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Date Posted : 7 July 2015

Subject : Glimpses of Day-1 (7th July 2015) of Relay Hunger Fast from all parts of country

As reported in morning from all parts of the country, First Day "Relay Hunger Fast" on 7th July 2015 against MT and other pending HR issues started with great enthusiasm.


Glimpses of the Day One "Relay Hunger Fast" on 7th July 2015 Morning at different parts of the country. Click here for Glimpses

Date Posted : 6 July 2015

Subject : Forum rejected the proposal of BSNL management to differ the MT exam by six months

Today GM (SR) BSNL CO called the representatives of forum and conveyed the decision of BSNL management to differ the proposed MT by six months and requested to withdraw the ongoing protest. Forum has clarified to GM (SR) that there is no such demand of forum for deferment of MT exam but our actual demand is to withdraw the MT recruitment above JTO/JAO and process the CPSE cadre hierarchy for career enhancement of internal executives and resolve various long pending HR issues. Our protest will be continue as per schedule

Date Posted : 6 July 2015


Result of written examination for DGM recruitment in BSNL held on 20/10/2013 declared. Click here for result>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Total 50 candidates out of 106 notified vacancies in telecom Operation and total 9 candidates out of 56 notified vacancies have qualified from among outside candidates. Answer sheet of internal candidates are not processed hence result is not declared citing ineligibility ordered by court of law which is completely wrong and misguiding.

It is to clarify that eligibility of the candidates is not decided by court of law but decided by the board of directors by making recruitment rules. Court of law has only denied the eligibility of the departmental candidates as per the provision of recruitment rule but recruitment rules is approved by board of directors. Making recruitment rules for any post is sole discretion of CPSEs board and same cannot be challenged in the court of law until and unless constitutional violation is there.

Board of CPSE must use every discretionary power vested on them in the best interest of the company and motivation of existing employees. The biggest question arise here is that whether BSNL board has used itís discretionary power in a fair way and as per the requirement of the company. We are failed to understand that when one Engineering Graduate working in any field and in any private company of turnover of Rs 100 Cr. is eligible if he is having 12 years of post qualification experience than why engineering graduate of BSNL (turnover of Rs 30000 Cr.) having more than 12 years of experience in telecom operation or not made eligible in recruitment rule of DGM. If they would have been made eligible in recruitment rules whether court of law had denied their eligibility?.

As Claimed, DGM recruitment rule is framed with intention to attract best talent for the post of DGM. When the departmental candidates satisfying all the eligibility criteria as of private candidates have appeared in the same examination why their result cannot be published to know the availability of actual talent. If one departmental candidate has qualified the same exams with higher rank than outsider why he cannot become DGM in BSNL? Court of law has not denied for declaration of result and giving appointment to departmental candidates having equal or more talent than outsiders. In fact, it is the power of board to relax the provision of recruitment rules. Earlier also BSNL board have taken various such decisions to relax the qualifying standard after conducting examination and declaration of results and even after the appointment of successful candidates.

This is nothing but similar like VYAPAM scam in Madhya Pradesh where around 27000 teachers already working on adhoc basis for more than 5-10 years were not regularized. They have been said to appear in the exam conducted by VYAPAM with fresh candidates. Most of the experienced teachers despite of getting weightage of their experience declared failed and fresh candidates have managed to be declared successful which is now known as VYAPAM GHOTALA.

BSNL instead of giving service weightage has made DGM recruitment in such a way that departmental candidates are not eligible despite possessing higher eligibility points and now stopped the result so that they can fill up the DGM vacancies through outsider. Despite of possessing professional qualification, vast telecom experience and already working on E3, E4 and E5 scale departmental candidates are denied of functional responsibility of the pay scale but now proposed to recruit fresh external candidates at E3 in the name of MT.

BSNL is totally failed to attract 250 DGM in Telecom Operation and 50 DGM in Telecom Finance from among outsiders in last two recruitments which clearly shows that BSNL job is not a hotcake today for any talent available in the open market but some vested interest in BSNL are playing some scam to recruits non-talent from open market and not allowing internal talent to grow who are already selected among lakhs having vast telecom experience. This is nothing but similar like VYAPAM scam in Madhya Pradesh.

It is also learnt that some top brass of the company are infighting to show down to each other and trying to create anarchy in SBNL by making such illogical and unwanted recruitments so that motivation level and moral of existing employees goes to bottom. The timing of declaration of DGM result when present Director (HR) is going to retire in this month only and executives are already on protest against any external recruitment is highly suspicious.

This is highly required to have independent inquiry by the investigation agencies for which association will launch campaigning shortly. We all must be ready to send memorandum/complaints to various authorities including CVO BSNL demanding investigation behind making recruitment rules in such a way which give preferential treatment to outsider and completely bar the internal talent. Association is very much confident that some vested interests are playing some big recruitment scam in BSNL.

Date Posted : 6 July 2015

Subject : Isnít it marketing of big failure as mega achievement just to sabotage the ongoing struggle???

