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Date Posted : 24 November 2015

Subject : gs writes to gm(FP) co bsnl

GS AIGETOA writes to GM(FP) CO BSNL regarding retrospective extension of pay, pensionary and other benefits to Postal JAOs violating the extent service rules and norms. Click here for letter

Date Posted : 22 November 2015

Subject : notice for cec and special GBM at new delhi 29th-30th nov 2015

Notice for AIGETOA Central Executive Committee and Special General Body Meeting of the society to be held on 29th-30th Nov 2015 at New Delhi. The CEC shall be held at Andhra Association Building, 24-25, Lodhi Institutional Area, New Delhi-110003. The accommodation and food arrangement has been made at the same venue from 29th Nov 2015 morning to 30th Nov 2015 night. Click here for notice

Date Posted : 18 November 2015

Subject : Final struggle or winding up of AIGETOA-let us prepare for either of one

Since the joining of our new CMD in Jan-2015 and then new Director (HR), this association has maintained all the cordial relationship for amicable resolution of our very genuine issues in respect of pay, promotion and pension which are not only our basic rights but it is our basic needs also. This association had high hope with present CMD and Director (HR) being already absorbed executives of this company and supported whole heartedly their every move for well being of company. one side we had been receiving assurances from CMD and Director, other side big conspiracy were played to ruin our career and future. Unfortunately, In the tenure of our new CMD and Director (HR) our situation has become more worst. Pay scale of JTO/JAO degraded to E1 from E1A, DGM appointment is processed from among external candidates stopping result of more talented internal candidates, notified MT recruitment, superannuation benefit has been held up and most importantly tried to crush the voice by serving letter to our GS in his individual name with full of false allegations.

Our issues are pending not because of lack of justification and documents but it is pending simply because it involve some financial burden and resolution of these issues may flash negative balance sheet in tenure of our new CMD and Directors. Another most important reason is disunity among direct recruits. AIGETOA has only 3000 paid members out of 13000 direct recruits and rest are being used by other executives associations for vote bank. In this situation, this association is not in the position to fight with system having full of vested interest.

This association is shortly going to held CEC cum special General Body Meeting at Delhi where decision for winding up or final struggle before winding up this association will be taken. This all depends on the commitment of all direct recruits irrespective of their attachments with associations. Branch representatives must start taking views of direct recruits of their area. Before taking any such decision one final meeting will be tried with CMD and Director (HR) by all the representatives of the association during the CEC cum special General Body Meeting at Delhi.

Date Posted : 11 November 2015

Subject : happy diwali

May this Diwali fill your life with joy, Happiness and prosperity. HAPPY DIWALI..

Date Posted : 2 November 2015

Subject : Represetnation on JTO RR 2014

BSNL in reply to Honorable CAT Chandigarh in respect of finalization of standard pay scale for JTO and SDE equivalent justified the E1 pay scale for JTO equivalent with five increments as pay protection. Existence of Joint committee and reports does not find any place in their reply which clearly indicates that formation of joint committee is simply eye wash and nothing else. Although reply is non-sustainable in court of law in view of E1A was approved pay scale and higher than E1, no one can degrade except in case of disciplinary proceeding but itís show the real face of BSNL management towards itís employees and given sufficient reason to agitate. BSNL has tried to finish the issue by approving JTO RR-2014 with E1 pay scale and with retrospective effect. Click here for BSNL Reply

All the direct recruit executives recruited vide JTO RR-2001 and who are still working as JTO may please submit individual representation against JTO RR-2014 and approach to court of law for withholding the operation of JTO RR-2014 till necessary safeguard is provided. Click here for individual representation

Date Posted : 2 November 2015

Subject : bitter truth and excellent marketing skill in BSNL

Recently CMD and Director (HR) of BSNL visited Kenya and CMD personally gave presentation that BSNL is having world class training centers. As per CMD BSNL after taking few month training in BSNL one can become world class technocrats and manager in Telecom Operation, Maintenance, Finance Matters and Management Courses. As per our CMD BSNL Kenya Government is very much convinced with his presentation and people from Kenya will be coming to our training centres for trainings and for some trainings our executives/employees will be deputed to Kenya for imparting training wherein BSNL's infrastructure and expertise will be utilized which will give revenue to BSNL.

