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Date Posted : 30 January 2015

Subject : gs writes to cmd bsnl

GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding shifting of officers having doubtful integrity and appearing in the agreed list from HR and other sensitive post. Click here for letter

Date Posted : 30 January 2015

Subject : memorandum submitted to cmd bsnl on his visit to bhopal, mp

Memorandum Submitted to CMD BSNL on his visit to Bhopal, MP Circle :


AIGETOA MP submitted the Memorandum in respect of long pending issues to CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastava during his visit to Bhopal on 28th Jan 2015. Click here for Memorandum submitted

Date Posted : 30 January 2015

Subject : president aigetoa visit at co & updates on issues

President AIGETOA shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri Mantosh Kumar, GS AIBSNLEA Sh Prahlad Rai and FS AIBSNLEA met CMD BSNL and elaborated upon the prevailing HR issues. Hon'ble CMD informed that he is aware of the issues and will definitely take due cognizance of the same. The team also emphasized upon Hon'ble CMD regarding the need for addressing HR issues as the same is linked with the motivation of the employees which in turn increases the productivity and efficiency of the company. CMD assured us that he is definitely going to take care of the pending HR issues and asked us to participate whole heartedly in his endeavor of reviving the pristine glory of BSNL. We assured of our active participation and fullest cooperation in this Herculean task. Further, a meeting with all associations and unions is likely to be scheduled in the second week of Feb-2015 where HR issues will be discussed at length.

Later on President, VP and GS AIBSNLEA met ED (Finance) and had an extensive discussion on the superannuation benefit. The team conveyed its strong objection to the proposed contribution of 3% and requested ED (Finance) to consider the demand in toto and once again presented all the facts and figures to her. The discussions were held on a very positive note and we definitely expect positive outcome.

Further, due to active and vigilant intervention of this association dirty game could not been played and DPC for SDE (T) through seniority quota up to the vacancies 2013-14 has been cleared by the Director (HR). This association is extremely thankful to our Director (HR) for considering this very legitimate demand. Almost all the OC candidates up to recruitment year 2001, SC Candidates upto recruitment year 2001 and ST candidates up to recruitment year 2005 are expected to be covered under this DPC. However data from some circles are awaited. Exact scenario will be visible only after the receipt of complete information. AIGETOA CHQ request all the CS and the members themselves to ensure that their VC has reached BSNL CO in time. It is also requested to ensure that the screening committee report in prescribed performa containing the APAR grading for the years 2010-11 and 2011-12 also i.e. up to the year 2011-12 ( Required for DPC upto vacancy year 2013-14) in respect of all eligible executives in addition to the previously sent APAR gradings reaches BSNL CO positively.

Date Posted : 30 January 2015


AIGETOA MP Extended Profound Welcome to our newly appointed CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastava on his first visit as CMD BSNL :

GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu, AGS CHQ/Circle President AIGETOA MP Shri Pavan Akhand, Circle Secretary AIGETOA MP Shri P N Gautam along with other Circle Officer bearers of AIGETOA MP extended profound welcome to our newly appointed CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastava on his first visit as CMD at Bhopal - The City of Lakes on 28th Jan-2015. Our beloved CMD spared ample time for this association and also shared his mission and vision for revival of BSNL. This association was in view to extend only welcome on his first visit as CMD and not to discuss about the issues but our CMD himself had initiated about the issues and told that he is known about all the issues in respect of direct recruits. He also told that now he is having platform where he would like to understand the issues in detail and definitely will be resolved on merit keeping aside all the odds. He also told that communication gap between association/unions in BSNL and top management will come to zero in his tenure so that actual mission and vision of BSNL can be communicated up to bottom line. This association assured and extended full support to every endeavor of our beloved CMD in revival of BSNL. Association has also submitted memorandum to our beloved CMD which he assured to go through and act on merit. Click here for Glimpses of Meeting

