No MT above Direct Recurit JTOs/JAOs


At the time of entry there was no concept of MT at higher executive level and we have been appeared in the examination with the great aspiration to reach at the top level of the organization on the pretext of long advertisement and IES syllabus. Even many of us had better opportunity at other organization but given priority to join BSNL considering No-1 Telecom Company and largest PSU of India.  All the CPSUs are recruiting "engineer trainee" and "manager trainee" at the same level and they have equal chance as for as career progression is concerned, even in our sister concern MTNL.


What made BSNL to even think for MT recruitment at the level where career of ET ends? We are already having experienced qualified engineers from DOT background and young talented qualified engineer from BSNL recruitment. We are much capable to handle the every level of management, even many of us has proved it. Our colleagues who have left the department are already handling the middle as well as top-level management in other companies and earning profits. When mere BSC and MSC qualified person can handle the directorate level post of BSNL then why can we not handle the same. All the engineering colleges have already introduced managerial subject in engineering stream and there is no need of professional qualified manager for operation work like in BSNL. Recruiting out side MT by expending crores of rupees in the recruitment and giving them one year expensive training over and ignoring in-house qualified and experienced talents, will not fulfill the basic motto of department.  If BSNL, is really in need of professional manager it is required at top level like directorate post with suitable experiences and on contractual basis. All the top-level companies prefer to hire the different professional like HR/Finance/marketing on contractual basis rather permanent recruitment. Suitable career growth of in-house qualified and talented employees is the only tool for success of any company. MT above Engineers nothing more than to block our careers and to move the department in to the hell. If this happens, it will be the next wonder of the world where BSNL will be the unique company to recruit MT at the level where career of engineerís end.


        If we are really engineers and acquired degree is the yield of our honest and hard work.

        If our selection in the BSNL is fair and only due to our talent.

     If money which, we have expended on your study, is yield of our parentís honesty and hard work.

        Last but not least if, we are confident on our talent and skills.


Today we must take an oath that, we wonít let happen this wonder in BSNL at any cost. Only we can and we will defeat this ill intension of BSNL management and leaders cum politicians of some associations.