Postponement of JAO Phase-III Training :

AIGETOA denounces the intolerable statement against BSNL Employees as reported in media

AIGETOA denounces the intolerable statement of Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Member of Parliament against BSNL Employees as reported in media. These incomprehensible statements have brought disgrace to the BSNL and its employees. AIGETOA strongly objects to such statement and demands for restoration of the pride of the employees, which has been deeply hurt by these public outburst. AIGETOA demands for intervention of CMD BSNL and seek corrective action to protect the pride of employees of the BSNL.

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#Mera_Bharat_Mera Abhiman
#Mera BSNL_Mera Abhiman

GS AIGETOA writes to the Secretary, Dept of Telecommunication about extensive delay in roll out of the 4G services:

GS AIGETOA once again took up the matter of excess delay in the rollout of the 4G services, an important aspect of the BSNL Revival Package approved by the Government of India in Oct-2019. He emphasized the need of the high speed wireless internet through 4G and its fallout on the customer base and revenue of the BSNL. He appraised that how BSNL planned the roll out of 4G services through following means:

  1. Procurement of 50K 4G sites (28 million lines) with associate equipment for Pan India basis through Phase IX Tender with costing of about Rs 8000 Cr.
  2. Up gradation of existing up-gradable 2G/3G nodes to 4G by addition of minimal incremental hardware and software, being proprietary in nature through add on order.

But due to various groups working against the interest of BSNL, 4G tender for 50K lines got canceled. As the re-tendering process will take long time, BSNL can explore its second option to rollout 4G service on pan India basis through up-gradation of the existing 2G/3G network, while tendering works may also continue. He further focused for readiness and preparedness by BSNL for the 5G service in time.

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GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL regarding anti organization action by BSNL FTTH Partners – A complaint by eminent citizen of Pune :

GS AIGETOA taken once again with CMD BSNL regarding our over dependency on the vendors and their anti organisation approach on many occasions across BSNL. In one such case, one of the eminent citizen of Pune, Mr Tehseen Poonawalla has complaint about BSNL vendors advising him to take new FTTH connection from other private operators instead of BSNL at his newly shifted home in Pune. He cautioned about this business model and requested CMD to review over dependency on vendors in BSNL.

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GS Writes to Director HR : Man Power Planning and Restructuring -Regarding

GS-AIGETOA requested that finalization of the Man Power Planning and Restructuring Process shouldn’t be hastened and proper opportunities should be provided to upcoming representative association after completion of ongoing 2nd membership verification process on 20th Aug 2020, to represent the concern and aspiration of executives, who are not only major stakeholder but end beneficiary of the process also. Click here for the letter