Later on, United Forum had arranged felicitation program of our beloved CMD Sh Annupam Shrivastava on his first visit to Bhopal as CMD. Representatives of all associations and unions in BSNL have handed over flowers bouquet and extended warm welcome. Sh Anupam Shrivastava has started his career from Bhopal itself and given his services for long time to BSNL Bhopal in DOT era hence all the staffs and officers of Bhopal were highly enthusiastic while welcoming him and it was the proud moment for all the employees of BSNL Bhopal. CMD told in his address that he remember the demand of mobile SIM of BSNL and how BSNL has got first place in just few year of launching GSM services. Unfortunately, BSNL could not expand GSM service in time as per the demand and now our position has gone down beyond our expectation. Time is never lost and time cycle has once again come to us as an opportunity in the field of data services. Today, demand of data in India has started and we are sitting on the verge of a data revolution and BSNL has a huge potential here on the back of our landline base, fiber network and capability. Data capability will be a game changer in the next few years and we will gain a lot through such measures. We have to utilize this opportunity and there is no doubt that BSNL will regain itís lost glory. CMD also told that he knows, BSNL employees are getting half salary then they are supposed to get but increase is salary is possible when BSNL earn money. He assured that he will do best at his level and he will shortly come out with full-proof plan for revival of BSNL but success will come only when we all together work honestly for execution and implementation of the plan. All the constituents of the united forum assured and extended unconditional support to our beloved CMD for every endeavor in revival of BSNL. Click here for Glimpses of felicitation program by UF

Date Posted : 22 January 2015

Subject : aigetoa welcomes cmd bsnl

AIGETOA Welcomes CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastava :


President Shri Ravi shil Verma, AGS Shri Amit Roy, Delhi CWC Member shri Shubendu Sharma along with other members met Hon'ble CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastava and extended our best wishes and congratulations to him on assuming the esteemed chair of CMD BSNL. President reaffirmed the commitment of DRs towards BSNL and assured each of the DR will be available 24X7 at each and every corner of india and that all are committed towards bringing BSNL out of the current doldrums. President also told CMD BSNL that we will commit ourselves to the work leaving the resolution of the burning HR issues of DRs to new CMD with a firm belief that he will take care of the issues. CMD thanked us for the pleasantries and assured us that he is aware of all the challenges and he shall definitely take care of the same. Click here for the Glimpses

Date Posted : 21 January 2015

Subject : DPC from JTO to SDE through seniority quota regarding

It is understood that one executives association projecting themselves to be the so called well wishers of direct recruits are trying to convince the authority for conducting DPC for SDE in parts so that promotion of direct recruits can be delayed. It is very much sure that after conducting DPC for earlier parts some legal hurdles may be created for conducting DPC of subsequent parts making DRs the sufferers again. President AIGETOA Shri Ravishil Verma and AGS Shri Amit Roy met authorities in Pers section on 20th Jan 2015 and conveyed about such sinister designs of the so called well wishers. Association has taken tough stand and demanded that in one go DPC against all the available vacancies which are around 6400 should be done. It is expected that with this OC and SC candidates of batch 2001 and to some extent even batch 2002 may get through while ST candidates of batch 2005 may be covered.

Representatives also made it clear to authorities that while requesting so, our claim to the seniority dispute over fixation of vacancy years remains as it is and we will keep on perusing for seniority fixation as per DOP&T guidelines. President and AGS made it clear that any promotion orders without covering all vacancy years available till date will lead to a massive protest. Friends, keep yourself ready for the battle if any such things happens. However, authorities have assured us that all available vacancies till date will be taken into account so that maximum persons can be benefitted. CHQ is closely monitoring the developments and will not hesitate in agitating if any injustice is done to direct recruits.

Date Posted : 21 January 2015

Subject : glimpses of countrywide lunch hour demonstration

Glimpses of overwhelming response in lunch hour demonstration against the victimization of our General Secretary held on 20th Jan 2015:


Massive participation reported from various Circles for the Lunch Hour Demonstration held on 20th January 2015. Huge participation reported from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chennai Telephones, Corporate Office New Delhi, Gujarat, Himchal Pradesh, J&K, Karnataka, Kolkata Telephones District, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and WB Circles. Reports from few circles are awaited. Click here for Glimpses of LHD


Congratulations one and all for overwhelming response in Lunch Hour Demonstration against the victimization of our General Secretary and displaying our Unity, Solisarity and commitment towards fight for justice.

Date Posted : 20 January 2015

Subject : Congratulation one and all for overwhelming response in LHD

Congratulation one and all for overwhelming response in lunch hour demonstration against the victimization of our General Secretary:


AIGETOA since itís formation has not only created big hurdle on the way of vested interest and corrupt practice in BSNL but also made to realize the illiteracy in top management in respect of CPSEís working. Some corrupt and egoistic officer in senior management could not digest the stand of AIGETOA as their earning through corrupt practice is badly affected hence misusing their authorities started targeting the top leadership of AIGETOA by making syndicate of such officers in MP Telecom Circle. They have also forgotten that they are not the owner of the company and they are paid employees bounded with rules and regulation of the company. They were in perception that by crushing the top leadership of this association they had been able to stop voice against their corrupt practice. Now overwhelming response of members of this association throughout the country against such victimization will surely create the awe in the mind of vested interest in BSNL and also show our unity, solidarity and commitment towards fight for justice.


