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Date Posted : 24 March 2015

Subject : finalization of pay scale for JTOs regarding

Few days before SNEA (I) has claimed that BSNL management is ready to extend E2 pay scale for JTO recruited on or after 01.01.2007 and not for others but AIGETOA is opposing. AIGETOA has only said that this is practically not possible as senior batches will become junior in pay scale. Many young direct recruits are member of SNEA (I) who advertised this massage that SNEA is ready to accept E2 pay scale only for post 2007 recruited JTO but AIGETOA is opposing. Now SNEA (I) has served notice with demand to upgrade pay scale for all executives up to SG-JAG level not for only JTOs recruited after 01.01.2007 with the reason best known to them. AIGETOA appeals all the post 2007 recruited JTO to please get unite and support SNEA (I) if they feel that AIGETOA is opposing they can also join SNEA for extending them real support but don’t sit ideal because if this issue is not resolved before third PRC will die its natural death. AIGETOA will also support SNEA (I) in getting resolved this issue if it is possible in this way.

AIGETOA has clear vision that resolution of the pay scale issue is neither feasible not possible by extending E2 to only post 2007 JTO. To get resolved pay scale issue, pay scale of all the executives must be upgraded starting with E2 for JTO at par with MTNL. The pension contribution issue can be resolved if absorbed executives are ready to accept their pension based on current basic i.e. on lower salary than they draw at the time of their retirement. As per the sixth pay commission for central government employees engineering graduate have already been upgraded from Rs 6500 to Ra 7450 (Pre-revised) and also recommended the minimum level (Grade Pay) of recruitment based on qualification. This association will represent strongly before third pay commission of CPSEs for recommendations of minimum level for recruitment of engineering graduate. This association is confident that engineering graduate shall be recruited at minimum of E3 pay scale after third PRC.

Date Posted : 23 March 2015

Subject : trade union action launched by SNEA (I)-your feedback REGARDING

SNEA (I) has served the notice for trade union action on some HR issues affecting direct recruits also. Although two important issues is left that no external recruitment in the name of MT/DGM and 30% superannuation benefits which is included in forum notice but still some important issues like finalization of pay scale and time bound functional promotion is included. Earlier AIGETOA has tried to convince SNEA (I) to serve notice including all the executives association which they denied to include AIBSNLEA but now appealing all the executives associations for participation after serving the notice. Anyway, AIGETOA is not having sufficient strength and resources to go stand alone for resolution of these very crucial issues. It would be better to support the trade union actions launched by SNEA (I) to get resolve the issues. Members and representatives are requested to please send directly their feedback on chqaigetoa@gmail.com in respect of supporting SNEA (I) for their proposed agitation within 2-3 days. Based on the feedback AIGETOA CHQ will take final decision on giving formal letter of support.

Direct recruits are requested to keep sending representations for pay promotion and pension as uploaded on CHQ website which will not only attract the attention of authorities in respect of existence of professionally qualified direct recruits but also give us actual data to decide the existence of AIGETOA.

Date Posted : 23 March 2015

Subject : shamful response in sending representation-has AIGETOA lost faith among direct recruits???

Total number of representation sent as per the instruction of AIGETOA are (ALTTC-1, AP-3, BSNLCO-1, CTD-16, CHG-6, HR-1, HP-3, ITPC-1, J&K-1, KTK-1 MP-9, OR-1, PB-3, RJ-6, T&D-1) total-53. There are more than 10000 direct recruits and more than 1000 representatives in AIGETOA but total representation sent is only 53. This was not only the safe and easiest task for the DR executives suffering with various issues but also routine exercise to safeguard their legal rights for future. Response is really shameful. It seems that either direct recruit are not affected with the issues mentioned in representation or lost faith in AIGETOA. No association representatives have right to even appear before BSNL management for the issues with such response. Meeting is scheduled on 31st Marc-2015 on implementation of time bound functional promotion in BSNL but AIGETOA has no right to participate in this meeting on behalf of direct recruits. This association will wait till 31st March-2015 if count does not increase more than 50% of total direct recruits then it is sincere advised to all the direct recruits please don’t wait any more and expect from AIGETOA to get resolve your issues with such response but choose some other platform or ways to fight. All the direct recruits must join some other faithful association in mass and give them strength to fight for your issues. AIGETOA can fight for only selective issues for its paid, obedient and committed members which do not require mass involvements.

