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Date Posted : 23 July 2014

Subject : Important work to be performed before 31st July-14 for survival of association

  • Every member must pay subscription fee of Rs 800/- for the period Aug-14 to March-15 directly to CHQ account through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc. the account detail of AIGETOA CHQ is as under:

    • Account Name: AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association)

    • AIGETOA CHQ Account No. - 007010100808101

    • BanK Name: AXIS Bank

    • IFSC CODE: UTIB0000007

    • Branch Name: Statesman House, 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi. Pin -110001

  • Every member of this association must download membership form and deposit the same after filling the form to District Secretary. If District Secretary post does not exist same may be deposited directly to Circle Secretary. District Secretary must collect all the duly filled form from individual members and forward in original to Circle Secretary. After receiving all the form of the circle, CS must forward the same to CHQ on the address to “ Sh Ravishil Verma, C-23 Jalvidyut Appartment Sector-21C Faridabad, Haryana”

  • Click here for membership form (in doc) & Click here for membership form (in pdf)

  • Every member, after depositing the subscription and duly filled form, must fill the online form attached herewith for verification . Click here for Online Membership Form


    • This association will start active persuasion of all the issues from 1st Aug-14 onwards i.e. only after completion of above work so please start the work on war footing basis.

      Date Posted : 22 July 2014

      Subject : Regarding collection of membership form and subscription

      This association is very well known about pending issues in respect of direct recruits executives and importance of it’s resolution. All the issues will be pursued from every angle and best efforts will be given. But prior to persuasion of the issues, it is highly required to strengthen our association for which membership register, membership form and subscription is required.


      All representatives upto circle level are requested to fill the membership form and pay their subscription as displayed on website by today evening without fail. We must start collection of membership form and subscription from District Representatives and ordinary members from tomorrow onwards. Anyhow, we have to complete this task by 31st July-14. It is also to clarify that wherever District body does not exist members may directly submit the membership form to Circle Secretaries.


      Members after submitting their subscription are requested to fill the Online Membership form. Click here for Online Membership Form

      Date Posted : 20 July 2014

      Subject : Kind attention CHQ and Circle representatives - Most Important

      Collection of membership form and subscription is highly required for smooth functioning of the association. It is also important to claim separate formal representation of AIGETOA at different forum.


      To take the initiative, All CHQ representatives are requested to pay their subscription fee Rs 800/- (for the period Aug-14 to March-15) directly to AIGETOA CHQ account and deposit the duly filled membership form to their respective District Secretary by the evening of 21-07-2014. They should also clear their dues if any for the period before Aug-14 to District/ Circle Account. In the next line, Circle Representative must do the same by evening of 22-07-2014. Once representative will take the initiative then only, we can ask members to do the same. In this way we have to collect membership form and subscription from all the individual members.

      Date Posted : 18 July 2014

      Subject : message from general secretary, aigetoa chq

      Message from General Secretary


      Dear Direct Recruits Executives of BSNL,


      All of you are well aware of the mission and vision of your association i.e. AIGETOA. Still it is felt that there are some questions in the mind of general members. The foremost question amongst them is that “what are the achievements for direct recruits so far through this platform”? This question was doing the rounds in my mind also for quite some time. Let us try to find the answer for the same.


      This association was formed in Nov-2005 with some visionary directs recruits amongst us with the vision and mission to represent the issues of direct recruits as our service conditions were very different from majority of the executives in various aspects. Whether and to what extent have we been successful? Just go through the facts mentioned herein and you will find your own answers.


      1. First achievement of AIGETOA was the stipend arrear of about Rs 14000 against revised IDA pay scale which all the 2001 and 2002 batch colleagues were paid. This was very meager amount as far as the volume is concerned but other association were not even aware about this issue due to lack of concern as their basic members were not benefitted out of it.