Some association leaders are giving detail analysis of their achievements on HR fronts after formation of BSNL. They are still comparing the career of CPSE executives with erstwhile DOT/DTS. They are claiming that they have fought and ensure smooth career progression of executives in BSNL. Are they denying the following facts or trying to hide some things in the want of survival of their Netagiri?

  • That executives of BSNL are yet waiting for more than 20 years to get promotion from JTO to SDE?.

  • One Engineering Graduate working elsewhere can become DGM in BSNL just with the experience of 12 years in any company having turnover of Rs 100 Cr. but Engineering Graduate recruited through toughest All India competition at executives cadre in BSNL (turnover Rs 30000 Cr.) cannot become DGM in their whole career.

  • Engineering Graduate recruited in any CPSE of the country have got minimum 3 functional promotion in 13 years of service but Engineering Graduate of BSNL are yet waiting for first functional promotion in BSNL?

  • Some executives are now becoming regular DE and DGM not because of their struggle and achievements but just because ITS recruitment is stopped since last 15 years. Once MT recruitment will start in BSNL as a replacement of ITS, similar situation will prevail like in DOT era where 90% of executives recruited as JTO/JAO will retire with only one functional promotion.

  • Last but not least, canít they see the facts that HR policy of BSNL is moving in direction where experience and performance have no value but motivating officers to leave performing in field and join some coaching institute so that vested interest in BSNL can earn some commission from such institutes putting company interest on the stake? In what manner this unique MT recruitment above already recruited professionally qualified and experienced executives is going to help this company?

We believe this is not the achievements of any executives association but it is cumulative failure of all of us. Now BSNL has proposed to recruit MT just above us still some leaders are shamelessly claiming this as their historic achievements with intention to sabotage the ongoing struggle. Such leaders must introspect themselves and come out from government setup to see the facts in field. They must come out from being in synch and maintaining personal relationship with top management to satisfy their vested interest on the cost of the career of thousands of executives. Unfortunately such leaders are finding all the justifications for marketing their big failure as a mega and historic achievement so that their netagiri can survive. Time is not lost, they must come out from their personal interest and become a part of this struggle to save the career of executives as well as interest of the company.

Date Posted : 6 July 2015

Subject : guidelines for the Relay hunger fast from 7th july to 9th july 2015

Guidelines for the proposed Relay Hunger Fast from 07th July 2015 to 09th July 2015:


  • All members of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA should participate in the Hunger Fast Program dividing themselves into 3 batches for 3 days. Unwell members should also participate, however, may be for a lesser period.


  • Hunger Fast should start at 10.00 hrs and continue up to 18.00 hrs. All the participants must take their seat by 1000 hrs availing casual leave for the day and must not leave the place except for natures call.


  • The participants may take only drinking water if required and nothing else (tea, biscuit etc) during the period of the Fast.


  • Other members, who are not sitting for the Hunger Fast on that day, must attend the camp during lunch hours for demonstration. Remember that they are also on "Work According to Rule" Program hence their full concentration should be towards the agitation only and nowhere else.


  • Use of mobile phones should be minimum and only for urgent cause. Attending official calls sitting at the "Hunger Fast" place must be avoided.


  • Decorate the "Hunger Fast" suitably by banners and posters displaying the demands and the deprivations.


  • Remember future of the executives is depending on successful implementation of the agitation program.

Date Posted : 5 July 2015


This association is proud to congratulate Mr Sandeep Chaudhary Direct Recruits GE-JTO (HRMS 200902255), Panipat, Haryana for securing 158th Rank in the Civil Service Examination. He will surely get the IAS rank and become a policy maker of the country. Many of GE-JTOs have already been selected for some other prestigious exams like IES. Unfortunately BSNL HR cell is completely failed to see the internal talent.

Date Posted : 5 July 2015

Subject : Slowly cat is coming out from the bagÖ.True colour of the great warriors

Just few days back, the great warriors were declaring themselves as the messiah of the BSNL and singing songs of committee reconstitution for implementation of CPSU hierarchy as the achievement of the millennium. The great leader, the great warrior served a notice and withdrew just before the start despite of the unconditional support offered by AIGETOA with an excuse that they achieved the zenith and highlighted the committee formation (which was already in process beforehand) as the master achievement to implement the CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL and claimed that this committee will come out with final recommendations before 15th Aug-2015. Now, for the reasons best known to these great warriors of BSNL, they have suddenly started propagating and misguiding that implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL is a big challenge and seems almost impossible. The thing which was being cited as outcome of their struggle has suddenly become irrelevant and useless in their opinion. Today they are advocating that CPSE cadre hierarchy is not the solution for management succession plan. Height of submission is that they are claiming that management is not going to give promotion to existing executives beyond SDE/Sr SDE through this channel and they are endorsing this ridiculous view. Now in their opinion, proposed MT has become only channel of promotion beyond Sr. SDE and one has to accept the MT recruitment in BSNL, if they want to cross the barriers of Sr. SDE post. They are also claiming that whatever executives of BSNL are getting is the best. They are ready to accept outsiders having merely 12 years of experience as DGM but claiming that internal candidates having more qualification and experience in BSNL cannot go beyond Sr.SDE.

