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Date Posted : 22 August 2015

Subject : AIGETOA CHQ 10th AGM at Kolkata 2015

AIGETOA CHQ 10th AGM at Kolkata 2015


Schedule and Venue of AGM to be held at Kolkata on 24th Aug & 25th Aug 2015. Click here for details


Venue for Stay Arrangement at Kolkata:


CTTC: Circle Telecom Training Center, GB Block, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700097 (Near Tank No 13 Salt Lake)




Telecom Factory Complex, EA Block, Sector-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064 (Near Bidhan Nagar College)


Reception committee for Stay Arrangement at Kolkata:


Head of Reception Committee :

  • Shri Om Prakash Saroj, 9434031297


Other Executives of Reception Committee :

  • Shri Amit Kumar , 9434088400

  • Shri Ashutosh Sahoo, 9434714494

  • Shri Chandan Kumar 9434060143

  • Shri Bibhu Bhusan Patel, 9433000485 (Telecom Factory)

Date Posted : 21 August 2015

Subject : Financial support to the bereaved family of Late B.H.P Marandi

This association is very much grateful to all those who have extended helping hands to the bereaved family of Late B.H.P Marandi. So far around Rs. 6.7 Lakhs is deposited in the name of financial support in two accounts including AIGETOA WB. Contributions are made by the around 400 employees of BSNL irrespective of the affiliation of the associations. Thos who want to make contribution can make this contribution up to 23/08/2015 on the AIGETOA account as displayed on website. Final amount will be handed over on 25th Aug-2015 at Kolkata AGM and list of contributor will be displayed on website.

Date Posted : 20 August 2015

Subject : Update on 30% superannuation benefits

Under direction of the then GM (Establishment) Sh R K Goyal contribution towards pension scheme as a part of superannuation benefits was calculated and arrived at 3%. As per his calculation if 3% contribution is made towards the pension scheme of direct recruits they will get more pension then absorbed employees covered under Government Pension scheme under rule 37-A. On strong objection to his manipulated calculation and consistent persuasion of this association BSNL board has returned the proposal to remuneration committee of BSNL board with remark to have a fresh calculation in consultation with this association. This association along with establishment cell of BSNL CO under direction of new GM (establishment) Smt. Madhu Arora has gone through the detail calculation considering all the possibilities in future. It is established through calculation that if all future pay revision will happen with 30% fitment benefits BSNL has to contribute more than 85% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. If all the future pay revision will happen with only DA merger and without any fitment benefits BSNL has to contribute more than 43% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. Similarly if there is no any future pay revision in BSNL and even DA is not merged (this situation will never come in any CPSE because before that CPSE will be closed) BSNL has to contribute 6% of Basic + DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees.

As we are talking in present date where pay revision is implemented with 30% fitment benefits, BSNL has to contribute more than 85% of Basic+ DA towards the pension scheme of direct recruits to match the pension benefits of absorbed employees. Surprisingly the then GM establishment Sh R K Goyal had presented calculation before all association/unions and even BSNL board that with 3% contribution direct recruits will get more pension than absorbed employees.

Now establishment cell of BSNL CO have moved the file with correct calculation including all the option. This file is routed through EF cell of BSNL CO and will finally reach to remuneration committee of board. Remuneration committee will decide the quantum and date of effect of superannuation benefits based on new calculation which will finally be put up to BSNL board. We believe that decision will be taken on merit and we have every justification for pension contribution not less than 12% of Basic + DA and date of effect 01.10.2000.

Date Posted : 18 August 2015

Subject : Welcome & Felicitation of CMD-BSNL and Director (CFA) at Patna Bihar

All Executive Associations [AIGETOA+AIBSNLEA+SNEA] at Patna on 17-August'2015 have welcomed and felicitated jointly to our CMD BSNL and Director (CFA) on their visit. Form AIGETOA Sri Wasi Ahmad CS-AIGETOA Bihar, Sri Mukesh Kumar OS-AIGETOA CHQ met with the Hon'ble CMD BSNL Sri Anupam Srivastava and Director (CFA) Sh. N K Gupta and welcomed him with a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

AIGETOA Bihar expressed sincere thanks to the CMD BSNL for positive initiatives taken by him for the growth & development of BSNL as well as resolution of long pending HR issues. Association appealed him to ensure that the initiatives should reach to its logical end in a definite time frame. Association also raised the issue of slow pace & poor service quality in Bihar Circle due to acute shortage of materials, resources as well as initiatives. The matter of ETR was also raised by us with CMD & appraised the situation in detail, CMD assured to resolve it.

