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Date Posted : 30 July 2014

Subject : Kind attention to all who are possessing the asset of the association and not handed over to their successors

It has come to the notice of CHQ that some of our ex-representatives have not handed over the assets of association, documents and account to new representatives. Sh Shilohu Rao Ex-President of AIGETOA has one laptop and about Rs 19000/- advance in his possession but so far he has not deposited/hand over the same. Similarly, some other circle representatives like Sh Ramesh Prasad Ex-CS of Marashtra, Sh S S Karthikeyan Ex-CS of Tamilnadu, Sh S K Gupta Ex-CS of Madhya Pradesh have not handed over the association account and other documents to their successor. Similar situation may prevail in some district headquarter against which concern Circle Secretaries has to take action. Successors/current representatives are requested to communicate with them and ask them to immediately handover the same and warn them also that association will initiate legal proceeding if they are not handing over the same within 15 days. If they are not responding positively same may be reported to AIGETOA CHQ through the General Secretary.

Date Posted : 30 July 2014

Subject : Most Important- last date of submission of membership form without membership fee is 31-07-2014

The last date for submitting hard copy as well as online membership form of AIGETOA along with only subscription of Rs 800/- is 31st July-2014 i.e. tomorrow hence all the left out member must rush to submit by tomorrow. 1st August-2014 onwards member can submit form only with payment of membership fee of Rs 500/- apart from subscription fee of Rs 800.

Date Posted : 30 July 2014

Subject : Kerala episode- if there is any hidden agenda of those who’s service benefits are not affected with the productivity of the company..???

One year before, BSNL management has targeted four growing circles and executed mass displacement in the name of rationalization of LDCE passed SDEs. Due to this mass displacement there was high level of demotivation and disturbance in work, hence productivity of company was badly affected. Now it is one of the most growing circles i.e. Kerala Telecom Circle. Perhaps their benefits are not linked with the productivity but we the direct recruits cannot see this happen, as our everything is dependent on the productivity of the company. We should analyze the following facts carefully and try to find the hidden agenda of the vested interest if any who are trying to disturb the working of growing circles and extending benefits to our competitors indirectly.


  • One year before there was mass displacement in posting of SDE promoted through LDCE which had badly affected the working of these growing circles. This association had posted some facts about this mass displacement on website and also demanded inquiry. One GM A C Mishra working on deployment as GMTD Jabalpur having no authority yet served charge sheet under rule-36 to General Secretary of this association against the provision of CDA Rule to stop our legitimate voice but why today CGM Kerala and BSNL CO are failing to take any action in Kerala if one association is protesting for wrong things (as per CGM Kerla).

  • Few months before AIGETOA MP has protested against some very genuine issues i.e. against adverse remark by CGM MP Sh N K Yadav to CHQ leadership of AIGETOA, random and unlawful salary deduction against the provision of rules, long pending EPF anomalies and non-implementation of BSNL CO order etc. but instead of resolving the issues on merit all the top management of BSNL including BSNL CO has put in their best efforts and even applied police force to disburse the mob without any reasons. They have even gone to extent of filing false FIR and suspension of protesting officers against the provision of rules and guidelines of the company. Why CGM Kerala, GM (SR) and the then Director (HR) who is also now CMD have failed to disburse the mob in Kerala Circle since last two months if as per their opinion, they are protesting merely to get favor for their members in transfer and posting.

  • Why CGM Kerala is now considering the modifications in transfer and posting after disturbing productivity for more than two months. Who will be held responsible for irrecoverable loss incurred to BSNL due to such long protest and inefficiency of CGM Kerla to handle the situation?

  • Transfer posting of executives must be executed as per policy of the company not under pressure of any executives association or discretion of management, why BSNL management every now and then is using its own discretion and victimizing the executives in the name of interest of the company and modifying later on when some association protests for long time ?

  • Every association has right to fight against injustice, it is the responsibility of the management to resolve the issues on merit as early as possible. We also believe that management must have formed some independent committee to analyze the issues raised by the association in the light of policy of the company instead of waiting for protest and then victimizing the protesting officers. If CGM Kerala is right, he should not dilute his original stand when so many disturbances have already taken place. Any dilution of stand at this juncture will prove that this situation was created with some planed motive to disturb the productivity of the company and nothing else.


This association request AIGETOA Kerala chapter to meet CGM jointly with our alliance association AIBSNLEA and take tough stand against any softening of stand by CGM Kerala. As already mentioned in last posting that we must learn from SNEA about unity, solidarity and struggle power. We should also exercise the same unity, solidarity and struggle power. We must show same unity, solidarity and struggle power and launch joint protest with AIBSNLEA if CGM Kerala changes his original stand. If he changes his stand now then definitely the earlier stand was either wrong or considering just to hide his wrong doing. So we should convey to Kerala circle management that we are not going to remain mute spectators if any wrong doing is done now to appease some body. Definitely we are not against anybody but we don’t hesitate in calling a spade a spade. Our Kerala circle members should remain prepared to launch an struggle if any wrong decision is taken at this time under pressure or just to hide some wrong doing. We hereby assure everybody that we are with truth. We will not remain mute spectator against any wrong doing.