Date Posted : 22 March 2015

Subject : Kind attention representatives and members-stand of AIGETOA on major cadre issues

Some direct recruits recruited after 01.01.2007 provoked by false statement and assurance given by some other associations, are misguiding other young direct recruits in field. As some association has claimed that BSNL authorities are ready to extend E2 pay scale for post 2007 recruited executives not for others but due to oppose of AIGETOA same is not extended. Such statement is not only hypothetical but also non-practical and non-feasible. This is nothing but planned script of one GM who has always remain negative towards the issues of executives and same is being enacted by some association to divide and attract the young direct recruits for the purpose of referendum.


One other group is trying to divide the unity of DR by spreading that AIGETOA is opposing common LDCE with clubbing of all the vacancies and same group is trying to collect the money from the innocent young executives in the name of legal fight. Due to the effort of this association only, LDCE was notified with clubbing all the vacancy years but same could not happen due to legal hurdle created by one executives association. Now there is no chance of conducting LDCE with clubbing the vacancies. It is better to conduct separate LDCE with each vacancy year which is only fast way to extend the chance to each and every batch without having any legal hurdle. It doesn’t mean that AIGETOA is opposing conduction of single LDCE for all vacancy years.


It is highly needed to come out with stand of AIGETOA on major cadre issues so that all the direct recruits can take informed decision to join AIGETOA. If someone thinks that they are not satisfied with the stand of AIGETOA leadership they must not wait either they must try to change the present leadership of AIGETOA or they must explore the possibility with some other association or they can find some other ways to fight individually/making groups.


  • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for standard pay scale for executives starting from E2 for JTO/JAO, E3 for SDE/AO and so on. For pay parity between pre and post 2007 batches, AIGETOA can only try to convince the BSNL management amicably on the ground of moral loss of executives recruited after 01-01-2007 due to this disparity which is only possible when BSNL fails in recruiting MT above JTO/JAO.

  • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for time bound functional upgradation at least up to DE level. First time bound promotion must be in uniform span of four years. After DE level post BSNL must formulate the policy for promoting the internal executives for management succession plan based on qualification, performance and experience based on vacancies. There is no reason of recruiting external candidates as MT/DGM.

  • Till date time bound functional promotion is implemented in BSNL, AIGETOA will fight for early conduction of LDCE with separate exams for each vacancy year so that every batch can get fair chance of promotion and can be conducted without legal hurdle. Stand of AIGETOA is that senior batches must get every chance which is due to them for getting earlier promotion than junior batches.

  • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right against the external recruitment with or without experience at any level above than JTO/JAO in Telecom Operation and Finance.

  • AIGETOA will fight as a matter of right for pensionary benefits to direct recruits executives w.e.f. Oct-2000. From Oct-2000 to 31-12-2006 contribution towards pension scheme must be the difference pay between E2 and E1A and from 01.01.2007 onwards it must be difference of 30% of Basic +DA and (EPF + Gratuity + Post retirement medical benefits)

  • AIGETOA will fight for other issues affecting our direct recruit’s executive in mass only on merit and as per the rules and policy. Association will not fight for individual and personal issues.


Those who are satisfied with the above stand of AIGETOA please participate in the campaigning of AIGETOA for pay, promotion and pension and send their representation latest by 31st March-2015. This will not only attract the attention of authorities but also help leadership of AIGETOA to decide next steps to move forward with this fight.