CMD BSNL made an appeal to all employees through the associations to take initiatives at grass roots level to regain the lost glory of BSNL by popularizing the various initiatives taken by him e.g. Night free calling, Free National Roaming, NGN Network, One Nation One No etc. He also apprised that they are planning to upgrade all BB Plan with min 2 Mbps speed. He also told that first time BSNL has reported higher port-in than port-out in mobile as well as 2% increases in revenue. He once again appealed to focus on marketing of produces to our customers.
Association assured that we will take leading role in positive direction to turn around the fortune of the company in his dynamic leadership. Association extended warm welcome by presenting a bouquet to Sri N.K.Gupta Director (CFA) BSNL Board & Sri S.K.Sinha GM(Admin) BSNL HQ. In the last Association presented a memento to our CMD to make his visit memorable and thanked him to grant audience to welcome him & appraise our concern.

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Date Posted : 18 August 2015

Subject : update on CPSE cadre hierarchy-mysterious act of some association

It seems that some association meeting with some committee members are trying to misguide the executives on CPSE cadre hierarchy. Association known for very fast update but late updation on website on such big issue and achievement clearly shows that they are trying to play something else. First of all the joint committee was not of the unanimous opinion of time bound functional promotion up to Sr SDE and equivalent grades. At least AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA have never accepted such proposal and there is no meaning of accepting such useless proposal. Sr. SDE is not a functional post and as per existing policy one JTO/JAO have scope to reach up to DE/AGM level just in 10 years but with such proposal one JTO/JAO can reach to DE/AGM only after 15 years. Only two members known for negative attitude and stopping the genuine benefits and growth of executives have opposed functional promotion up to DGM just because they donít want to see internal executives as DGM in BSNL. Chairman of the committee clearly said that when one Engineering Graduate and CA/ICWA from outside can become DGM in BSNL just in 12 years of post qualification experience why canít our internal executives possessing all the qualification and experience in BSNL itself. We agree that after adopting functional promotion up to DGM number of DGM and DE will increase substantially but this cannot be the reason to deny the genuine promotional avenue of internal qualified executives and making recruitment from outside. Moreover most of the executives in the grade of DE and DGM are going to retire in coming years. Number of executives in each grade can be optimized by regulating the recruitment at feeder level every year. Apart from this increased number of DE and DGM can easily be accommodated in big company like BSNL by work allocation and redefining the work profile. BSNL has no need of Joint GM, Add. GM, Sr.GM and PGM but these posts are created just to ensure the promotional avenue of ITS officers and accommodate in BSNL by work allocation. If this association is so much concern of increased number of DE/DGM then they must accept the qualification bar at the level of DE as of original proposal of BSNL so that only qualified executives can reach to DE and above. This will also solve all the problems of executives as well as company. Executives association must not play with the career of executives just for taking favour of some vested interest in BSNL and making survival of their Netagiri.

Date Posted : 15 August 2015

Subject : happy independence day

AIGETOA Wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous Independence Day

Date Posted : 14 August 2015

Subject : Meeting of joint committee on implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL

Meeting of joint committee on implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL:


Joint committee meeting on CPSE cadre hierarchy was held on 13-08-2015 and conclusive discussion took place. All members of the committee have submitted their opinion. For detail submission of AIGETOA. Click here for details


Two committee members from official side were adamant to accept any proposal in respect of CPSE cadre hierarchy and justifying the present practice. They are not in the position to digest that how one JTO/JAO can become DGM in BSNL which was especially reserved for ITS. They were answerless about the question that one Graduate Engineer/CA/ICWA working in private company of turnover Rs 100 cr can become DGM in BSNL just in 12 years of his experience but one Graduate Engineer/ CA/ICWA recruited in executiveís cadre in BSNL cannot become DGM in his entire career.


