Delay in salary payment, Funds for housekeeping activities, Restructuring Exercise and Promotions. On Pending SAB Contribution, Director Finance cited the scarcity of funds but assured us that he will try to get the funds released this month.

The Director (Finance) told us that the salary may be disbursed after 15th June 2020. We also requested Director (Finance) for release of funds for house keeping activity. Director (Finance) told us that as per availability of the funds, the corporate office is diligently releasing amount in all the heads. The situation has become more tough due to COVID-19 issue. However, they are trying to do the best possible solution in current scenario.

With regard to restructuring issue, the categorical view of Director (Finance) was that the post reduction in in restructuring exercise should not exceed the number of VRS optees in a particular cadre which means that cadre strength should be arrived at by deducting the number of VRS optees.

The Director (Finance) also appreciated the fact that massive reduction in the promotional post will result in Stagnation of executives, which will demotivate the employees and management will surely avoid that situation. Director (Finance) also assured for his intervention in securing the career prospects of executives. It is also learnt that a committee has been constituted for monitoring the restructuring exercise. On promotions, he said that he discussed with Director (HR) in this regard and he assured us that these issues shall be definitely taken care of by management in best possible manner.

Updateof Meeting with PGM (Pers) – AIP, VP and AGS CHQ met PGM Pers and had a detailed discussion over the progress on the issues pertaining to personal section.

1. JTO to SDE DPC : PGM Pers informed that the reference for legal opinion was sent to senior advocate. However, Senior Advocate told that as per practice, the same is done through AOR (Advocate on Record). Accordingly, they have processed the case for empanelment of the AOR also and the reference to AOR will be sent maximum by Monday. It is expected that within one week or so, opinion of Senior Advocate will be received which will push the JTO to SDE DPC in full throttle and issuance of promotion orders can be done accordingly. We also discussed the issue of reservation in JTO to SDE DPC.  It was told that since posts are sufficiently available, reservation will not come into the way of this promotion. It was clarified that ”Own Merit” and ”On Merit” concept comes into play only at the time of fixation of seniority in SDE cadre for promotion to AGMs. PGM Pers also informed that he has written a DO to restructuring cell to ensure that career prospects of working executives should not be hampered and accordingly drastic reduction in post should be avoided.

2.List-9 preparations : The PGM Pers told that as discussed, the reference to Senior advocate has been sent with respect to admissibility of Rota-Quota and Quota in the absence of Rota for preparation of List 9.  We emphasised that Vacancy Year Wise seniority is right of all executives and accordingly it should be ensured that Seniority should be prepared as per the guidelines issued by Government of India ( DoP&T) and vacancy year wise. PGM (Pers), though convinced by our arguments told that he will be in a position to comment only after the receipt of Legal Opinion. The reference to AOR has also been processed and the same shall be sent by Monday.

3. SDE to DE promotion : He said that issue of Own Merit and On Merit is a major challenge in the promotions and the same will have to be dealt as per the guidelines of the court. We suggested to take initiative to involve all the parties for a consensus solution. We  further requested PGM Pers to ensure that while restructuring, the current sanctioned strength should be taken as 9470 (5303 + 4167) for all calculation purposes. The case filed by SENA office bearer just after completion of massive SDE to AGM promotions in June-2018 made a serious road block for next set of DE/AGM promotions and recently there were again some sinister plans from the so called ex-recognised for selective avoidance of BSNL recruits from next set of promotions, which is countered by AIGETOA with facts and figures.

4. SDE – 2007 reversal issue :  PGM Pers told that meeting was slated to happen on Thursday but could not be held. The same will be held in next week. The issue is going in line with our discussion with Director (HR) but taking long time and we requested to expedite it.

5. We had a discussion on the management view about the implementation of the CPSU Hierarchy as being projected by some groups. It was informed that implementation of reservation guidelines is big hurdle and it is very difficult to implement as even DoP&T is not in position to comment on the same till the SLPs are pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court and any decision can only be taken with this respect after that. From the discussions, thought process was very clear and apparent with respect to implementation of the so called Half Baked CPSU policy and the same appeared completely contrary to the one which is being claimed by some corners.

Friends, we have presented a clear transparent picture of discussions which has taken place. We don’t want to keep anything hidden as we believe in honest picturization of the developments. From these discussions, you can very well infer that what is running into managements mind, what is the truth with respect to the promotional aspects.

Friends, vacancies are sufficient in all grades to take care the aspirations of all executives, be it DR batches of all Recruitment Years, all LICE Batches, All GATE 2017 Batches, List 8, List 9 etc and all we need to do is to put our united efforts in ensuring that vacancies do not get drastically reduced.

Therefore accordingly, AIGETOA is focussed with issuance of promotions through existing mechanism before restructuring instead of fiddling with any new policy which may take years to get operational on ground. We have to understand that if the CPSU policy is so flawless then why it is biting the dust since last two years of approval, as claimed. So, it is utmost important to get the promotion order issued within the framework of existing policy to ensure its completion before restructuring instead of waiting endlessly for introduction and establishing of new system.