It is really confusing that one side BSNL says that qualified Engineers and Account Officers of BSNL are worst than an engineer working in any private company and in any domain hence debarred from DGM recruitment and other side CMD and Director (HR) are justifying overseas that one can become master in telecom operation and finance just after taking few months training from these BSNL engineers. Hats off to our top BSNL managment for such excellent marketing skills and big hands to BSNL Engineers who could not become manager in BSNL but producing world class managers in Telecom Operation and Finance.

Date Posted : 1 November 2015

Subject : Commendable commitment and dedication of BSNL recruits executives towards their duty and revival of BSNL

Every employee of the world needs adequate salary, timely career enhancement and social security to remain loyal to the employer but BSNL direct recruits executives are exception. BSNL has degraded the pay scale of JTO from E1A to E1 which is even less than the pre-revised pay scale, BSNL is offering DGM post to the engineering graduate working in any company of turnover Rs 100 Cr just in 12 years but engineering graduate of BSNL are not only kept out from DGM race but yet waiting for single promotion from JTO to SDE even after completing of more than 13 years of service, in fact they have been demoted from E1A to E1 after completion of 13 years of service, fortunately some of them got one promotion after qualifying departmental exam but no benefits of promotion like increment is given despite court decision, retirement date is fixed but there is no retirement pension despite they are being paid less salary in the name of giving pension, contribution for training period is not deposited despite court decision, there are thousands of other anomalies in maintain EPF accounts. Government of India declared some stations as hard station to live hence defined the tenure of working for 2-3 years on these stations but direct recruits are working for more than 10 years on these stations. Most importantly they are not allowed to raise their voice against such serious issue of pay, promotion and pension; in fact most of us are not willing to raise our voice and happily working day and night for revival of company on the call of top BSNL management who are enjoying all these benefits.

It is really commendable commitment and dedication of BSNL recruits executives towards their duty and revival of BSNL. This association appreciates and appeals all the direct recruits to please continue your effort in the hope that we will get our all the dues once BSNL is revived. It does not matter that our all the issues are created and pending since glorious days of BSNL when BSNL was making huge profit.

Date Posted : 31 October 2015

Subject : Suspicious DGM recruitment in BSNL- high level politics to crush the legitimate and democratic voice

It is surprising fact for BSNL executives who are pouring their sweat & blood for revival of this company that BSNL is running by politics rather managerial skill. It is beyond dispute that DGM recruitment from among outside ignoring more qualified, experienced and talented internal executives are not at all in the interest of the company but for something else. This association has been raising the issue of DGM recruitment since inception before all the Directors and CMD but all of them were either mum or justifying the DGM recruitment from among outside. After assuming the charge of Director (HR) first time Mrs Sujata Ray has accepted the fact that there is something wrong by not allowing internal candidates and assured this association to enquire the issue in detail.

In a meeting held with Director (HR) on 10-09-2015 our GS Sh R P Shahu has taken strong objection on conduction of DGM interview which was against her assurance and clear breach of trust. It is a fact that there was confrontation between Director (HR) and GS AIGETOA on conduction of DGM interview but nothing was happen which is treated as unparliamentary words. Director (HR) might have appraised the issue before CMD BSNL but it is unbelievable that she had made complain with false allegation of using unparliamentary words. She had also conveyed it time and again in our subsequent meetings that she does not have any issue with respect to the discussion on DGM recruitment on 10-09-2015. She had recently in meeting with GS AIBSNLEA also shown her resentment on serving the warning letter to Sh R P Shahu and accepted that somebody is playing politics using her name.