      2. Second achievement was the EPF contribution on full Basic+DA and resolution of various EPF anomalies for all direct recruits. Despite of clear order, most of the field units had restricted the EPF contribution on Rs 6500/- and that too with several anomalies. This issue had been raised by some individual direct recruits on the platform of other associations but was remain unaddressed. AIGETOA gave a platform to raise this issue collectively and finally most of the issues have been resolved. Most of the anomalies in maintaining EPF account are also resolved. This is the greatest achievement of this association else our social and future security was in danger. We are very much sure that we shall be able to resolve the remaining anomalies also with your support.

      3. Third achievement was 30% fitment to 2005 batch colleague. We do agree that there had been several efforts from other fronts also but initiation and raising the issue up to the level from where issue gets resolved was only possible due to existence of this association. If you go through the documents pertaining to the resolution of these issues, you will get the answer that AIGETOA was the root cause of getting this issue resolved.

      4. Retention of unjustified transfer in LDCE-2007 and conduction of LDCE-2014, bonus marks against wrong answers, declaration of result, overnight posting and retention of most of the candidates against unjustified transfer was only possible due to the existence of AIGETOA.

      5. About 1600 LDCE vacancies were diverted from LDCE quota to seniority quota which was restored only because of AIGETOA.

      6. Stopping of external MT till date and appearing in DGM exam to show our talent was only possible due to existence of this association. If external MT would have come, we would have lost our status of direct recruit executives.

      7. Management had made all the preparations for reverting some of our colleagues who got promoted citing court cases and judgments but it was the efforts of AIGETOA only which prevented management from doing this. There are various other achievement of AIGETOA which cannot be ignored like, execution of Rule-8 transfer, E1+5 as an interim benefits etc.

      8. 30% superannuation benefit, Pay parity, E2/E3 pay scale for JTO/SDE equivalent, CPSE cadre hierarchy, uniform time bound upgradation in four years etc. are some of the issue which we could not be achieved so far but these issues have already been raised by this association up to an extent from where achievement is the only destination. We do agree that resolution of these issues have taken time beyond our expectation but Come what way nobody can stop us before reaching to destination of resolution. We are fully committed to resolve these issues and we will leave no stone unturned for the same.

      9. The biggest achievement of AIGETOA is that it made us aware of our dues, our rights, our facilities. It was the deep study by our group which apprised each and every member about the injustices that are being met out to the Direct Recruits. It is the achievement of AIGETOA to prevent the management and other groups from making the direct recruits as sacrificial lambs. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that nobody dares to touch us. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that policies are being framed keeping DRs in mind. It is the achievement of AIGETOA that even other associations considers us as their most important assets.

      10. Last but not least, AIGETOA has given you the platform where we all qualified executives unite together and serve the nation maintaining self dignity and pride.


      Some individual and other associations may propagate about their role in achieving the aforementioned resolutions. Some even go the extent of claiming that they got the issue resolved over telephone and we don’t have any problems also when people are ready to buy this agreement. We do appreciate their role and support also but just think without the existence of AIGETOA was it possible? Absolutely not ! Many efforts might have worked in getting resolution of the above mentioned issues but center of all the efforts is AIGETOA. AIGETOA doesn’t believe in highlighting the efforts as individual but the fact is that whatever happens and issues are resolved because of the collective efforts of all of us, because of support of members from ground level. If our leaders are recognized, it’s because of your support otherwise the leaders are also JTOs, SDEs etc. This is the platform where some dedicated and committed members study issues, collect the data, share among each other and finally get all the justification so that efforts starts working. This is our misfortune that we are working in company where only we belong to a different category of executives and our benefits are different from other executives belonging to management cadre else most of the issues would have never created. Resolution of some of the foremost issues get delayed despite of having all the genuineness and justification, the reason behind it, is only and only that we are not consistent and have never acted all together. Personal issues and egos of some persons have also played a part in creating hurdles on the way of achievement.


      Dear direct recruit colleagues, you just decide how long we shall fight individually, in small groups, event and issue selected participation etc. when our vision and mission are same. Let us come together all at a time and give strength to your own association so that ice can be broken. It is justified to show your anger to any individual leaders of AIGETOA but it is highly unjustified to show anger with your own association. Remove the leaders who are using this association to satisfy their vested interest and personal aspiration but don’t finish this platform which is meant for your welfare.


