Conduction of Online Training – BSNL Circular

As requested by AIGETOA and pursued accordingly, wherein we have requested management for postponement of all offline training as well as financial upgradation exams till March 31, 2021, today BSNL CO has issued directions to CGM ALTTC for the same. This was requested by AIGETOA in view of the safety from traveling and staying in training centres in the pandemic by our Executives.

As per our discussion, the course content is also being upgraded as per current requirements.

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AIGETOA CTD members gathered at CGMT chamber and lodged strong protest over the brutal attack on the DET of Barrack pore Division, CTD Kolkata:

Today an emergency meeting of the executive body of AIGETOA CTD held at Telephone Bhawan and CEC as well as General Members of the association and officers of different areas attended the meeting. The meeting was attended by more than 150 such members and condemned the life threatening attack by some of the erstwhile JCL goons on DE Barrack Pore Cluster, CTD Kolkata. Everybody expressed their serious anguish and resentment over handling of the issues by the CTD Management and decided to take the matter with CGMT. In the meeting, it was decided that all will meet the CGMT and lodge strong protest over the inaction on the matter till date. All gathered people reached to the CGMT chamber and wanted to meet in full group but after discussion a team of 20 executive members met CGMT. The meeting lasted for 2-3 hours and after long discussion, the management accepted all demands as placed by the association. Circle Team will monitor the course of actions as decided in the meeting and if any deviation is observed, it will be fought back again.

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AIGETOA writes to the Administrator (USOF) for releasing the CAPEX and OPEX subsidies in 25000 rural Wi-Fi Hotspot Project to BSNL:

GS AIGETOA has taken up the matter of releasing of the pending CAPEX and OPEX subsidies for 25000 Rural Wi-Fi Hotspot Project being run by BSNL under USOF. BSNL has successfully completed the target of the project as given by the USOF and raised the claim, which is awaited the payment. In the absence of the requisite payment of subsidies, it will be very difficult to run the prestigious project of rural Wi-Fi Hotspot in this financial stress of the organisation, which is very important to address digital divide of urban and rural population.

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Unfortunate incident of Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021:

An unfortunate incident has taken place with one of our colleague at Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021, which has shaken all of us. We strongly condemn the brutal attack on our executive and demand immediate action against the culprits and other suitable measures else the association will be forced to give a call to abstain from field works.

AIGETOA has reached out the CMD and Director (HR) BSNL and requested that if local authorities are not able to control the situation, they should intervene and ensure protection through Central Para military forces as BSNL is a Central PSU. We have apprised that in the absence of suitable confidence building measures and security arrangements, the association shall be constrained to give a call to all the cluster heads to work from home till suitable arrangements are made. It will not be possible to discharge duty in the field units in these life threatening circumstances.

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Formation of new AIGETOA Circle body of Andaman and Nicobar Circle:

The new Circle branch of A&N Circle formed on 15th Jan 2021 in a meeting held at Portblair where nearly 40 members have attended the meeting through online/offline mode. The members joined the association with inspiration from its dedication, vibrant platform and approach of inclusive growth towards all with a care for the organisation. On this occasion, whole AIBSNLEA circle team got merged with AIGETOA along with their members. It is important to note that AIGETOA has won the referendum with the support from executives of all streams and accordingly executives have started showing faith in the platform and coming forward to join AIGETOA.

The online meeting was attended by Shri Wasi Ahmad, GS-AIGETOA, Shri Laxman Banoth, Chairman-CHQ, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP-CHQ, Shri Ashok Acharya, JS(E), Shri Sridharbabu, JS(S) and Shri Veerabhadra Rao, CS-Telangana.

GS AIGETOA welcome all members and cleared all apprehensions and briefed about various HR issues and viability of BSNL. The Chairman and other CHQ members also welcomed and congratulate the newly joined members of A&N Circle. After this, new Adhoc body of AIGETOA A&N Circle was unanimously elected and Shri Brijesh Kumar Pandey, Shri R. Krishnappa and Shri Manjit Kumar Thakur were elected as CS, CP and CFS respectively. All participants of the meeting congratulated the new team.

Earlier, AIGETOA was having nine members in the circle but under the leadership of GS AIGETOA, our warriors like Shri Laxman Banoth, Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Shri Ashok Acharya and especially Shri Vijay Kumar SDE worked hard and led to the formation of AIGETOA body at A&N Circle. AIGETOA CHQ appreciates the efforts made by them and all others who helped to motivate the executives to come under AIGETOA umbrella.

Our AIP, Shri Ravi Shil Verma & GS, Wasi Ahmad extended heartily congratulations and welcomed the decision of Andoman and Nicobar Executives to form AIGETOA Circle body and assured for all help from the CHQ. They congratulated the new Circle body led by Shri. Brijesh Kumar Pandey CS and Shri. R. Krishnappa CP.

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2nd Formal Agenda Meeting of AIGETOA with BSNL Management:

2nd Formal Agenda Meeting of AIGETOA with BSNL Management:

As per BSNL REA Rule-2014 the formal agenda meeting of Recognized Representative Executive Association has to be carried out once in a quarter to take the issues of the executives and policy decision with the BSNL Management. As the AIGETOA is the representative association and last meeting held on 15-09-2020 and four months have passed and so the association has written to the BSNL Management to hold the 2nd meeting immediately.

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Clarification/Amendment for the implementation of BSNLMRS

Clarification/amendment issued in BSNL MRS Policy:

In our agenda meeting with Director (HR), we have raised the discriminatory provision of BSNL MRS Policy, which were allowing the medical facility to the dependents of deceased employees only to those, who were earning family pension. This provision was creating hurdle in getting medical facilities to the dependents of deceased BSNL Recruited Employees as they are not governed by Govt Pension Scheme. We extend our thank to the Director(HR) and Sr GM(Admin) Shri A M Gupta Ji for issuing the clarification, which has brought uniformity for all employees in BSNL MRS Scheme applicability in case of demise of the employee.

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AIGETOA deeply mourns the sad demise of Mother of Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) BSNL. We pray to god to bless the departed soul with eternal peace. May god provide the family with sufficient strength and courage to bear this irreparable loss.