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Date Posted : 19 December 2014

Subject : Kind attention LDCE-2015 for SDE (T) aspirant

Some group of executives who hardly passed their LDCE for SDE (T) have become active in earning money (habitual) in the name of supplying LDCE material and giving online training. They are also luring candidates to ensure them in getting their preferred place of posting after passing LDCE but on what capacity and sources need to be known. AIGETOA has already expelled such office bearers who were using the association platform for satisfying their vested interest now same group of people started their business from some other platform. Sufficient free soft copy of LDCE material is available in BSNL training portal and website of various associations. further material will be uploaded time to time. Candidates must not fall in trap of such vested interests having single ambition to earn money.

Date Posted : 19 December 2014

Subject : latest telecom news

Telecom News :

Date Posted : 10 December 2014

Subject : Circulation of syllabus, Scheme and Minimum Pass Marks w.r.t ldce 2014

Circulation of syllabus, Scheme and Minimum Pass Marks :


BSNL CO issued Circulation of syllabus, Scheme and Minimum Pass Marks w.r.t Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub Divisional Engineer (Telecom) for vacancy years 2010-2011 onwards under 33 percent quota. Click here for order

Date Posted : 8 December 2014

Subject : uf submitted draft proposal on cpse cadre

United Forum of executives association comprising AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA and SNEA submitted draft proposal on implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL as decided in last meeting of joint committee. Click here for letter

Date Posted : 3 December 2014

Subject : gs writes to cmd bsnl to addres epf issue likely to be created in ERP

GS writes to CMD BSNL to address the EPF issue likely to be created before implementation of ERP. Click here for letter


At present EPF contribution is made with EPF Code allotted to DDOs but after implementation of ERP project, function of number of DDOs will get merged to single Primary Accounting units (PAU). In this situation, contribution to old account will be seized and new EPF account will be open as per PAU. As employee is not formally transferred, he will not be able apply for EPF transfer due to lack of documents required. BSNL must have addressed this issue before taking decision of ERP implementation but deciding authority is not at all affected by this issue as they are covered with government pensionary benefits hence have no pain.


This is only AIGETOA who can study such issues and take care of them hence it is the responsibility of every Circle Secretary of AIGETOA to please live on action and write similar letters to concern CGMs for addressing this issue before implementation of ERP else one more anomaly will be created in EPF and remain unresolved for years together.

Date Posted : 2 December 2014

Subject : ldce 2015 study materials

LDCE 2015 Study Materials :


AIGETOA Chennai has compiled the study materials for the forthcoming JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE to be held on 15 Feb 2015. Click here to download


It is available for download under the Menu "AIGETOA LDCE 2015".

Date Posted : 1 December 2014

Subject : gs writes to cmd bsnl

Authorities posted for long time at BSNL CO making mockery of corporate culture, Rules and Guidelines. Authorities posted for long time in Establishments Cell, Personal Cell, Restructuring Cell and SR Cell of BSNL CO have started thinking this company as of their personal property and making mockery of Corporate culture, Rules and Guidelines. GS Writes CMD BSNL. Click here for Letter


Normally every official meeting with association and unions are convened by SR Cell of BSNL CO and attendance certificate as well as Record/ minutes of the meeting is issued but since last few years this trend has gone off. Now concerned cells have taken over this work of SR cell and have been showing their arrogance by not issuing record/minutes and even attendance certificate to the representatives participated despite continuous request and persuasion. One side Recruitment Cell of BSNL has issued attendance certificate promptly against the meeting called for introduction of online examination in BSNL but Personal Cell, Establishment Cell and Restructuring cell are reluctant of issuing attendance certificate and minutes which shows that authorities posted for long time at BSNL CO have started thinking this company for granted and as if being their personal property and making mockery of the corporate culture.


