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Date Posted : 27 September 2014

Subject : udates of aigetoa meeting with hon'ble moc

Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with Hon'ble MOC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji :


GS Shri R P Shahu, All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Shri Amit Roy, Vice President Shri Mantosh Kumar and CWC Member Delhi Circle Shri Shubendu Sharma met Hon’ble Minister of Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji in presence of Hon’ble MP Shri Jagdambika Pal ji on 26th September 2014. Hon’ble Minister specified that AIGETOA is the first association with who he has met and for that we should be thankful to Shri Jagdambika Pal ji but for him this meeting would not have taken place. The meeting lasted for around 15-20 minutes.


Shri Jagdambika Pal initially briefed the Hon’ble Minister about the direct recruits and about the problems and hardships faced by us in our entire career of BSNL. Shri Pal told minister that this is the group which will play a key role in the revival of BSNL but unfortunately they have been marginalized by BSNL management. Hon’ble MoC then asked us to explain the issues in detail. The meeting was quite interactive with minister asking for several inputs in regard to the issues. Minister asked us whether the group belongs to Indian Telecom Service. We apprised the minister that we were recruited after formation of BSNL and till then we have been manning all the important services of BSNL. Minister also asked us when the first recruitment took place and how many batches have been recruited till date. In the brief time which was made available to us, our team apprised the hon’ble minister about the burning issues of Pay scale, Pay Parity, Superannuation benefits and lack of promotional avenues for the direct recruits. We were able to explain to the minister that BSNL is not having any dearth of talent and the need is to have a proactive management which can utilize the potential to its fullest.


Hon’ble minister asked for our view on the revival of BSNL. We expressed our belief in the government and its policies and assured hon’ble minister that whatever decisions government will take for the wellbeing and revival of BSNL, the Direct recruits of BSNL will give its hundred percent and they are willing to go to any extent to revive the BSNL.


Finally, Hon’ble MOC told that he has taken note of the issues and will definitely do the needful after going through the representation submitted by us, in the, meanwhile every one of us should be ready to take extra efforts for reviving BSNL. We assured minister for the same.


Dear friends, we have once again taken our issues to the highest level and we definitely hope for a positive outcome. However in the mean time we should be equally concerned with our responsibilities and expectations of the government from the young and the most dynamic group of BSNL. Each one of should make it a habit to analyze his output every day and should ponder on whether he has been able to justifying his salary. Each one of should target for delivering at least two hundred percent of his potential. With this thought in mind there are no reasons why BSNL will lag behind.


In the meanwhile, we express our deepest and sincere gratitude for Hon’ble MP Shri Jagdambika Pal ji who since one year has been standing for the cause of BSNL and the direct recruits in particular. Yesterday also he apprised the Hon’ble Minister about the prevailing scenario in BSNL and the reasons for its downfall. We are very much sure that his efforts will yield fruit and definitely BSNL as well as the Direct Recruits will get its due with his blessings and his tireless efforts. We convey our heartfelt thanks to the hon’ble MP for the kindness and the caring attitude towards the direct recruits.


Glimpses of Meeting with Hon'ble MOC. Click here


Letter & Presentation Submitted to Hon'ble MOC. Click here

Date Posted : 27 September 2014

Subject : details of gs aigetoa visit to corporate office, New Delhi

GS Meeting with GM (Establishment) CO :


GS AIGETOA along with AIP Shri Ravishil Verma, AGS Shri Amit Roy & VP Shri Mantosh Kumar met with GM establishment and discussed about EPF contribution for training period as assured by CMD. GM (Establishment) said that he will study the case in detail during coming holidays and will take decision positively. GS also discussed about E2-E3 pay scale and 30% Superannuation benefits, on which GM (Establishment) said that after holidays meeting of committee will take place and final resolution is expected. The team also discussed the matter of compassionate ground cases in line with our submission earlier. It was informed by gm estt. that the process of compassionate ground appointment is being recasted to make it fast and hasslefree. The detailed order in this regard is expected soon.