Date Posted : 20 March 2015

Subject : One true and relevant story- every direct recruit must read

Almost one year back, one of my relatives who is owner of an civil contract firm called me and asked for suggesting the name of one candidate for the post of supervisor to supervise the work of nearly 20 employees working in his firm. He also told me the requirement for the post which is nothing but must have education at least 12th standard and must know some arithmetic calculations. Job profile of supervisor is to assign the job to employees working in firm and keep track on their work, maintain the account of expenditure and income, manage the material required for the work etc. As I know him and employees of his firm personally I just asked him that why he don’t promote one of his own employees to the post of supervisor as some of them already possess this qualification and other requirements. He justified his stand on following grounds:

  • First, all the employees already working in his firm were master of their work and seems satisfied with their current position as they are not crying for promotion.

  • Second, it was difficult to get the replacement of already working employees if he promote among them but it is easy to get from outside for the post of supervisor as it was difficult for him to train the employees for actual work on field while it was very easy for him to train for supervisory work.

Although I had tried him to convince otherwise but he remain stood on his stand. Finally I had suggested one person known to me and he got appointed as supervisor. After six months, I had received call from my relative that he had expelled the supervisor and promoted one existing employee. When I asked the reason he told that I was right. As supervisor did not know anything about the working of firm, requirement of material etc started ordering the existing employees which was hard to be obeyed by them. As some of the existing employees were equally qualified, having vast experience of the working in firm and remain loyal to the firm for year together, they could not digest the act of the owner to appoint supervisor from outside ignoring them. Slowly employees who were working by their own have stopped working and started complaining to the owner regarding the knowledge and behavior of supervisor. Work of the firm was getting badly affected and work environment became worst which had forced my relative (the firm owner) to change his decision. Now everything is ok…...

Few days before when we asked the then CMD that engineering graduate having 12 years of experience in any private company are eligible for DGM recruitment in BSNL then why engineering graduate having more than 12 years experience in BSNL itself are not eligible for DGM recruitment? It was shocking reply that engineering graduates in BSNL are not recruited to become DGM. Similarly many direct recruits get first chance to appear in LDCE-2012 for SDE (T) after passing more than 10 years, when we asked why BSNL has made LDCE paper with number of wrong question/answer then one of our senior manager replied that such questions were included deliberately to restrict the passing of candidates else who will work as JTO.

Friends just think if we the direct recruit’s executives are existing employees of the above firm (BSNL) and recruitment of external MT/DGM are our supervisor. Just think what will happen to our beloved company BSNL and work environment? Are we satisfied with our same job profile till our retirement? Shall we not cry for our promotion to the managerial cadre? Shall our BSNL board realize this fact?

Our BSNL board will realize this facts or not but we are surly not satisfied with our same job profile till our retirement. We will surely not allow the external candidates above us having similar qualification and no idea about BSNL working. We are surly not ready to be ordered by the external candidates having no idea about BSNL working. Last but not least, we will not wait to cry and complain after experiencing the behavior of external candidates.

So for response from the direct recruitment in submitting the representation as uploaded by association is not satisfactory. This association is receiving several calls that submitting representation to number of authorities are time taking and expensive but we believe that this is very less time taking and expensive if we realize the consequences of the issues. Association doesn’t have any other ways to show the concern (cry) of direct recruits for such critical issues and get it resolved. Although 20th March was given last date for submission of representations but considering the very poor response from direct recruits executives till date this association has decided to extend the date till 31st March-2015. All direct recruits executives are requested to submit their representations without bothering the cost and time. Your representation will not only show your concern about the issues and togetherness but also protect your legal rights for future. This togetherness will give us strength and confidence for fighting further on these critical issues. This association will analyze the total number of representation after 31st march-2015. If response remains still poor then this association will be forced to leave all these issues

