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Date Posted : 22 May 2015

Subject : kind attention branch representatives

Protest against proposed MT recruitment in BSNL and long pending HR issues is getting huge response from all executives. Many executives have already participated in signature campaigning but still some are lefts just because our representatives could not reach to them. All branch representatives are requested to please spare some time and reach to each and every executives of their SSA and get their signature. This is only way to save your career and dignity in BSNL. District secretaries must update daily count of signature campaigning to CS and CS must update Joint secretaries of their area. Take joint meeting with AIBSNLEA in next two days and gear up for grand lunch hour demonstration on 25-05-2015.

Date Posted : 20 May 2015

Subject : Update on second day of our protest against MT and other pending HR issue

This protest is getting huge response from all section of executives. Our representatives at various level are getting calls from executives expressing their anger and extending full support against MT recruitment above JTO/JAO cadre. Many have volunteered themselves to go up to any extent if BSNL management is bulldozing this unjustified, unwarranted notification of MT above JTO/JAO. MT recruitment above JTO/JAO is nothing but creation of two categories of executives in BSNL and maintaining hierarchy of DOT. If proposed MT recruitment happens in BSNL then it is nothing but career of executives below MT is similar to JE in DOT and non-executives in other CPSEs. All CPSEs make direct recruitment of professionally qualified executives up to extent of 50% either at E1 OR E2 OR E3 at single level called them ET or MT and promote them in time bound manner to occupy the higher position in the hierarchy. BSNL has already made direct recruitment of professionally qualified in executives cadre at E1A=E2 but many are yet waiting for their first functional promotion despite passing more than 13 years and now BSNL is trying to fill up the vacancies at higher position from outsider through this MT recruitment. This is completely unbearable for any executives having even small self respect and confidence.

Let us all together fight against this gross injustice and tell BSNL board that we are qualified, talented and competent enough to handle the responsibility more than any outsider. BSNL board cannot simply ignore us. All the branch representatives must take the responsibility to reach each and every executives of BSNL and get their signature against this MT recruitment. Induce confidence among them that we are not at all ready to accept this MT recruitment above JTO/JAO and definitely go up to any extent.

Date Posted : 19 May 2015

Subject : Pamphlet to be circulated and tagged on notice board for wide coverage of our protest

Pamphlet to be circulated and tagged on notice board for wide coverage of our protest. Click here for pamphlet


Members and representatives of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA are requested to tag this pamphlet on every notice board and circulate the same among all executives for wide coverage of our protest against proposed MT recruitment above JTO/JAO and non-resolution of long pending HR issues. Get signature of 100% executives irrespective of their affiliation with associations and ensure 100% participation in lunch hour demonstration to on 25-05-2015. This will reflect unrest among executives and force current BSNL Board to rethink on decision taken by earlier board.

Date Posted : 18 May 2015

Subject : update on first day of protest on MT

It is reported that most of the executives irrespective of their affiliation to the association have started the protest by wearing black badges and signature campaigning throughout the country. Unrest against arbitrary notification of MT and long pending HR issue is clearly visible. It is need of time to understand each and every executives that this MT recruitment is nothing but the way entering back to DOT era where ITS is replaced by MT. if management has become successful in bulldozing this MT recruitment then most of the executives recruited at JTO/JAO level will be forced to retire with hardly one promotion i.e. from JTO to SDE or maximum Adhoc DE as it was happening in DOT era and other side MT will get 5-6 promotion before his retirement. Some associations are projecting high hope from Joint committee for resolution of standard pay scale and CPSE cadre hierarchy in time bound manner and other side kept mum on MT issue. It is needless to say that this hope can become true if and only if proposed MT recruitment is scrapped. Finalization of E2 pay scale for JTO, E3 pay scale for SDE and implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy i.e. time bound functional promotion is closely linked with MT recruitment.


HR policy of any company plays most crucial role in survival of company in competitive market, if BSNL had to follow the same HR policy as of DOT then there was no need to formation of this public sector. Being CPSE, BSNL must follow the HR policy in line with leading CPSEs of the country not in line with DOT. Representatives of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA must take lead and convince each and every executive to become part of this protest. Conduct joint meeting and take regular update. We all have to stop this MT at any cost else each and every executives of BSNL will be suffering for life time.

Date Posted : 16 May 2015

Subject : format for mass signature, Demand card & Badges

Organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and Non-settlement of long pending HR issues :


Signature Campaign and bearing black badge : 18th May 2015 to 25th May 2015




It is appeal to all the executives of the BSNL irrespective of affiliation, please come forward and join your hands against the unwarranted move of BSNL management and bulldozing another recruitment of fresh candidates in the name of Management Trainee over already recruited and absorbed professionally qualified executives having all the qualification, talent, training and vast experience in telecom operation and finance. We know that this management trainee recruitment is not at all the requirement of the company but being forced to hide something wrongdoing of earlier board and DOT who have given false affidavit in the court of law in the case of ITS repatriation that they cannot repatriate ITS officers because BSNL don’t have qualified executives to replace them. Now this is time to expose their wrong deeds on the cost of our career. We know that together we can do it very easily.