      This association while maintaining its identity, has decided to jointly fight for the issues of executives. Let us come together and show the power of unity so that we can be identified as king makers. Some of our issues are different than basic membership of AIBSNLEA but they are not contradictory, hence we have come together. If AIBSNLEA wins the forthcoming referendum process and became the largest executives association in BSNL, it will certainly give additional strength to AIGETOA.




      Important Work to be Performed in Time Bound Frame :


      • All Circle Secretaries must prepare monthly membership register of their Circle from Sep-13 onwards in the attached format and send the soft copy to chqaigetoa@gmail.com along with hard copy singed by CS to “ Sh Ravishil Verma, C-23 Jalvidyut Appartment Sector-21C Faridabad, Haryana” before 25th July-2014. Click here for format

      • All Circle Secretaries must get the AIGETOA Circle account audited up to financial year 2013-14. They must send the copy of audit report for last three financial years to “Sh Ravishil Verma, C-23 Jalvidyut Appartment Sector-21C Faridabad, Haryana” before 25th July-2014.

      • All individual direct recruits’ executives must again fill the membership application form attached herewith and submit the same to district secretary of their area. (Payment detail of membership fee may be kept blank for existing members). Click here for membership form (in doc) & Click here for membership form (in pdf)

      • Members must pay their dues if any to Circle Account for the period up to July-14 and must deposit the subscription fee for the period of Aug-14 to March-15 in advance through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc in favour of AIGETOA CHQ (Axis Bank A/c No. 007010100808101) and same must be filled in application form. District Secretaries must collect the duly field application form along with subscription fee from Aug-14 to Mar-15 from every individual of direct recruits. This work must be done before 31st July-14.

      • District Secretary must retain one photocopy of duly filled membership application form and send original copy to Circle Secretary. Similarly Circle Secretary, on receipt of all the application form of their circle they must retain one photocopy with them and send the original copy to “ Sh Ravishil Verma, C-23 Jalvidyut Appartment Sector-21C Faridabad, Haryana”


      Subscription fee must be deposited directly to AIGETOA CHQ account through DD/Pay Order/Cheque/internet etc. the account detail of AIGETOA CHQ is as under:


      • Account Name: AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association)

      • AIGETOA CHQ Account No. - 007010100808101

      • BanK Name: AXIS Bank

      • IFSC CODE: UTIB0000007

      • Branch Name: Statesman House, 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi. Pin -110001


      All District Executives Committee, Circle Executives Committee must form a joint coordination committee along with District and Circle Body of AIBSNLEA in view of ongoing membership verification and persuasion of day to day issues. They should immediately get in touch with their counterpart at circle and SSA level and ensure that within one week, these co-ordination committees are formed. The district should send the details to circle and circle should send the consolidated list to CHQ.

      Date Posted : 17 July 2014

      Subject : gs writes on stand of aigetoa on verification of membership

      GS Sh R P Shahu writes letter on stand of AIGETOA on verification of membership for recognizing majority association in BSNL. Click here for letter


      President AIGETOA Sh Ravi Shil Verma submitted letter regarding intimation of new Governing Body of AIGETOA. Click here for letter


      In the new Governing Body Sh Ravishil Verma has been elected as President and Sh R P Shahu has been elected as General Secretary. BSNL will recognize only 15 members of Governing Body but AIGETOA had 16 members. Volunteers were called to vacant a Post to meet the numbers as per norms set by BSNL. To ease the situation, Sh Vaibhav Goyal Joint Secretary (Central) has shown his true spirit and voluntarily withdrawn his name, hence Joint Secretary (Central) post has been abolished in new constitution and five zones has been reorganized in four zones but till the registration of new constitution Sh Vaibhav Goyal will continue as Joint Secretary (Central).