A major show stopper all these years was (Mis)use of recognition tag by the proclaimed corners to press for their agenda and they somehow got succeeded till now by virtue of showing their numbers to management.

Now with the so called recognised corners getting de-recognised, things will definitely change and we are sure of a possible break through very soon. AIGETOA till date has fought for rights and will keep on doing the same in future also..

Just Remember – United We Win…Divided We Loose…


DEAR PROCLAIMED SENA – Stop the CPSU Song – Tell the truth to all:

Dear GS of the proclaimed SENA,

You are correct, the CPSU Hierarchy or Non-post based Time Bound promotion was our demand…It was AIGETOA baby…but your misdemeanours never allowed it to take birth..

We have also not forgotten that SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA together gone for various agitations for CPSU Hierarchy. AIGETOA was part of the Joint Committee formed in 2012 and 2015 and signed the Khan Committee recommendations ?

Yes We remember but your short term memory has perhaps forgotten that – the day Khan Committee Report was signed, you started an entirely different interpretation of the report very next day. Your website is testimony of this fact. Just go through that and refresh your memory…if you can.

During the discussions on MS RRs, it was your association along with other constituent which agreed for time bound up gradation instead of Implementation of Time bound Post based Promotions…In the process you ditched all BSNL Recruits…who fought with their heart soul and mind to implement the time bound post based promotions…If you have willpower, unmask your old website content and show the reality to all, how you and your proclaimed SENA had ditched BSNL Recruits every now and then…

Yes.. GS/AIGETOA was part of the discussions along with GS/SNEA and contributed whole-heartedly by getting the changes which were beneficial like  Parity between LDCE and SCF SDEs, relaxation to E2/E3/E4 executives in terms of residency period, replacement of JTO Scales by E2 and reduction of residency period to 3-4 years for JTOs and 8-10 years for SDEs but again you back tracked…and surrendered to management by compromising with the future of not only BSNL Recruits but youngsters of your own association, This you did silently by hobnobbing with management without letting GS AIGETOA Know. This uncalled for behaviour was formally informed by us to your president as well as Chairman…so…don’t try to put the blame…be a man…accept the truth that you don’t want BSNL Recruits to be promoted…It was categorically agreed that before implementation of this policy all eligible executives as per current policy will be promoted specially JTOs to SDEs but you again back tracked…It was agreed that an internal fast track promotion policy will replace MT RRs, so that our younger brothers and sisters can recoup their lost years…but you again back tracked.

You and your people went to management and opposed DPCs/LDCEs…You agreed for external recruitment of MT in lieu of your people being made DEs/AGMs…You got internal fast track promotion policy which would have benefited all youngsters put in cold storage..  and you started singing the song in synch with management.. People elected you as Representative to the executive but you started behaving like a Spokesperson on behalf of Management. Still you are doing the same.. Instead of opposing the wrongs like reduction in posts, your are simply acting as a news reader and informing all about management thought process. The list is endless…Sins are many, evidences are many…

Yes, We say it with conviction that implementation of this Half Baked CPSU policy is a wishful thinking as in current form it can neither be implemented nor it will sustain the test of law.., BSNLin its own affidavit has submitted this fact that this policy is in proposal stage…and board has allowed it subject to the implementation of the Govt of India reservation policy.. but your whimsical thought process forgot to inform people about it.

The same reservation policy for which opinion has been sought from DoT which in turn has sent it to DPE which in turn sent it to DoP&T and apparently DoP&T has replied that they are not in a position to comment on the policy till SLPs are pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court and you are telling all that this policy is the best solution…come on…be a mature person.. stop fiddling with the careers of BSNL Recruits and DOT Recruit executives of Later years…

Dear GS of the proclaimed corner. You forgot to inform people about the above fact. you forgot to inform people that policy has been limping not because of AIGETOA or its activists but the same has been limping because there is no clarity on this subject.. i.e. Subject of Reservation Policy. You are well aware of this fact that even if AIGETOA says Yes to this policy…it will not be implemented.

AIGETOA Agenda is very clear – We want promotions for all…
We would have accepted your half cooked promotion policy also.. but we know it will never be implemented in its current form.. it needs thorough overhauling and a complete relook into the whole subject..  You say, you are the only association which is entitled to comment on policy matters.. then what all these two years you were doing with your majority tag.. Why U could not get it implemented…You call yourself the mightiest…Had it been implementable, you would have got it implemented by now.. you have (mis)used your so called recognised tag many times.. you could have done now also.. But you also know the truth. This policy has been put in Junk…by BSNL as well as DoT.. Be A man…Tell the truth to all. Just give us one justified explanation for the two days before issuance of post based promotions in AGM cadre by creating new posts. If you were so serious and sure on implementation of new policy vis-a-vis 01.07.2018, why you demanded post based promotions by way of creating new posts…on 28.06.2018, 29.06.2018.