Date Posted : 20 March 2015

Subject : heartfelt condolences

We are deeply saddened by the news of loss of Mrs Vijaya Laxmi. She was JTO of 2007 batch posted at Khadagpur SSA West Bengal Circle. She was the native of Andhra Pradesh. Being female employee and posted out of her native and on account of her critical problems, BSNL CO considered her request and issued deputation order two years back. This association has pursued several times with West Bengal Circle administration for her relieving as well as relieving of other JTOs but the West Bengal circle administration never bothered to listen to the grievances and did not relieve her. In a company where GM level officers of the SSA/circle decides the transfer and posting of JTO/SDE level officers on their own whims and fancies violating all the norms to the extent of disobedience of the orders issued by higher level, one lady officer has to wait till her death. This association is in the process of finding the facts of not relieving by West Bengal Circle despite issuance of orders by BSNL CO and not obeying to these order even after two years. May her soul rest in peace, we firmly believe that God will accept her with open arms for all the goods she has done while she was on this earth. We pray that God will grant enough strength to her friend, family and relatives needed to get through this moment in their life. Our most sincere condolences

Date Posted : 20 March 2015

Subject : meeting of AIGETOA represetnatives with HR managers at BSNL CO

VP Sh Mantosh Kumar, AGS Sh Abhishek Jain and ACS BSNL CO Sh Subhendu Sharma met GM (Recruitment) and GM (Pers) at BSNL CO on 17th and 18th March-2015 to pursue the issue of LDCE for SDE (T). it has been conveyed that recruitment cell and personal cell of BSNL CO are trying their level best to find the way of conducting LDCE as early as possible. There are multiple court cases on LDCE for SDE (T) from different part of the country. Personal cell of BSNL CO is trying to collect information of all the cases and get them transferred to PCAT which can take almost 2 months. In between recruitment cell of BSNL CO is making effort to get relaxation from Honorable Shimla High court for conducting LDCE with clubbing the vacancies of all years. This association believe that getting relaxation from Honorable Shimla High court is not a easy task and even if relaxation is granted, it will be conditional subjected there is no objection from any corner. It is needless to say that there is full chance of filling objection from various sections of employees hence conducting LDCE with year wise vacancy is only solution.

VP Sh Mantosh Kumar, AGS Sh Abhishek Jain and ACS BSNL CO Sh Subhendu Sharma also met GM (Establishment) at BSNL CO on 17th March-2015 and discussed about finalization of pay scale and superannuation benefit. GM (Establishment) conveys that he is under transfer and now both the issues will be seen by higher authorities of BSNL. He also said that he is the person to recommend 2% superannuation benefit from 0% but association always blamed him for non resolution of issues like EPF, Pay scale and superannuation benefits. It is really surprising to learn that one GM level officer is so much empowered to decide the quantum of superannuation benefit in respect of executives. If GM level officer of the CPSEs will start deciding the quantum of benefits of executives then what will pay revision committee and DPE do? He was assigned the job to analyze whether 30% is being paid to direct recruits in respect of superannuation or not but he had come out with 2% as per his wish. it is not the blame of the association but truth know all the employees of BSNL that all the issues assigned to GM (Establishment) benefitting employees remain unresolved years together may it be pay scale, may it be superannuation or EPF which are not only loss to the executives but also to the company.

Date Posted : 19 March 2015

Subject : our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

It is really disappointing to see the U-turn of some of the executive associations who had been justifying years together with BSNL management that experience matters but now their stand is very diplomatic in justifying MT/DGM recruitment. On the justification of experience they have not been given only service weightage in EPP due to which absorbed executives get first time upgradation in 4 years while DR get in 6 years but also got en-block seniority over DR. They have vigorously pursued and achieved for relaxation of qualification in BSNL MSRR on pretext of experience due to which all the absorbed executives even having primary education are eligible for promotion to the post of DE and DGM. Few years back BSNL had rejected the proposal of SAM Pitroda committee (formed under direction of Honorable Prime Minister of India) to recruit some professional at the level of CGM, GM and above on the justification that this will disaster for the moral of ITS officers who will not like to work under any external candidates.


BSNL has every power to make recruitment at any level and this association is not at all against any recruitment at any level if it is meant for talent acquisition but not for any other reason. BSNL management is free to recruit professionally qualified candidates from institute like IIM and experienced professionals from open market at higher level. This association not only believes but confident that direct recruit professionally qualified JTO and JAO having more than 3 to 12 years experience are best in the country to handle the responsibility of higher post in Telecom Operation and Finance. This is totally wrong justification being given by some executives associations and BSNL management that BSNL need to recruit professionally qualified external candidates in the name of MT/DGM to handle the responsibility of managerial post. BSNL has already recruited best talent of professionally qualified candidates in the name of JTO/JAO, the need is only to formulate contemporary career policy so that these qualified candidates can be groomed and promoted timely to the managerial post.