Now this association will pursue with our newly appointed CMD and seek independent inquiry against the issues raised in the notice so that such vested interest and corrupt practice in BSNL can be uprooted. This association hopes that our new CMD will decide the matters on merit and will extend full cooperation to leaders fighting against corrupt practice in BSNL. In any case if issues raised in the notice will not be resolved on merit in due time representative must book their tickets for Delhi for Dharna from 23rd Feb onwards.


Photos of lunch hour demonstration from different part of the country will be uploaded shortly.

Date Posted : 19 January 2015

Subject : Stand of AIGETOA on standard pay scale of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalents respectively

This association is not at all against the finalization of standard pay scale of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalents respectively. In fact this association is arguing for E3 pay scale to the executives recruited with minimum qualification of professional degree recruited on or after 01.01.2007. Government of India followed by 6th pay revision recommendations has already upgraded pay scale from Rs. 6500 to 7450 to officers recruited with minimum qualification of engineering. Followed by the same decision of Government of India, All CPSEs have also upgraded the pay scale to E3 to the executives recruited with minimum qualification of Engineering. This association has also submitted all the valid documents in support of the same. One of the association who is simply marketing itís false concern with young executives is biggest hurdle on fulfillment of this very genuine entitlement and some of the direct recruits are also became the part of this hurdle by joining such associations.


The proposal of one of the association for upgrading pay scale for JTO and SDE equivalent only recruited after 01.01.2007 is neither logical nor feasible as JTO recruited in 2001/2002 batch cannot be placed junior in pay scale to those recruited on or after 01.01.2007. No board is going to approve such bogus proposal. Such demand from any association only shows itís sick mentality. Cabinet proposal for putting pay scale of MTNL at par with BSNL is only in respect of those who are covered with Government Pensionary benefits not for direct recruits.


The very genuine demand which is logical, feasible and supported with all the valid documents is that all the Direct recruits executives recruited with minimum qualification of professional degree and not covered with Government Pensionary benefits must be put on E2 pay scale from 01.10.2000 and upgraded to E3 pay scale from 01.01.2007. As some associations are marketing their history that seniors never comes on the way of the future of youngster hence this association hopes that these association will maintain their dignity and history by supporting the above genuine demand of youngsters. Authorities have already conveyed that if all associations are agreed then they can extend the upgraded pay scale to direct recruits executives but not for absorbed executives. By doing so financial burden on account of pension contribution is nil and absorbed executives are not going to lose anything. Now this association is hoping that these associations will shortly agreed for this proposal in the best interest of qualified young executives and also to the company.


Certainly, AIGETOA alone with partial membership of direct recruits is unable to achieve this very genuine demand but if all direct recruits come on single platform with full of commitment then it is not an impossible task even if other associations do not support.


This association has called lunch hour demonstration on 20.01.2015 to show the solidarity and support to our apex leader i.e. General Secretary of this association who is victimized while fighting for the rights of the direct recruits. Definitely your one hour participation will not resolve all the issues of victimization but boost the morale of the leaders leading from the front and send strong signal to the authorities so all the direct recruits must spare their one hour for lunch hour demonstration to be held tomorrow.

Date Posted : 18 January 2015

Subject : Congratulations !!!! JAO TO AO PROMOTION RELEASED !!!!

Congratulations !!!! JAO to AO PROMOTION RELEASED !!!!


Consistent and untiring efforts for last 18 months of our comrades shri Badri Kumar Mehta (OS AIGETOA Delhi) and  Shri Surinder Surunder Kumar Mahar (JAO Hisar) under the able guidance of GS Shri R P Shahu & President  Shri Ravi Shil Verma and the team yielded JAO to AO promotion Order.This is great achievement for DR JAOs . It could happen due to firm determination of Sh. S.K. Bhardwaj, GM(FP). AIGETOA Salutes and gives special thanks to him for his great and continued effort till it reached conclusion despite of many road blocks created by the so called credit mongers who are now running extra hours to claim the credit. Click here for the Order-1 & Order-2

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