Director (HR) as assured had started finding the facts on DGM recruitment and also instructed GM (Pers) to share all the detail to her but out of sudden she has been sidelined from this issue and now issue is directly handed over to CMD BSNL. The vested interest in BSNL well knows that once secret of DGM recruitment will be open before Director (HR) they can find themselves behind the bars hence this issue is diverted to CMD BSNL. This massage was conveyed by Director (HR) herself in the meeting held on 23-09-2015 that now CMD is looking into the issues raised by the associations in DGM recruitment and he will convey the decision within second week of Oct-2015. This association was eagerly waiting for the justice on DGM issue but in the third week of Oct-2015 GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu in his individual name has been issued warning letter with false allegation of using unparliamentary words without giving him opportunity of being heard on such serious allegations. We are yet waiting the decision of CMD on DGM recruitment.

Going through all the above episode, it is very much clear that some vested interest in BSNL is trying to play the politics to crush the voice in the name of Director (HR) so that they can proceed with suspicious DGM recruitment.

Date Posted : 28 October 2015

Subject : High effort of vested interest to crush the democratic voice against suspicious DGM recruitment in BSNL

High effort of vested interest to crush the democratic voice against suspicious DGM recruitment in BSNL :

Warning letter is served to Sh R P Shahu, SDE in the name of individual while raising the voice as General Secretary against DGM recruitment in BSNL and breach of trust at the level of Director (HR).

President AIGETOA writes letter to CMD BSNL on such unethical practice to crush the voice against wrong doing in BSNL and seek appointment for meeting with all the CHQ and Circle Secretaries of this association. Click here for letter

Director (HR) in the meeting with forum (AIGETOA+AIBSNLEA) in the month of July-2015 and agenda meeting held with this association on 03-09-2015 has clearly accepted wrongdoing which disfavor internal executives in DGM recruitment and assured to study in depth the issue to come out with justice but her assurance was breached just in 6 days and DGM interview was conducted on 10-09-2015.

Sh R P Shahu along with GS AIBSNLEA and some other representatives met Director (HR) on 10-09-2015 itself and argued strongly over breach of trust on DGM issue and demanded to stop the ongoing interview otherwise association will be forced to protest strongly. Director (HR) was completely answerless on that day about the breach of trust on her part and hence under frustration she has gone up to extent of saying that she has not assured anything and she is not at all willing to promote internal candidates at the level of DGM and whatever promotion internal candidates are getting is only under compulsion because external candidates are not showing interest. She has also said that making recruitment at any level and from among any candidates is within power of BSNL board and associations have no right to question their decision. The decision on DGM recruitment is taken by earlier board hence she is not at all answerable for any wrong doing. There were various such remarks used by Director (HR) in the meetings which was not at all expectable at that level and hence strongly countered by GS AIGETOA and GS AIBSNLEA both. Undoubtly, situation was not so amicable hence comfortable for Director (HR) but not at all used any such words from Sh R P Shahu which can be treated as unparliamentary. Sensing the angriness of Director (HR) GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu just after meeting has conveyed regret for the situation through SMS with request to consider it as resentment of the internal executives who are victim of DGM recruitment. Director (HR) had also realized the facts and immediately replied with text† ďitís Ok, give me some time to study DGM recruitment issue so that I can know the facts under which circumstance such decision is taken which deprive the internal executives, I assure that decision on DGM recruitment will be taken which is fair and justĒ.

On 14-09-2015, GS AIGETOA along with Circle representatives of AIGETOA MP once again met Director (HR) and CMD at Bhopal where DGM issue and argument happen on 10-09-2015 was discussed wherein CMD stated that he is not aware about DGM interview. Director (HR) accepted that she was hurt on that day hence conveyed the detail of discussion and argument happen on 10-09-2015 to CMD BSNL in haste but afterwards she realized the facts and now matter is closed. She once again committed that she will study the DGM case in detail and held meeting with forum on this particular issue on 16-09-2015 which was further postponed to 23-09-2015.

