Rescheduling of proposed 2nd Agenda Meeting of AIGETOA dated 10.05.2021

The proposed second formal agenda meeting of dated 10.05.2021 of AIGETOA with the management has been rescheduled by mutual agreement between the association and management in view of the expected Board Meeting to be held on 11.05.021 for creation of Benevolent Fund as discussed in the associations and unions meeting with management on 6th May-2021 over ZOOM.

Now, the proposed meeting of AIGETOA will be held on the next working day of the Board Meeting as decided in the discussion held between the association and Sr GM SR, BSNL CO New Delhi. The association agreed to reschedule the meeting in the light of the fact that creation of Benevolent Fund was initially spearheaded by AIGETOA, which was later welcomed by the management and the works in its direction started by the management to get it realize in a time frame and the proposal of AIGETOA for equal contribution by Employer and Employees was also agreed by all stakeholders. Hence considering sensitivity of the issue of creation of the Benevolent Fund, we agreed to reschedule the meeting by 2-3 days.

5th Circle Conference & Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA Tamilnadu Circle

5th Circle Conference & Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA Tamilnadu Circle was conducted successfully as per the constitution of AIGETOA on 26th April 2021 through Online Video Conferencing Mode.

The Chief Guest of the function was Shri V Jagadeesan, ITS, CGMT Tamilnadu Circle and Special Address was given by Shri Subrata Chattarjee, Sr.GM (HR & Admin) Tamilnadu Circle. The function was warmly started with the welcome address by Shri G. Saravanakumar, Circle Secretary TN and Presidential address by Shri H. Victor Samson, Circle President TN. The Guest of Honour were Our dynamic All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Our beloved & Energetic General Secretary Shri Md Wasi Ahmad, Chairman Shri Laxman Banoth, Shri Sridhar Babu Join Secretary-South, Shri K. Senthil Kumar Auditor-CHQ & Shri A. Richard Paul Organising Secretary – South- IV also participated in the event and graced the occasion.

The Open House was felicitated by Shri G Valanarasu CS SNEA TN, Shri S. Anand CS AIBSNLEA TN, Shri A Babu Radhakrishnan CS BSNLEU TN, Shri K. Natarajan CS NFTE TN & Smt. D. Parimala Selvi Dy. CS SEWA TN. Vote of Thanks was given by Shri Nithya Jarald Advisor CHQ.

In the afternoon session, Conference cum AGM continued to elect the New Tamilnadu Circle Governing Body under the guidance of our esteemed Leader Shri Sridhar Babu Joint Secretary (South) as CHQ Observer and The following Circle body elected for the next three year tenure of AIGETOA TAMILNADU.

PostName DesignationMobile No
Circle PresidentShri Senthil kumar MSDE (Nodal center), Trichy9443100027
Vice-President-1Shri Sivakumar PSDE (Tmx), Villupuram9486104066
Vice-President-2Shri Ramesh CJTO (Call center), Coimbatore9486113838
Circle SecretaryShri Krubasankar ASDE (Gr-1 cluster), Pondicherry9486102881
Circle Finance SecretaryShri Subramanian VCAO (CMTS), Coimbatore9486105101
Assistant Circle Secretary-1Shri Vaithiyanathan GJTO(BB/FTTH-Plg), Chennai9486102279
Assistant Circle Secretary-2Shri Arunprasad KJTO (IT), Chennai9486109004
Assistant Circle Secretary-3Shri Dhinakaran JAO (Cash), Salem9486100344
Assistant Circle Secretary-4Shri Senthil kumar T SSDE (CM), Madurai9486102446
Assistant Circle Secretary-5Shri Arun vinushankar SJTO (Billing), Trichy9443200075
Assistant Circle Secretary-6Shri Albert singh NDE (Extl), Katpady9486102634

Hereby, AIGETOA CHQ congratulates the newly elected Tamilnadu circle body and wishing all the very best for the AIGETOA Tamilnadu circle office bearers, District Office bearers and our beloved members.

Group Medi Claim Policy launched by AIGETOA through New India Assurance and Medi Assist TPA becomes operational:

Congratulations !!!

This is to intimate that we have sent the details of first 4939 executives and employees, who were within the threshold limit and their premium has also been paid to New India Assurance.

The people covered in the first lot will receive an SMS about their confirmation of Policy on the registered mobile number.

Accordingly, Group Health Insurance coverage for first lot becomes effective. As it will take around one week time to issue the Policy Number and it’s Document and issuance of Health Insurance E-Card to to every individuals, the facility of coverage will be extended by raising your request on E-mail ID sent to you through SMS on your registered mobile number.

While sending the request, attach a copy of same to

The details of the remaining persons shall be sent once the policy is issued, which is expected to take one week time. We expect their coverage to start by the end of second week of May 2021.

We wish to inform that we have further Negotiated with New India Assurance (NIA) to get some more general exclusions withdrawn and now NIA shall be giving coverage of Lasik Surgery, Cyber Knife Surgery, Artificial Life Support System, Impairment of Intellectual faculties, Trauma Care, Animal Bite Indoor cases etc. Many other general exclusions have been relaxed and such treatments is covered in the policy now. The details of complete coverage shall be provided to all the optees in the GHIS portal.

Friends, we once again reaffirm that we have taken best possible care to ensure a best possible policy for those who have registered for the policy and made the payment.

We are in touch with New India Assurance for opening of another window for registration of those who couldn’t opt for the policy in the first window. We shall be taking all possible efforts to provide one more registration window.

