GS Letters to CMD BSNL – Immediate Mass Vaccination Program to the BSNL Employees and their families

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL for Immediate disbursement of Salary for the month of April-2021

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL for Immediate disbursement of Salary for the month of April-2021 as the employees are passing through extreme distress to meet daily needs and COVID related medical treatment. The delay in disbursal of Salary is also raising the distress in employees and any adverse fall out of it will be the entire responsibility of the management.

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Medical Advance for BSNL Employees To Meet Medical Exigencies in the Pandemic

As pursued and informed earlier by AIGETOA, it is learnt that Finally BSNL CO has agreed for provisioning of funds to Circles for grant of Medical advance to Employees for treatment of Covid. AIGETOA has been consistently pursuing with management for Covid Vaccination and direction to circles for grant of advance to Employees for Indoor Treatment in this Pandemic.

Accordingly, it is learnt that management has agreed to this and shall be issuing funds to circles for immediate grant of medical advances to all such employees to meet medical exigencies. We extend our heartfelt thanks to AIGETOA BSNL CO Team under the guidance of All India President and General Secretary, whose PERSUASION ensured this crucial decision at the time of Pandemic. Yesterday BSNL CO issued instructions to circles for provisioning of free vaccination from BSNL to its employees, which was our demand ever since vaccine has been launched for Covid-19.

AIGETOA extends its thanks to management specially Director HR and Sr GM Admin BSNL CO for realizing the importance of such crucial directions at the time of this pandemic.

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Withholding of One Day Organizational Program called by AIGETOA to observe 22.04.2021 as “PROTEST DAY” by applying Leave

AIGETOA has given a call to the executives to apply for one day leave to seek the attention of the management on the long pending HR issues. We are happy to note that management has taken note of prevailing resentment amongst the executives. The huge support in the form of number of applied leaves around 8500 in number itself says a lot about the level of unrest, which is stepping into minds of all executives because of the lackadaisical approach of the management towards resolution of long pending HR issues, related to pay, pension and promotion.

AIGETOA thanks all the executives for their huge support on the call of association to observe 22nd April as protest day.

This association received appeal and request from BSNL management to withdraw the notice for protest day on 22.04.2021 considering present Covid-19 pandemic situation across the country firm assurance for the settlement of long pending HR issues and also agenda meeting is proposed to be held on 10.05.2021.

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The grim situation about the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic across the country & sad demise of many of our BSNL colleagues and two appeals issued by the management was discussed amongst all CHQ OBs and Circle Secretaries. It was concluded that the program for applying leave and showing the resentment to management is hugely successful and the purpose of seeking the attention of management towards the settlement of the long pending HR issues is successful. In the current pandemic, many of our colleagues are adversely affected and struggling hard to cope up with current scenario and working of almost all the offices are hugely affected by Covid-19 . After giving thought to all the aspects and also to the fact that basic intent of this call was to seek the attention of management which is successful, we have unanimously decided to halt the proposed Protest Day Call. We have conveyed to management that instead of assurances, now we need firm Resolution on board while sitting on the table for agenda meeting on 10th May 2021.

Friends, we expect firm and concrete solutions from BSNL Management and expect a positive outcome on the genuine demands raised on the day failing which we are ready for the next stage of organisational actions. Association will review the outcome of agenda meeting to be held on 10th May 2021 and will decide the next course of action accordingly. In case management fails to address the HR issue & to initiate firm action for time bound resolution of the issues, AIGETOA will serve the notice for further organisational action program. The success of current call has given extra confidence to the leadership and we are very sure, with your firm and similar unqualified support, we will be able to achieve the long pending HR issues. The path containing mix of PURSUASION, Deliberation and Hard Actions shall continue till we are successful in achieving the objective. We once again thank one and all for making this mass leave program hugely successful.

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AIGETOA served notice for One Day Organisational Program on 22.04.2021 to apply leave and observe it as “PROTEST DAY”

AIGETOA served notice for One Day Organisational Program on 22.04.2021 to apply leave and observe it as “PROTEST DAY”.

Let’s make it a movement and give a thumping success by maximum participation of the executives above the association line to give a strong message to the management that the people can’t be ignored for long else they will retaliate strongly. It’s a high time that BSNL management should correct its recourse and start resolving outstanding issues of executives else more intensified struggle will be launched.

Together We Will…

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Timely Disbursement of Salary

Dear Friends,

We are thankful to the CMD and Board of Directors, BSNL to listen our voice for timely disbursement of salary to some extent in this month. We have always demanded to ensure payment of salary on last working day of the month and nullify the 20-22 days delay continuing since more than a year and March was the best occasion to meet it. Although, the association was pressing for payment of salary on last working day of the month i.e. 31.03.2021 but it is being made in first week of April, is also a respite from previous position. We thank our Circle Secretaries for taking up the issue of salary payment with respective CGMT from across the BSNL simultaneously when our CHQ was taking up the issue with CMD and Board of Directors, BSNL citing the sufficient grounds. We have always advocated that it is the best opportunity to regularize the salary and infuse positivity among employees as well as restore their social grace, which somewhat got hurted due to regular delay in recent times. We do hope that management will ensure timely disbursement of salary here onwards, which is also the fundamental right of an employee.


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