The aforesaid warrior must know that there is no history of making fresh recruitment at two levels in the same category of employees. every CPSE recruits executives at single level and many even at E1 pay scale and still such executives reach up to board of director through the CPSE cadre hierarchy mechanism only. One side they are pouring the fear of being dropped from promotion on account of non-performance if CPSE cadre hierarchy is implemented and other side crying to increase the productivity of company through various campaigning. The fact is that as per proposal submitted by us there is no dropping of even single executive but some executives may get out of turn promotion on account of their extra ordinary performance if contemporary CPSE cadre hierarchy is implemented. Going through their latest update, it is now very much clear that these great warriors will do all they can do to stop implementation of CPSE cadre hierarchy in BSNL in committee meetings. We are now pretty much sure that our struggle is not only with management but also these so called great warriors.

It seems that all these persons are interested is in messing up the BSNL HR further by advocating for introduction of one more cadre so that things remains messed up forever and their netagiri keeps on going hassle-free. We have been made to understand that popularity of these great warriors have reached its minimum and only solution left for such persons to keep their netagiri on is by dividing us into groups and creating confusion amongst the minds of all especially the youngsters. Such great warriors are more interested to attract some particular group by giving different and illogical justifications at different points of time and they just want to remain in synch with BSNL top management so that they can continue with their netagiri instead of representing the issues of executives in true sense. The issue is not of association ideology but it appears that some great warriors have taken their internal system at ransom. We fail to understand why the membership base of such institution is tolerating this abuse to their dignity silently instead of showing them the exit doors. We request all to analyze and ponder upon our submission and then decide so that the legitimate benefits and aspiration of executives donít receive a further dent by these warriors.

There is no question of accepting dual recruitment of fresh candidates in same category of employees i.e. Executives. By making dual recruitment they are trying to continue with DOT legacy and create another category of executives within executives which is not only disaster to our career but also the counterproductive to company. Time has come to get unite irrespective of the affiliation of the associations and fight untidily. Kick out the leaders who are singing song in synch with BSNL top management on MT raga. Let us, participate en-masse in the proposed hunger fast on 7th, 8th and 9th July-2015 and get ready for March to BSNL CO from 22nd onwards.

Date Posted : 3 July 2015

Subject : BSNL Concern & Counter Arguments of Forum on MT issue in the Committee Meetings

BSNL Concern & Counter Arguments of Forum on MT issue in the Committee Meetings :


GM (Pers) in the two committee meetings has put the concern of BSNL behind recruitment of MT and forum has put counter arguments on the concern. Click here for detail

Date Posted : 2 July 2015

Subject : Mass resignation from SNEA (I) at ITPC Hyderabad-unrest of executives on MT issue

It is reported that due to indifferent attitude of SNEA (I) CHQ on MT issue, about 25 members at ITPC Hyderabad have resigned from SNEA (I) and extended their full support and participation in the struggle launched by the forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA against MT and other long pending issues. many other executives are likely to resign in coming days throughout the country. High unrest and grand participation is reported throughout the country on yesterday lunch hour demonstration. Many executives irrespective of their affiliation with the association have supported and participated in the struggle. BSNL CO and Assam Circle have held lunch hour demonstration today due to the program of digital India yesterday. Our branch activist are requested to be in touch with all the executives and representatives irrespective of their affiliation with the associations and request them to be part of this struggle because this is not the issue of any association but this is the issue of every executives in BSNL. Let us start preparation of next activity i.e. hunger fast from 07-07-2015 to 09-07-2015. Divide executives in three groups in every SSA/Circle/HQ for three days. Every group must sit for one day on hunger fast from 10:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs and during lunch and closing hour all the executives must ensure their presence for mass slogan.

Date Posted : 2 July 2015

Subject : Update regarding Subscription

As per the provision of new constitution existing members who have not paid their annual subscription by 30th June -2015, their membership will be suspended. The suspension of membership on account of default in payment of the annual subscription but before cancellation of membership may be revoked after he has cleared the default along with 18% interest on the amount payable. However, he shall not be eligible to cast his vote in any election held during the remainder of the financial year.


Considering the provision of the new constitution existing members can revoke their membership by paying total amount of Rs 1218/- instead of Rs 1200/- till the 31st July-2015. Decision on cancellation of membership will be taken by Central Executives committee after 31st July-2015. Once membership is cancelled they must pay Rs 500/- as new membership fee along with Rs 1200/- annual subscription fee.


So, existing members (who have already paid subscription up to 31st March-15) have one month more chance to pay their subscription with interest i.e. Rs. 1218/-. It is appeal to all such members to please pay their subscription before cancellation of their membership. New members must pay total Rs 1700/-.


After paying the subscription please fill the online form. Click here for link

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