The concept of formation of associations and unions in Government Company is just to keep watch on wrongdoing of management and welfare of members hence the basic motto of any association is not to fight with other association but to fight with the management against any injustice and wrong doing. This is not the ethics of any association to clap on victimization of any association members so we must also stand with SNEA for any victimization of protesting officers.

Date Posted : 30 July 2014

Subject : latest telecom news

Latest Telecom News :

Date Posted : 30 July 2014

Subject : Central Coordination Committee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA

Central Coordination Committee of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA formed : The Central Coordination Committee of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is formed with the following Central Office Bearers i.e.


  • CHQ President, AIBSNLEA

  • CHQ President, AIGETOA

  • General Secretary, AIBSNLEA

  • General Secretary, AIGETOA

  • Financial Secretary, AIBSNLEA

  • Financial Secretary, AIGETOA


Similarly Coordination Committee at Circle/Branch level should also be formed immediately by the Circle/Branch Office Bearers throughout the country to face the ensuing referendum of Majority Executives’ Association in BSNL and to short out the problems of the members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA jointly.

Date Posted : 28 July 2014

Subject : Kerala issue-complete failure of BSNL management

Without going into the merit of the issue, it is needless to say that Kerala Telecom Circle management and corporate management is totally failed in dealing with the situation prevailng since last two months which is badly affecting the productivity and public image of Kerala Circle. This also shows the concern of BSNL top management towards this company. This issue must have been resolved in time bound manner as every passing day is causing irrecoverable loss to the company. BSNL corporate office must take serious note on the situation and immediately interfere in resolving the issue on merit.


AIGETOA salute the unity, solidarity and struggle power shown by members of SNEA Kerala Telecom Circle. We all must learn from them.

Date Posted : 26 July 2014

Subject : Clarification on Collection of Membership Form & Subscription of the Circles where collection is being done through Salary/ECS

Some of the representatives, where monthly subscription is regularly paid directly through Salary Account/ECS etc. have requested to allow them to collect the subscription locally to avoid hardship in changing the mode of collection. The request has been examined by the Core Committee of governing body and decided that where the subscription collection from members are directly through Salary/ECS etc, may continue their collection locally till March 2015 but after collection they must deposit the complete amount collected along with the membership register in prescribed format every month to AIGETOA CHQ account and thereafter the Circle & SSA quota will be distributed. Centralized collection is being done to ensure proper accountability, transparency and proper distribution of quota hence representatives are requested to facilitate the same.


Members who are paying subscription directly through Salary/ECS are requested to please fill the hardcopy as well as online membership form before 31st July 2014 and deposit the hard copy to their District Secretary or Circle Secretary as the case may be. Online form is redesigned to reconcile such members.


Click here for hard copy of membership form (in doc) & Click here for hard copy of membership form (in pdf)


Click here for Online Membership Form Redesigned

Date Posted : 24 July 2014

Subject : Annual General Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ regarding

AIGETOA CHQ is going to held Annual General Meeting on 22nd and 23rd Aug-2014 at Hyderabad. Agenda of the meeting will be notified shortly. Accommodation will be available from 22nd (Morning) to 24th Aug (Morning). All the CHQ/CS and other delegates are requested to book their tickets accordingly.

Date Posted : 23 July 2014

Subject : Important work to be performed before 31st July-14 for survival of association

Every member must pay subscription fee of Rs 800/- for the period Aug-14 to March-15 directly to CHQ account through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc. the account detail of AIGETOA CHQ is as under :


  • Account Name: AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association)

  • AIGETOA CHQ Account No. - 007010100808101

  • BanK Name: AXIS Bank

  • IFSC CODE: UTIB0000007

  • Branch Name: Statesman House, 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi. Pin -110001


Every member of this association must download membership form and deposit the same after filling the form to District Secretary. If District Secretary post does not exist same may be deposited directly to Circle Secretary. District Secretary must collect all the duly filled form from individual members and forward in original to Circle Secretary. After receiving all the form of the circle, CS must forward the same to CHQ on the address to “ Sh Ravishil Verma, C-23 Jalvidyut Appartment Sector-21C Faridabad, Haryana”.


Click here for membership form (in doc) & Click here for membership form (in pdf)


Every member, after depositing the subscription and duly filled form, must fill the online form attached herewith for verification. Click here for Online Membership Form


This association will start active persuasion of all the issues from 1st Aug-14 onwards i.e. only after completion of above work so please start the work on war footing basis.

Date Posted : 22 July 2014

Subject : Regarding collection of membership form and subscription

This association is very well known about pending issues in respect of direct recruits executives and importance of it’s resolution. All the issues will be pursued from every angle and best efforts will be given. But prior to persuasion of the issues, it is highly required to strengthen our association for which membership register, membership form and subscription is required.


All representatives upto circle level are requested to fill the membership form and pay their subscription as displayed on website by today evening without fail. We must start collection of membership form and subscription from District Representatives and ordinary members from tomorrow onwards. Anyhow, we have to complete this task by 31st July-14. It is also to clarify that wherever District body does not exist members may directly submit the membership form to Circle Secretaries.


Members after submitting their subscription are requested to fill the Online Membership form. Click here for Online Membership Form

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