  • We are not ready to accept such an ill-treatment that one candidates having 12 years of experience in any private company are talented enough to be appointed as DGM in BSNL but more qualified executives of BSNL having more than 12 years of experience in BSNL itself are not talented to handle the responsibility of DGM post.

  • We are not ready accept that one fresh candidate recruited as MT at E3 is talented enough to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL but professionally qualified executives of BSNL already working at E3 and above are not talented to be groomed to handle the responsibility of managerial post in BSNL.

  • So far we have worked under non-technical and non-professional employees in the name of experience but now after getting experience in BSNL and having all the professional qualification we are not ready to work under fresh candidates.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend pay revision benefits to more than 2.5 lakhs employees of BSNL but not having money to provide same benefits by extending E2 and pay parity to the professionally qualified executives recruited on or after 01-01-2007.

  • We are not ready to accept that BSNL upgraded the pay (pre-revised 6500 to 7450) of JTO working on deputation in BSNL from DOT but degrading the pay (E1A TO E1) of JTO recruited by BSNL itself after pay revision.

  • We are not ready to accept that all the absorbed employees including our board of directors need handsome pensionary benefit for survival of their retired life but direct recruits executives of BSNL are forced to retire without any pensionary benefits. We are also not ready to accept that BSNL is having money to extend perks and allowances to all the 2.5 lakhs absorbed employees and ITS officers working on deputation but not having money to provide superannuation benefit to direct recruit employees of BSNL.


It is a humble appeal of AIGETOA to All the DR executives of BSNL please don’t be lured and wait anymore; no other association will help you out. It is disappointing to see that some direct recruits executives joining other association who are working against our pay, promotion and pension. Government has already directed BSNL to formulate complete and comprehensive HR policy, finalization of standard pay scale and superannuation benefit is in advance stage. This is high time to act together for all the direct recruits. Please send representation as uploaded on front page of this association. This is only way to show our protest in mass. If we all 12000 direct recruit will send this representation this will definitely attract the attention of authorities and give them sufficient base to intervene in policy decision in BSNL on HR issues.


Just remember the great quote “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. “in the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

Date Posted : 18 March 2015

Subject : Kind attention young DR-JTOs of year 2007 onwards

LDCE for SDE (T) is only possible with separate exam for each vacancy year. Some group who are habitual of luring money by playing the sentiments of the innocents are trying to convince DR-JTOs of year 2007 onwards to challenge the decision of Honorable Shimla High Court and started collecting money. There is no any merit in challenging this decision; merely filing appeal in higher court will not give any fruitful results. It is only the way to lure money. Even if, this decision is challenged in higher court it will take more than 10 years to receive final decision. There is only solution to conduct the LDCE with year wise vacancy without any hurdle which can enable all batches to get chance of appearing in the LDCE within one year or even before.


This association appeals to all the DR executives, don’t waste your time and money in running pillar to post. Remain united with single platform, have faith on top leadership and extend your unconditional support and commitment on association call. This is only way to resolve very critical issues in respect of pay promotion and pension. All must submit the representations as displayed on website as early as possible.

Date Posted : 17 March 2015


Circle and District executives meeting of AIGETOA Rajsthan Telecom held on 14th March 2015. After meeting Rajsthan Circle has taken leading role in depositing subscription due. Many members who had not deposited the subscription earlier have now deposited and still continue to deposit. Some members have also deposited subscription in advance up to March-2016. Members from Rajsthan are in full swing in submitting representation for pay promotion and pension as displayed on CHQ website.  All other circles are requested to follow the similar steps for associating members for the cause. There is no doubt about our success if we all DR act together. Click here for Minutes of Meeting

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