GS Meeting with Add. GM (Pers) CO :


GS AIGETOA along with GS AIBSNLEA met  Add. GM (Pers) and requested him to process the case of first time bound promotion in four years for all as directed by court of law and assurance given by CMD. He assured us to process the case shortly.


GS Meeting with Sr. GM (SR) CO :


GS AIGETOA along with GS AIBSNLEA met Sr. GM (SR) and requested him to arrange meeting between all association and concern authorities of common HR issues as per the assurance of CMD so that amicable resolution can be achieved maintaining industrial peace. He assured us to arrange meeting tentatively on 18 Oct 2014.

Date Posted : 27 September 2014

Subject : GS AIGETOA meeting with SNEA(I) for Joint Struggle of All Executives Associations on Resolution of Issues

GS AIGETOA meeting with SNEA(I) for Joint Struggle of All Executives Associations on Resolution of Issues :


GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu met with GS and President of SNEA(I) on 26th Sept 2014 and had detailed discussion on the need of joint struggle of all the executive associations, as standalone struggle will give a reason to the management for not taking any decision in view of referendum. It is agreed not to go ahead with agitation standalone and further decided that all executives associations will seek common meeting with authorities in chairmanship of CMD BSNL. Tentative date of meeting is already fixed by CMD BSNL and GM SR in second week of Oct 2014.


If issues will not be resolved in this meeting, all associations will move for joint struggle.

Date Posted : 27 September 2014

Subject : joint meeting of aigetoa & aibsnlea hp

Joint Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Himachal Pradesh on 23rd Sept 2014 :


The Joint meeting of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Himachal Pradesh held at CTO Hall Shimla on 23rd Sept 14. Nearly 150 members attended the meeting, GS AIGETOA Shri R P Shahu address the various issues and stress the unity of all executives and asked the other associations to come under a single umbrella to get resolved our all dues. He also asked all the executives to educate all the DR about their dues which are pending since long time. GS AIGETOA addressed all the issues like standard pay scale,30% Superannuation benefits, Carrier Progression, EPF, UAN etc. CHQ extolled the Himachal team for their efforts to make the meeting successful. Click here for Glimpses of Meeting

Date Posted : 27 September 2014

Subject : Circle News of AIGETOA Chennai & Tamil Nadu in reference to Referendum

Circle News of AIGETOA Chennai & Tamil Nadu in reference to Referendum :


 -Joint declaration of AIGETOA and AIBSNLA Chennai TD Circle signed on 19th Sept 2014 in the presence of Shri K Senthil Kumar JS(South) AIGETOA and Shri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA. For more details visit http://www.aigetoachtd.org/


-All India Vice President Shri B Laxman visits to Madurai to attend the 5th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Tamil Nadu. For more details visit http://aigetoatn.weebly.com/home.html


Date Posted : 26 September 2014

Subject : Circle Executive Committee Meeting of AIGETOA Assam Circle along with Joint Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Assam

Circle Executive Committee Meeting of AIGETOA Assam Circle along with Joint Meeting of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Assam


The Circle Executive Committee Meeting of AIGETOA Assam was held on 21st Sep'14 in the Multipurpose Hall of BSNL Panbazar IQ, Guwahati. Delegates from all SSAs in Assam Circle were present in the meeting despite the inclement weather in Guwahati. Circle Secretary Shri Satyajyoti Nath, Circle President Shri Jitu Raj Doley and Circle Treasurer Shri Bijoy Sonowal addressed the house regarding status of various issues being pursued by the association both at CHQ and Circle Level.


A Joint Meeting was held with office bearers of AIBSNLEA Assam in the second half in which CS AIBSNLEA Shri Amitava Nath, ACS AIBSNLEA  Shri Shantanu Choudhury and other distinguished leaders of both associations addressed the gathering.