      Date Posted : 16 July 2014

      Subject : latest telecom news

      Telecom News :

      Date Posted : 16 July 2014

      Subject : glimpses of joint meeting of aigetoa & aibsnlea

      AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA Signed the Joint Declaration : Glimpses of Joint Meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA on dated 13.07.2014 at New Delhi. Click here

      Date Posted : 16 July 2014




      It has been informed by members from Kerala Circle that the ongoing agitation is damaging the public perception of BSNL seriously. Any long going agitation is definitely harmful for the organization. We have written letter to CMD to resolve the impasse and analyze what is right and what is wrong but perhaps the same has been projected by some quarters as unconditional support to the agitation. The case is actually not so. We have written to management to identify the wrongs and have extended our support on the issues if they pertain to growth and development. We are not supporting any transfer posting issue and if CGM Kerala is doing the right thing then definitely we will stand with him. As informed by Kerala circle members, if the agitation aims to replace the incumbent CGMT, we will not support any such move. It has been informed that Shri MSS Rao, in his capacity of CGMT BSNL Kerala, has implemented measures that have increased Kerala Circle's profitability over the years (287 crores in 2012-13 increased to 411 crores in 2013-14). If his visions are for development then AIGETOA and its members will definitely support the development moves. However, there should not be any victimization and the decisions which needs to be reviewed for growth and development should definitely be reviewed.


      We will definitely support Shri Rao in his vision to realize Rs 1000 crore profit for BSNL Kerala in a fiscal year and we do know that he is one of the few persons who has taken lead from the front and is taking Kerala to greater heights. We have conveyed our exact point of view to management. Circle office bearers of Kerala AIGETOA were also present while communicating the same to management. CMD BSNL told We once again clarify that we don’t support any move which aims at replacing Shri Rao as CGMT Kerala which continues to return increased profits under his leadership. We just want this impasse to end as it is effecting the image and growth of Kerala Circle.

      Date Posted : 14 July 2014

      Subject : Details of All India General Meeting & CEC

      Detail of All India General Body Meet of AIGETOA held in 11th and 12th July-14


      All India General Meet /CEC of AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineer Telecom Officers Association), is held at Sabhagar, Eastern Court, New Delhi under the chairmanship of All India President Shri R P Shahu. Representatives from almost all the Circles were present.

      Agenda of the meeting were as under:

      • To apply for new registration number of the society as per the Haryana registration and regulation of society act-2012.

      • Submission of application for membership of the society and registration as per new rule.

      • Adoption of new constitution and memorandum of the Association as per the Haryana registration and regulation of society act-2012.

      • Reconstitution of Governing Body as per new constitution.


      General Secretary informed as per the norms stipulated by Government, every registered society of Haryana has to get itself mandatorily reregistered under Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies act 2012. Therefore, a decision in this effect has to be taken by the society.


      The members and post bearers present after discussion resolved unanimously that as per the government rules, the society AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association) should get itself reregistered under Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies act 2012. The members present unanimously adopted the model byelaws and memorandum as given in Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies act 2012 in original. All members present accepted, adopted and passed the new byelaws and memorandum and authorized the General Secretary, President and Treasurer to sign on the new bye laws and memorandum.


      Sh R P Shahu and Sh Ravi Shil Verma have already proposed to resign from their posts i.e. President and General Secretary respectively which Central Executives Committee of AIGETOA accepted. However, the house was of the view that in the best interest of the members and issues, both the leaders should continue. Thereafter, all the Representatives present in the meet unanimously elected Sh Ravi Shil Verma as President and Sh R P Shahu as General Secretary of AIGETOA CHQ.


      The Governing body was reorganized and the details are as follows:


      S.N Name Post
      1  Sh Ravi Shil Verma  President
      2  Sh Abhishek Chaudhary  Vice-President
      3  Sh Mantosh Kumar  Vice-President
      4  Sh Sailash Kumar Yadav  Vice-President
      5  Sh B Laxman  Vice-President
      6  Sh Ram Pratap Shahu  General Secretary
      7  Sh Amit Roy  Asst. General Secretary
      8  Sh Deepak Kumar Sahoo  Asst. General Secretary
      9  Sh Pavan Akhand  Asst. General Secretary
      10  Sh Abhishek Jain  Asst. General Secretary
      11  Sh Yogendra Jharwal  Treasurer
      12  Sh Ashok Acharya  Joint Secretary (East)
      13  Sh Sudhir K. Singh  Joint Secretary (West)
      14  Sh Senthil Kumar K  Joint Secretary (South)
      15  Sh Gourav Singh Aulakh  Joint Secretary (North)