All representatives of this association are requested to please approach each and every executives of BSNL and mobilize them for this historic protest against MT recruitment and resolution of other various pending HR issues. Please start signature campaigning from 18th May-2015 and wear the demand card with black badges as uploaded above.

Date Posted : 16 May 2015

Subject : detail of joint committee meeting held on 15-05-2015

The Joint committee meeting of GS AIGETOA, GS AIBSNLEA, GS SNEA from executives association side and Major Mohd Ashraf Khan ED(NB), Smt Madhu Arora GM (Eastt.), Smt Smita Chaudhary GM (EF) from management side held on 15th May-2015 at 15:00 hrs. All committee members were present except GM (EF). Meeting was presided over by the chairman of the committee Major Ashraf Khan. Chairman clearly said that this committee has to complete it’s assigned task within due date i.e. before 15th August-2015 and regular meeting will be held fortnightly. All the GS of the association have explained about the issues and frustration of the executives due to long pendency of the issues. Initially all the issues were briefed but chairman of the committee desired to take up one by one and after resolution of one issue we may take another. All associations unanimously agreed and chosen pay scale issue first. All associations have given justification in support of upgrdation of pay scale from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 to comply with the DPE order of putting standard pay scale in place from 01.01.2007 as no service rules permit for degradation of pay scale at any circumstances. Members from management side showed their concern for upgrading the pay scale for E1A and E2A but that upgradation of pay scale have some financial and cascading effect on another pay scale which need to be studied in detail. Next meeting is fixed on 28th May-2015 with actual data of financial implication and cascading effect on another pay scale. It is agreed that EF section will work out the financial implication with and without cascading effect before next meeting. Meeting was very much cordial and disciplined. We are very much hopeful that this committee will certainly come out with result in the best interest of executives.

Date Posted : 12 May 2015

Subject : AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA under the banner of UF of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions

AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association served a notice for organizational actions to protest against the arbitrary recruitment of Management Trainees and non-settlement of long pending HR issues. Click here for Notice   &  Click here for copy of the UF letter dated 03.09.2014




  1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification dated 1st May 2015, scrapping the MT RR altogether and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL. No lateral entry of fresher’s at any level above JTO/JAO/Equivalent.


  1. Resolution of various other pending HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales (E2 for JTO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE /Equivalent), Holding of CPCs to fill up vacant JAG/STS/Group B etc. The issues have already been submitted by this forum as enumerated in Annexure-II of this letter.


Protest activity and schedule is as follows:


  • 18-05-2015 to 25-05-2015Signature Campaign and bearing black badges.


  • 25-05-2015 - Lunch hour demonstration at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.


  • 09.06.2015 and 10.06.2015 - Two days Dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO Level.


CPSEs have been recommended to make a recruitment of fresh professionally qualified candidates (Called ET or MT as per the work profile of the company) at the feeder level (E1 TO E3) of executives for the management succession plan. BSNL has already made recruitment of professionally qualified candidates at E1A (equivalent to E2) there is no question of making another recruitment at E3. There is no precedence in CPSEs to have two level of lateral recruitment in executive’s cadre. Fresh candidates recruited from any institute of the world cannot be better than existing qualified executives already selected among lakhs of candidates through toughest All India Competition and acquired vast experience in telecom operation and Finance. Proposed MT recruitment in BSNL is not at all required and this is not only unique in CPSEs but it is also highly abusing, demoralizing and complete undermining of existing executives.


Proposed recruitment is nothing but just the vested interest of dirty minds whihc BSNL management is trying to justify as a replacement of ITS recruitment being done in DOT era. They have perhaps forgotten that BSNL is CPSE and JTO/JAO recruited after formation of BSNL is professionally qualified executives not the group-C employees. If the proposed MT will termed as replacement of ITS then career of professionally qualified executives (JTO/JAO) recruited through toughest all India competition in executive’s cadre will be like erstwhile JE (non-executive) where most of us will retire with the tag of Adhoc or POTA DE. So for professionally qualified executives have worked under less qualified executives in the name of age and experience but now not at all ready to accept the reverse formula after gaining age and experience and not ready to work under similarly qualified executives having zero experience and younger in age. Friends proposed MT recruitment is nothing but downgrading the status of already recruited JTO/JAO.


All the CHQ Office Bearers/Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries/activists are requested to mobilize and make this organizational action programme a grand success against the arbitrary and indifferent attitude of BSNL Management. Approach all the executives irrespective of their affiliation, explain vested interest of management in making recruitment of MT, its impact on our career and status, its impact on our moral and productivity of the company, its impact of industrial peace and discipline etc and make them the part of this historic agitation.

Date Posted : 12 May 2015

Subject : Personal Cell of BSNL CO has issued revised corrected letter on constitution of Joint Committee

Personal Cell of BSNL CO has issued revised corrected letter on constitution of Joint Committee. Click here for corrected letter


The re-constituted Committee may meet at least once in a fortnight and submit its recommendations before 15th August,2015 convening its first meeting on 15.05.2015 at 15.00 hrs in Committee Room, 8th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi.