After very heated argument finally Chairman of the committee opened that there is no reason of denying designation, role and responsibility of the grade when our executives are already getting the pay scale of this grade. There is no reason of recruiting people from outside at the level of DGM when thousands of BSNL executives already possess the eligibility as of external candidates. Because of not promoting our own people, BSNL management is forced to recruit outsiders. Considering all these facts Chairman of the Committee proposed to implement functional promotion up to DGM in line with time bound financial upgradation with some stringent bench mark of APAR. Detail recommendations will be circulated to take final view of committee members by the chairman of the joint committee.

Date Posted : 14 August 2015

Subject : Forum meeting with CMD BSNL on formation of separate subsidiary Tower Company

On 13-08-2015 detail meeting is held with CMD BSNL on formation of separate subsidiary Tower Company. We have been given understanding that BSNL is not in operational loss but facing losses mostly on account of depreciation of mobile towers and associated infrastructure. Formation of subsidiary company with certain conditions will improve the account book of BSNL which is much needed in view of becoming eligible for implementation of forthcoming pay revision in year 2017. Subsidiary company will be beneficial for BSNL if BSNL Board have full control on appointment of board, employees and the operation of Tower Company. There must not be any scope of joint venture with outsiders or selling this company in future. We have been also conveyed that employees will be deputed from BSNL on volunteer basis and their HR and other benefits will be governed by the BSNL policies itself. For this, BSNL board must be given full authority or there should be representation of BSNL board with veto power in inter-ministerial group which is not yet clear.


Followed by the meeting with CMD, forum has conducted its own meeting and decided to have a detail meeting with DOT Secretary to know the detail of cabinet note and motto behind formation of this company then it will be decided for intensifying the struggle. BSNL Board itself must have been empowered for the formation of subsidiary company if at all it required but the decision is taken by the cabinet which itself is a matter of fear that in future there can be joint venture in Tower Company or can be sold to some private body. Meeting of Joint Forum is decided on 31st Aug, 2015 to decide the further course of actions after having meeting with DOT officers and study the cabinet note.


On the issue of BWA spectrum refund of Rs 4700 Crs to BSNL from Govt. CMD apprised that DOT has agreed to adjust this amount against future license fee to be paid by BSNL. BSNL had paid the license fee of around Rs 1100 Cr for last two quarters out of which Rs 940 Cr. has been refunded. Rs 160 Cr. is yet to be received from DOT. For the interest payment BSNL will pursue with DOT. BSNL will also be receiving Rs 169 Cr. against surrendering of one slot of CDMA spectrum shortly.

Date Posted : 13 August 2015

Subject : meeting with CMD BSNL on subsidary tower compnay schaduled on today at 16:00 hrs

Grand participation is reported throughout the country against formation of subsidiary tower company by hiving off the 65000 towers of BSNL. This association has been receiving various questions from the members about the modus operandi of subsidiary company to ascertain the real motto behind formation of separate company. Government of India is justifying it as a revival plan of BSNL but we are failed to understand how this subsidiary company will help in revival of BSNL? why we cant form separate vertical within BSNL to put extra attention in operation and maintenance of towers and infrastructure. One side Government of India and BSNL management is justifying integration of loss making MTNL with BSNL for revival of BSNL by maintain synergy in operation and other side disintegration of profit making business from BSNL. Similarly they have formed separate company BBNL for broadband penetration which was profit making business. Our oppose is not against the idea of sharing infrastructure but against formation of separate company. As for as our understanding benefit of BSNL employees will depend on BSNL account book not on tower company. By separating profitable tower business from BSNL, account book of Tower Company will be healthy but account book of BSNL will become worst in turn benefit of BSNL employees may be adversely affected.


Today, meeting with CMD is scheduled at 16:00hrs with the forum representatives on the same issue. We will try to know the real motto behind the formation of subsidiary tower company. Future course of action will be decided accordingly.

Date Posted : 11 August 2015

Subject : participate with full strength in lunch hour demonstration call by forum on 12-08-15

AIGETOA supports the forum call for lunch hour demonstration to be organized on 12-08-2015 against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company, by hiving off the 65000 mobile towers of BSNL. All the members of AIGETOA are requested to participate with full strength.

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