      After the reorganization of the governing body, the members of the society unanimously agreed and asked the governing body to apply for the re-registration. The All India Vice President Shri Sailash Kumar was authorized by the members present for this work of applying for re-registration under the new rules and was given the authority for submitting all necessary papers and documents to Registrar, Firms and Societies, Rewari and execute this work of reregistering the AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association) as per the rules and norms stipulated by government.


      It was resolved that, from the month of August-14 onward collection of subscription and all other fees, donation etc from members will be done centrally i.e. in the account of AIGETOA CHQ and from their circle and district quota will be distributed downwards.


      It was resolved that All the Circle Executives Committee will submit their dues to AIGETOA CHQ along with the membership register and audited account for last three years before 25th July-14. If the same is not submitted, all the circle bodies failing to do so within stipulated time shall be under deemed suspension till they submit the requisite documents. CHQ will serve a formal notice to all the circle bodies or persons responsible for not submitting these information and documents.


      A condemn motion was moved against Ex-Circle Secretary MP Sh S K Gupta, on his act in the recent activity in AIGETOA MP which House has passed unanimously. It is worth to mention that a protest was launched in MP Telecom Circle by the circle body in the month of March-14 in support of resolution of some genuine grievances of the members. In the said protest one District Secretary, one CWC Member and AGS/Circle President along with our All India President were suspended and served charge Sheet but the involvement of Ex-CS was in question who didn’t took any step to protest the same and resolve the impasse despite repeated requests from CHQ and other circle office bearers and was instead found hobnobbing with the management for the reasons best known to him.


      House also condemned the act of CGM MP Sh N K Yadav and GM (HR/A) Sh Prakash Ballal who tried to crush the legitimate voice of the association using unethical practice of filling FIR and serving Charge Sheets. It is resolved unanimously that Association will take-up these issues at highest priority and will demand disciplinary action against CGM MP for using abusing statements against CHQ leaders and against GM (HR/A) for misusing his authority on salary cut and non-implementation of EPF and other orders issued by BSNL CO. Mode of action will be decided by AIGETOA CHQ and same will be communicated shortly.


      On the issue of referendum of Executives Association it was unanimously resolved that AIGETOA will not accept the terms and condition laid down by BSNL management and hence will not apply for referendum under the current scenario and under the current terms and conditions framed by Management. AIGETOA will keep its stand of having separate recognized association for direct recruits as their some of the issues are entirely different. AIGETOA will write management to extend the formal platform to AIGETOA so that issues related to direct recruits can be represented in true sense. AIGETOA will take legal recourse in this regard if the need arises. As far as ongoing referendum of the executives association is concerned, it was decided that AIGETOA will start the discussions with AIBSNLEA as they have shown their interest to go for a joint fight on the issues. The house authorized its leaders to start discussions on signing a MoU between both the associations for a joint fight.


      Thereafter CHQ leaders and Circle secretaries and members of the committee held a joint meeting with central office bearers of AIBSNLEA on 13th July 2014 and had a detailed deliberations on the issue. Both the associations clarified to its members that they are not merging with each other and they have agreed to come under a tactical alliance to have a joint fight on the issues to effectively safeguard the interests of its members. A joint declaration was prepared and signed by both the associations to proceed further on the issue. AIGETOA has extended its support to AIBSNLEA in the referendum process but requested their support on the provisioning of separate formal platform to direct recruits as their service terms and conditions are governed by different terms and conditions than absorbed executives. Both the associations conveyed their best wishes to each other and vowed for a vigorous and joint fight for the issues pertaining to all the executives.


      Joint declaration AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA. Click here for Declaration

      Date Posted : 14 July 2014

      Subject : AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration

      AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration : To face the referendum jointly and settlement of the common issues, AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA signed Joint Declaration today. Click here for the details of Joint Declaration

         Read more....


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