When Director (HR) herself had closed this chapter on 14-09-2015 what made GM (SR) to write letter on 15-09-2015 with false allegations and for taking disciplinary action against Sh R P Shahu?† Knowing about the letter issued with false allegation of using unparliamentary language, President Sh Ravishil Verma, AGS Sh Amit Roy along with GS AIBSNLEA Sh Prahlad Rai met Director (HR) on 23-09-2015 and raised this issue. Director (HR) once again accepted that letter might have been issued by the office in confusion but same will be withdrawn and also stated that after study of DGM recruitment it is beyond doubt that some major lapses are committed on the part of BSNL which disfavor the internal executives. She assured that since the matter is under knowledge and examination of CMD BSNL and CMD is already instructed GM (Pers) to submit white paper on DGM recruitment in view of objection raised by this association, we can expect the justice.

Surprisingly, after more than one month i.e. on 21-10-2015 GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu has been served warning letter in his individual name which shows that vested interest behind DGM recruitment are in full effort to crush the voice against their wrongdoing. May be Director (HR) is not knowing this development and vested interests are playing behind the curtain or she herself is working under pressure of these vested interest or she has become part of these vested interest so that they can proceed with DGM recruitment by crushing democratic and genuine voice.

In the agenda meetings, record of discussion is not issued and whatever assured verbally is not followed and denied hence Shocked with warning letter in individual name and that too with completely false allegation of using unparliamentary language, GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu has decided to make distance from meeting with authorities to discuss the issues as they want puppets who must sing a song on their tune, not leaders who raise the voice against the wrongdoing in BSNL.† Sh R P Shahu while acting as GS AIGETOA had also been targeted individually at various levels for his bold and honest voice against the wrongdoing of BSNL management but could not received enough support from the direct recruits for whom he is fighting putting his career on risk hence also decided to refrain from any association activities which was ultimate motto of vested interests in BSNL.

Since the formation of BSNL in Oct-2000, all the director have been selected from within BSNL because they have got about 40% weightage of internal experience and 20% weightage of domain experience. It is hard to believe that these directors are not known about the importance of internal & domain experience over external experience for well being of the company but they have not only preferred outsiders and non-domain experience for the post of DGM in BSNL but completely debar the internal executives despite they possess all the qualification and experience at higher side and also must have secured higher marks in the DGM exam. It is not beyond the understanding of even a layman that this DGM recruitment is not for serving the interest of the company but to serve the vested interest in BSNL.

It is needless to state that various benefits which are even not known to members have been studied and conveyed to each and every direct recruit and also highlighted to the top management with lot of personal sacrifice. This is not only the responsibility of Sh R P Shahu to raise the voice against such corrupt practice in BSNL ruining our career but it is responsibility of all of us. Let us not be selfish. Let us not go in vain all the effort and sacrifice of Sh R P Shahu while fighting for the rights of direct recruits. We all have to stand and we will stand like a rock and give befitting reply to the vested interest in BSNL who are trying to crush the voice. Very shortly all the CHQ leaders and Circle secretaries will meet to CMD to convey the unethical practice of vested interest in BSNL and demand resolution of our long pending HR issues. Future course of action on association front will be decided after meeting with CMD. Members must be ready for long organizational action if the need arise.

Date Posted : 21 October 2015

Subject : Pay scale of JTO and SDE cadre is degraded with the notification of JTO RR-2014

BSNL has notified the new JTO RR-2014 wherein pay scale of JTO is degraded to E1 from E1A hence pay scale of SDE will also be fixed at E2 instead of E2A. As per the initial constitution of JTO RR-2014 all JTOs appointed prior to this notification shall also be deemed to have been appointed under this RR which clearly says that pay scale of all JTO will be E1 and hence for SDE it will be E2.The formation of joint committee and itís recommendation is nothing but eye wash. With the JTO RR-2014 Pay scale of JTO is not only degraded but TTA recruited with minimum qualification of Diploma have become at par with JTO recruited with minimum qualification of Engineering just in five years which is against the DOP&T guideline duly endorsed by BSNL which says that Diploma qualification can be treated at par with Engineering qualification only after 10 years of service. In other words JTO recruited with engineering qualification is also degraded with five years.

Pay scale of E1A and E2A for JTO and SDE respectively were approved pay scale which cannot be degraded except in case of disciplinary proceedings but it is evident from the website of some executives association that same has been done due to their consistent effort and struggle.

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