Date Posted : 12 May 2015

Subject : Personal Cell of BSNL CO has issued corrected letter on constitution of joint committee

Personal Cell of BSNL CO has issued corrected letter on constitution of joint committee giving credit to one particular association. Click here for corrected letter


We are very grateful that association has come up with revised letter. This shows the quest for that association in the business of Credit Mongering and shows the level to which they can go for claiming Credit. The ideal way would have been to boycott any such meeting but since AIGETOA has always remained concerned for solution and not the Credit, We shall be participating in all the meetings with a hope that now that the credit business is over, some actual solution may come which has definitely been delayed by the such quests of the so called worthy associations. Now we leave it to the people to define the word “ One Upmanship”. With this episode, some very natural questions are bound to occur in the minds of every executives of BSNL as given below :


  • The committee was formed on joint struggle of AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA and SNEA in feb-2012 under the banner of united forum. How come, one association goes alone as they claim for constitution of new committee on same reference?

  • If this committee is formed due to struggle of one association, how come one association recommended the name of other association’s representatives?

  • Whether earlier letter for formation of committee was not sufficient as far as resolution of the issues is concern and why one association went all out just to modify the letter instead of discussing the issue with the constituents.

  • Whether this whole propaganda of strike was played with predetermined solution of just for formation of committee in the name of one association and whether this was the reason for not agreeing to serve a joint Notice?

  • As per one Association, this committee was formed on their struggle then whether other two Associations should refrain from participating in this meeting and start Struggle for formation of separate committee for the same issues just to do the business of credit taking instead of going for actual cause?

  • whether such credit taking letter is the yield of some give and take policy and compromise on the issue of recruitment of MT in BSNL? Whether that is the reason for sudden change in stance of that association where they have started justifying the recruitment of MT.

  • The last but not least, whether such type of associations have so much nexus with some part of management and association that their leaders decide the date, time and way of resolution of the issues? is this the actual reason of long pending HR issues of executives in BSNL?


It seems that long pending resolution of the issues are not because of management but because of such associations who have nexus with management and extend their full support for harassing the executives of this company just to do the business of credit taking and survival of their Netagiri. All we can do is laugh on such associations and their so called saviours. However, still we shall be taking part in the committee meetings as we are concerned with the resolution instead of credit mongering.

Date Posted : 11 May 2015

Subject : Your Retired Life is Completely in Danger More than Current Pay & Career

Kind Attention Direct Recruits of BSNL- Your Retired Life is Completely in Danger More than Current Pay & Career :


Direct recruits of BSNL, please get up open your eyes before it gets too late. Earlier committee formed for looking in to the issue of superannuation benefits of direct recruits has completely misguided the BSNL board by presenting wrong data. As per the old committee analysis direct recruits will get handsome pension even more than absorbed executives with 2-3% contribution towards pension scheme. Due to strong reaction of this association, said proposal could not get through in board and handed over to new committee for addressing the concern raised by us. The new committee is analyzing the facts and quantum of pension contribution. This association has been asked to prepare comprehensive analysis of pension for direct recruit’s vis-à-vis absorbed executives to be presented before authority. This association has put long and comprehensive study on the issue, finding of which is very much shocking for all of us. Even BSNL will make full contribution of 12% towards our pension scheme apart from EPF our retired life is not safe. See the below summery and go through the excel sheet attached herewith for detail analysis. Click here for detail analysis


Pension Comparison between Absorbed and direct recruits executives in BSNL

Category of Employee Date of Birth Date Of appointment Pension amount if resign/retire from the service
On March-15 (actual)        Last Drawn Basic + DA= Rs 69684/- On March-22 (projected) Last Drawn Basic +DA= Rs. 215360/- On Feb-2036 (Projected) Last drawn Basic + DA = Rs. 1189174/-
Direct Recruit (with EPF and without pension scheme) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 4855 up to age of 58 and then Rs 6062 till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 20635 up to age of 58 and then Rs 22492 till death (Fixed Amount) Fix amount of Rs 219545/- till death (Fixed Amount)
Direct Recruit (with EPF and with pension scheme @ 12% of Basic+DA) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 10367/- up to age of 58 and then Rs 11574/- till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 41929 /- up to age of 58 and then Rs 43786 /- till death (Fixed Amount) Rs 422196/- till death (Fixed Amount)
Absorbed Executive (Government Pension) 12th Feb 1976 1st Apr 2002 Rs 34842/- (subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 107680/- (subjected to increase with DA and pay revision) Rs 594586/- (subjected to increase with DA and pay revision)


All direct recruits are requested to please spare some time and go through the attached analysis. It can make you to wake up in time so that you don’t die before you actually die. This association has been fighting with contribution of limited number of direct recruits and have been able to keep alive the issues so far but final resolution of the issues need support and contribution of each and every direct recruits. Please don’t help this association but help yourself. Every association and fight needs financial, mental and physical support. All DR are requested to please get together on one platform so that our fight for pay, promotion and pension can yield desirable result. If you believe AIGETOA please pay your basic membership and subscription fee as displayed on website which will not only strengthen this association financially but also give us clear picture about our unity and strength.

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