For details please visit AIGETOA ASSAM portal at http://assamaigetoa.org

Date Posted : 25 September 2014

Subject : meeting of GS AIGETOA with GS & president of SNEA(I)

GS AIGETOA today met GS and president of SNEA (I) at BSNL CO on 4th day of their hunger fast and assure to participate on lunch hour demonstration with all members on 26th Sep 14 at BSNL CO against the insensitive attitude of top BSNL management who had not been responding even after 4th day of hunger fast by the office bearers of one executives association. It is understood that CMD had meeting with the representatives of SNEA (I) today afternoon, followed by which SNEA (I) has deferred the agitational program. Tomorrow, GS AIGETOA will meet GS and President of SNEA (I) and will request them to involve all the executives association in ongoing agitation on HR issues and serve revised and joint notice for stronger protest. AIBSNLEA is already ready for joint struggle and We are hopeful that SNEA (I) will respond our request positively.

Date Posted : 25 September 2014

Subject : meeting with GM (Estt.) to discuss the issues of payscales and the ongoing deputation issue

VP AIGETOA Shri Mantosh kumar, CWC Member Delhi Circle AIGETOA, Shri Shubhendu Sharma along with GS AIBSNLEA, Shri Prahlad Rai met with GM (Estt.) to discuss the issues of payscales and the ongoing deputation issue.


As regard to the Pay scale issue, as the matter has been referred again to the committee constituted earlier in view of the denial of intermediary scales by DPE, Association side wanted to know the status of the deliberation of the committee. It was informed by GM establishment that the meeting is scheduled for next week to discuss the matter. Association side apprised GM establishment of the continued frustration of the executives and requested for an early settlement.


In regard to the transfer issue of JTOs, GM (Estt.) assured that genuine cases of i.e. spouse, medical cases may be considered for further extension based on the merit. Association pointed out that, if timeline is followed in case of deputation, the same should be extended to Rule-8 cases also as more than 1500 Rule- 8 cases are still pending all over India and officers are waiting for more than 12 years for the rotation of place/profile.


GM (Estt.) was of the impression that almost 80% cases of inter-circle transfers (Rule-8) are settled and for example he quoted that there is no pending Rule-8 case in Gujarat Telecom Circle till May, 2014. Association side pleaded that ground realty is just opposite to the impression and submitted that there are few circles i.e. Assam, Punjab, and West Bengal Telecom Circle where most of the Rule-8 applications are pending. Making the situation hostile, SSA heads are not even forwarding Rule-8 applications for further disposal in view of long queue.


GM (Estt.) has said that association should come with the data after 7th October, 2014 and he assured to look into the matter and take up with CGMs of concerned circle.

Date Posted : 22 September 2014

Subject : details of aigetoa meeting with hon'ble mp shri Jagadabika Pal ji

Details of AIGETOA meeting with Hon'ble MP Shri Jagadabika Pal ji:


Aigetoa team today met hon'ble MP Shri Jagadabika Pal ji. Shri Pal enquired about the status of resolution of issues. When he came to know that nothing has happened even after six months, he immediately called up Hon'ble MOC and requested to intervene. Hon'ble MOC has granted us a meeting. The timings will be decided in coordination with his staff. He called up CMD bsnl also. We are thankful to Shri Pal Sir for always helping our cause and standing by us in difficult times.

Date Posted : 22 September 2014

Subject : Joint Meeting by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Himachal Pradesh on 23rd Sept 2014

Joint Meeting by AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA Himachal Pradesh on 23rd Sept 2014 :

As per CHQ level agreement signed by AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA for upcoming executive association membership verification, the joint meeting of AIGETOA HP and AIBSNEA HP will be held on 23rd Sep 2014 as per following schedule. Open session will be addressed by Shri R P Shahu (GS AIGETOA) and Shri Prahlad Rai (GS AIBSNLEA) and other dignitaries from both CHQ side. All the members of Shimla & nearby SSAs are requested to attend the session.

Schedule of the joint Meeting.

  • Venue: CTO Shimla.

  • Timing : 3.00pm

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