Meeting convened by Management with first two Association and Unions and SEWA on 06.05.2021:

A meeting was convened by the management today to discuss upon the modalities of creating a benevolent fund for all the employees who met untimely death due to Covid.

AIGETOA was represented by ALL India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma and General Secretary Shri Wasi Ahmad. Other participants in the meeting were President SNEA, GS SEWA, GS and President NFTE and GS BSNLEU. From management side meeting was attended by Committee members i.e. Shri R K Goyal, PGM Pers, Shri A. M. Gupta, Sr GM Admin, Ms Anita Johari, Sr GM SR and Shri K.D Chirania, Sr GM Finance.

We put forward the following points before the committee:

  1. Creating of a Corpus immediately to provide an adequate compensation to the family of the Employees who met untimely death in last one year and from hereinafter for all such cases. Management should pay and equal contribution matching to the contribution by Employees. This fund should be reviewed and recouped every time, there is deficit. We also suggested that this fund should be made operational permanently by making a monthly contribution by employees and employer. It was also told that the contribution by Employee should be refunded back to him at the time of retirement. This will promote maximum Employees to participate in the scheme.
  2. To immediately restart the CGA appointment for all those who met death due to Covid -19, by considering this as death on duty.
  3. To immediately pay the pending SAB and GPF contribution and make the fund Up to date.
  4. To enhance the SAB Contribution for BSNL Recruits to 30% of the Basic plus DA.
  5. Immediately disbursement of Salary and we put the displeasure of association on record that even during this critical time, the disbursement of Salary was not prioritised.

A broad consensus has been arrived at the following:

  1. Family of the Diseased Employee should be extended with an immediate compensation of Rs 10 lacs. Currently it will cover death due to Covid to overcome the unprecedented emergency scenario. Employees will contribute ONE DAY salary and BSNL will contribute equally. This will be a voluntary contribution and those don’t want to be in the Corpus, may kept themselves out. If shortfall of funds occur, further contribution (one time/monthly) can be asked from Employees in due course of time.

Decision to include all deaths shall be taken subsequently once this emergency phase is over.

  1. Proposal to reinstate the CGA appointment shall be conveyed to management for decision by the board.
  2. Need for immediate disbursal of Salary to Employees shall be conveyed to management firmly.
  3. The proposals suggested by AIGETOA and supported by other association and unions on SAB, EPF & GPF pending Payment and enhancement of SAB quantum will also be put up before the CMD/Directors.

We extend our thanks to the leaders, i.e. GS SEWA, President SNEA, GS BSNLEU, GS & President NFTE for support and arriving consensus for above measures. We acknowledge the efforts initiated by the management and hope that some tangible results will be visible on all points as mentioned above.

MOST URGENT PLEASE – Update on Group Insurance

Dear CS/CP,

This is once again informed that NO PLAN change request is feasible to entertain. So, kindly reach out to all such person and apprise it and ask them to get their data corrected (by requesting deletion of extra) by sending the correct information on mail ID by 11:00 am of 05.05.2021 (WED) else their enrollment will not be included in the final list to be submitted to New India Assurance by afternoon of 05.05.2021.

Further, if such person doesn’t agree with above line, they may seek thier cancellation of enrollment and refund by sending a mail as apprised above from their registered mail ID by the cut off time as above. The association will arrange the refund in a reasonable time.

Also, any other correction/edit in data will not be entertained beyond 11:00 and the error case will not be included in the final list to be submitted.

Kindly adhere cut off time as given above, else the responsibility of exclusion will fall on the concerned person and Circle will not raise it.

Laxman Banoth ji is the nodal to coordinate it.

Copy to: All enrolled Members if the GHI Policy of AIGETOA

Overwhelming response of executives and employees -GHIS

Dear All,

We humbly place our sincere gratitude to one and all who helped to successfully visualize the concept of Group Health Insurance Policy by AIGETOA from one of the largest Insurer (which is a PSU) i.e. New India Assurance and Industry’s Best TPA i.e. M/S Medi Assist.

It was a mammoth task and overwhelming response of executives and employees further multi-folded the responsibilities. But we are happy to intimate that under matured, composed and dynamic leadership of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP and Shri Wasi Ahmad General Secretary, the unbeatable Team AIGETOA once again proved its worthiness and professionalism to handle the responsibilities successfully. Here, we would also like to name few heroes who worked tirelessly behind the curtain to make it possible and they are Shri Pavan Akhand AGS, Shri Yogendra Jharwal FS, Shri Amit Roy Advisor, Shri B Laxman, Chairman, GHI Team Members, all CHQ Members alongwith Circle Team.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all Employees of BSNL, who have shown faith and opted the policy in the just concluded window by crossing the position, cadre, stream irrespective of the association affiliations. This is one of the basic ethos of United efforts and we stand by this unity.

Hereafter, our responsibilities have increased many fold to scrutiny the data and handover the errorless information to the New India Assurance alongwith the corresponding fund to start the policy at the earliest and ensure a hassle free service.

We assure once again that one more extension window shall be opened for all those, who couldn’t make it due to multiple reasons after start of the Policy. Policy Coverage of all those who were within the threshold window shall start from the first week and for remaining those who got themselves registered and made payment by Midnight of 30th April 2021, the policy Coverage will start from the Second week’ of May 2021.

Further, we once again reaffirm our commitment that providing health services to Employees is the responsibility of the employer (BSNL) and it will be ensured by association. We have already initiated discussion in this regard with the management and they have also shown positive response and assessing the proposal to start Health Insurance for the employees instead of complete dependency on BSNL MRS.

We thank one and all who contributed directly or indirectly in this noble cause.