Authorities sitting at corporate office are not at all involved in direct business of the company but they are responsible for making rules, guidelines and policy for the company and issuing prompt clarification in case of any doubt so that smooth transaction of business can be ensured at field level. It is really uncalled for act of SR Cell under the leadership of previous GM (SR) that he could not issue a simple clarification even after passing of 9 months and despite of continuous persuasion on the matter of invoking “No work No Pay” Principle asked by GM (Admin) MP Telecom Circle due to which about 400 representatives are badly suffering. This action becomes more questionable in view of the fact that the matter was taken with Apex authority in BSNL i.e. a letter was written to CMD BSNL on 03.11.2014 on this matter but even then no response has been received. It shows the level of arrogance of authorities. It is beyond the understanding whether GMs have no fear and value for the authority of CMD also or is it a planned act to keep BSNL executives at bay and keep them involved in their day to day issues and so that their inefficiency in meeting the targets remains unnoticed.

Date Posted : 27 November 2014

Subject : gs writes to cmd bsnl regarding ldce 2014

GS writes CMD BSNL to consider following submission in view of LDCE for SDE (T) to be held on 15th Feb 2015.


  1. Extending eligibility to the candidates recruited in same batch.
  2. Reducing the minimum passing marks to 45% instead of 50% as recommended by the committee.
  3. Issuing detail syllabus and distribution of marks for each topic.


Letter Submitted. Click here

Date Posted : 26 November 2014

Subject : Forum of association and unions in BSNL ignite for indefinite strike with 20 points issues- no place for DR issues

Forum of Association and Unions have served notice for organizational actions starts from 11 Dec-14 with indefinite strike from 3rd Feb-15. They have included 78.2% IDA merger benefits for pensioners and pension revision apart from various development issues. This association is not against strike and demands but direct recruits executives as well as non-executives must think about this biased concern for not including 30% superannuation benefits to direct recruits. All absorbed executives are getting handsome pension yet they are concern about their pension revision but what about direct recruits who’s retirement benefits are on stake.


Just think, 2001 batch have completed 13 years of service in BSNL and they have hardly accumulated Rs. 14 lakhs in their EPF account wherein 50% i.e. Rs 7 lakhs are contributed from their own salary. If someone retires today after completing 13 years of service he will get only Rs. 7 lakhs benefits for his retirement which is even less than one month salary. If BSNL will not implement 30% superannuation benefits as ordered by DPE then at the end of retirement (total 30-35 years service) DR will get retirement money from BSNL which is equivalent to 2.5 years salary at that time that too if they have not withdrawn single penny from their EPF account for emergency requirement.


Some associations of absorbed executives are luring directs recruits in open platform stating they are very much concern about their pension, pay scale and promotion issues and they are committed to resolve these issues but when time comes these issues do not get position even long list of demands. AIGETOA doesn’t have any complain to these associations and unions as they are not meant for direct recruits but it is really painful that some our own direct recruits are joining these associations and making AIGETOA weak. It is also beyond our understanding that SNATTA who is representing direct recruits non-executives has become part of this organizational action and not insisted for inclusion of 30% superannuation benefits for direct recruits.


Friends, we direct recruits executives and non-executives are sufficient to resolve such justified issues, the need is to be aware of such issues and to get unite. Unfortunately this is not happening. Think once again and keep fighting for our entitlements who knows one day all DR will get unite and things will get settled.

Date Posted : 24 November 2014

Subject : gs writes to cmd bsnl regarding mt recruitment

GS writes to CMD BSNL with copy to all Directors of BSNL, Honorable Minister of Communication & IT, Secretary and Additional Secretary (Telecom) DoT regarding the proposed Management Trainee recruitment in BSNL through external candidates is the way to kill the morale and motivation of existing qualified executives - our strong protest. Click here for letter


If the proposed Management Trainee Recruitment of external candidates will happen in BSNL, we all qualified Engineer/Account Officers recruited through toughest all India Competition will be treated like beneath qualified which we are not at all ready to abide such disrespect of our qualification. Members must be ready to go up to any magnitude if any such decision is taken by CMD BSNL.

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