You are writing lengthy-lengthy write-ups and accusing AIGETOA but why you are avoiding this basic question…Be a Man…Answer the million dollar question.

You could have pressed for implementation of CPSU policy at that time also but you didn’t because you did not wanted to put the future of your people in jeopardy…in the same way AIGETOA also don’t want future of our BSNL Recruits to be put in jeopardy..  After all association works for welfare of its fraternity. Isn’t it?

You yourself have filed a court case on its implementation. You must have received the reply of BSNL. We request you to share that reply in common domain.. which will spell many facts to all  and yes don’t forget to inform your members, What management said to you with regard to implementation of CPSU hierarchy...also inform all whether management wants to implement the policy or not. As per You, Policy is approved by Board. Then why approved policy is being again taken to Management Committee…for implementation or rejection.. Be a man.. Tell the truth..So dear GS of the proclaimed SENA…We once again request you to stop this song for a while and let the promotions through DPC happen…Every Time we put this on track, you start the song of CPSU Hierarchy.. After all you only say many BRs are your member. Why you are working against their interests.

Together Lets work on promotions for all and Internal fast track promotions (Not Recruitment) for the deserving youngsters.. Its our honest appeal. Don’t ruin the careers of all…


GS-AIGETOAwrites to the CMD BSNL for salary and medical payment:

GS AIGETOA has once again taken up matter of payment of salary and pending medical bills of outdoor and indoor claim. He told that, it has been apprised to us that the collection has improved considerably in the month of May-2020 and upward trend is continuing. Accordingly, he demanded for the followings:

The salary of May-2020 should be paid immediately and adherence of timely payment of salary form next month should be ensured.

The payment of pending medical bills should be initiated. In case of fund issue the
payment may be done in two parts. First arrange to clear outdoor medical bills and then indoor bills should be paid. But it’s a high time to clear outstanding medical bills immediately.

A suitable direction should be issued to Admin Section of CO Delhi and all Circles
to liaison with hospitals to start cashless treatment to BSNL employees and if required part payment of their dues may be cleared. It should also be directed to start empanelment of remaining hospitals, who left over due to any issues. This will give urgent relief to the employees.

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The So Called Majority Association is Trying to Eat Away 2 percent of SAB Contribution of BSNL Recruits:

In one of the nastiest and blatant display of stubbornness, the so called majority association is trying to eat away 2 Percent SAB contribution of BSNL Recruits. In his latest communication to management, they have mentioned the current SAB Contribution amount as on date to be 25 percent, while the actual contribution as on date is less than the amount stated by them in the letter. In the meeting of AUAB with CMD BSNL, (The meeting which he is referring to in his communication),

Management has categorically accepted the demand of raising the contribution by another 7% in two trenches. In the first trench, it was to be given 3% and in the other trench, another 4% was to be given. 
But its unfortunate that the
GS of the so called proclaimed corner  is twisting the facts and projecting the agreed amount being less despite himself being the signatory to the minutes of the discussions.Perhaps, in the quest for proving one upmanship of his own wishful thought process, he has forgotten his own discussions as member of the AUAB in which the then GS AIGETOA was also present.

The joint letter signed by all the constituents of AUAB is
attached herweith >>>>>
which is testimony of the fact that he is projecting about the discussions in a wrong way.

This incidence shows the callousness of the thought process of the so called Proclaimed SENA and how they are handling the issues related to BSNL Recruits as well other executives. While management has agreed for 7 percent more, they themselves are asking for 2 percent less and one particular BR Leader in question justifying the stand of his master words will become short if we start writing about these type of persons… 

The callous approach towards BSNL Recruits of the Proclaimed SENA is also visible from the fact that actuarial value of the fund which needs to be created to take care of BSNL Recruits Post Retirement Medical Benefits is being touted and accepted by him as BSNL Contribution towards Superannuation Benefit…This is his vision towards issues of BSNL Recruits Actually He may have never known the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Scheme He has never got deep into the subject…He used to write EPF as Employee Pension Fund…So this is not a surprise that he doesn’t know that only Defined Contribution can be counted in Superannuation Fund…Neither him, his Cronies like a so called BR leader in question (who claim himself as representative of BSNL Recruits of a particular circle) will know this fact…as they are merely whatsapp champions. Such type of people, after getting posts in some association claim themselves to be representatives of BSNL recruits but do the work opposite to the interest of BSNL recruits just to appease their master.

This is totally uncalled for…At least Wherever we remain alligned to, as a leader, we should have the guts to Say the truth…

This also proves the fact that only AIGETOA can pursue the issues of BSNL Executives with full honesty, dedication and commitment…

This episode also exposes his hollowness in his wishful thought process with regard to implementation of the half baked CPSU hierarchy policy with have so many complexities…We have said again and again that any new policy should be rugged and flawless, then only it can be implemented.

Therefore, only solution that remains is to call for previous vacancies should be filled up first with existing policy before moving to adventurism with any new mechanism to safeguard the interest of executives from any future hazard.

Dear BSNL Recruits…Just See the above, and decide for