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Date Posted : 24 April 2015


EPFO has issued special directive to it’s field officers regarding non-implementation of social security measure by BSNL. It is also asked to field offices to prepare a detailed report of PF dues, interest on that and damages under the provisions of the Act and submit it to the EPFO Head office so that the matter can be taken up with the BSNL Chairman and Managing Director. Employees social security are already on stake now BSNL is likely to pay the cost of hiring officers on deputation for managing the affair of BSNL. Click here for News


This is really arrogance of the officers who are not affected by this social security measure as they are well protected through government pension. This is to feel shame for government companies like BSNL which one side claims to serve the public of India by providing affordable telecom services without bothering about the profit and loss and in other side fails to implement mandatory social security of it’s own employees. This is not only loss to the employees but also to the company in terms of interest and penalty to be enforced by EPFO. Responsible officers who are enjoying handsome salary and perks allowances with LTC just to manage the affair of the company but this company has to pay for their working in BSNL. There are several examples that responsible officers have taken actions including Charge Sheets, FIR, suspension etc. against the sufferers who dare to raise the voice against anomalies in maintaining the EPF account but BSNL is totally handicapped in taking strict action against such officers who are deliberately failed to execute their responsibility. This association will force the BSNL management to fix the responsibility for EPF anomaly and penalty to be paid to EPFO. If the need arise we will also approach to court of law for fixing the responsibility.

Date Posted : 24 April 2015

Subject : BSNL ever best offer on basic telephony-grab this opportunity to increase the market share

BSNL is market leader with more than 62% share in landline but we are losing this share day by day with huge disconnection every month. Now BSNL has offered from 1st May-2015 free calling from landline to any network and anywhere in India between 9:00 P.M. to 7:00 am along with increased free calls during normal time. This offer will certainly attract customers towards landline services. All the national/local live as well as print media has given wide coverage to this new offer of BSNL. All members of this association are requested to be prepared to grab this opportunity to increase the market share of BSNL in landline telephony.


We also know that simply good offer alone can only attract the customer’s demand but will not give expected result in increasing the telephone connection unless mandatory resources like cable pair, drop wire, new telephone instruments etc are available in sufficient quantity so that we are able to provide connections on demand. We are also known about the concern of authorities in field towards the productivity of company as their current benefits are completely independent of profitability of BSNL and their future and social security is not at all dependent on survival of BSNL and hence they only believe in increasing the revenue in their tenure for their career enhancement by curtailment in mandatory expenditure required for development, expansion and maintenance, stopping the benefits of employees like medical reimbursement, TA/DA, Transfer Grant even salary, stopping the payment of vendors etc. in this situation this new offer of BSNL one side will increase the demand and on other side will also increase confrontation between customers and frontline employees and between frontline employees and senior officers due to lack of resources. Branch representatives of this association must be ready to face such situation in fields and prepare their requirement well in advance to fulfill the customer requirement on demand. First time in BSNL our CMD has openly said which was also readout by the Honorable Minster for Telecom & IT Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad in Lok sabha that the biggest reason for loss of BSNL is not otherwise but due to failure of BSNL in expanding the mobile network at appropriate time for which employees are not responsible it is only board of directors of BSNL and administrative ministry. Our CMD has shown faith on us now We have to fulfill the expectation of our CMD through this offer “come what may”.

Date Posted : 23 April 2015

Subject : Big congratulation and salute to all the employees of BSNL who participated in the historic strike for survival of BSNL

This association extends profound congratulation and salute to each and every employees of BSNL who participated in the two days strike called by forum of associations and unions of BSNL. Friends, recently you have witness that RBI has cut down the REPO rate but banking sectors were reluctant to decrease the interest rate considering the profitability which can harm the benefits of their employees. Senior management and board of banking sectors have shown courage to stand strongly before government for survival and profitability of the sector and after getting assurance from government to take care of their profitability only banks have become ready to decrease the interest rate nominally. Similarly management of CPSEs from petroleum sectors have fought strongly with government and taken over the control of price fixing in their hand just to ensure the profitability of company and to save the benefits of employees. BSNL and MTNL is only CPSEs in India where government has deputed it’s puppets at all the senior management level so that their pro-private policy which is harming the interest of these company can be implemented without any resistant. These puppets having no self respect and ethics of working, simply obeying all the decisions of government shamelessly even they have gone up to extent of stopping such benefits (perks/allowances, social security, Std. pay scale, promotional avenues, transport allowance, appropriate TA/DA, children education fees, LTC etc.) of BSNL employees which they are still enjoying from BSNL. Government has stopped the compensation against providing service at loss making rural place but they don’t dare to close the services. Government has asked the reserve fund of BSNL by one or other reason and these puppets have happily deposited all the money to government account. It is needless to mention that these are the officers who sometimes work in DOT and sometimes in BSNL how can we expect that they will resist the anti-BSNL policies of DOT. Although it was the job of senior management (ITS offices) to fight against anti-BSNL policy of government but It is really condemnable and shameful act of ITS officers working on deployment who instead of supporting this noble fight, are sending wrong report about the participation of strike. Thanks to forum of unions and associations of BSNL who shown their unity and concern for the company and striking for it’s survival but this fight cannot reach to destination until these puppets shall be taken on task and force them to either get absorbed in BSNL or fly out from this tree..

Date Posted : 22 April 2015

Subject : puppets of government are deputed in BSNL to finish it- survival of BSNL is in your hand only

Dear Comrades, BSNL has reached almost Rs. 10,000 Cr. Loss from Rs. 10000 Cr. Profit and more than Rs. 40000 Cr. Reserve fund just within span of 5 years. It is needless to state that such abrupt transaction from huge profit to huge loss is not because employees are not competent or not working but it is squarely due to pro-private policy of government and passiveness with fear of our top management who never dare to oppose such policies of government. Our earlier board and senior managements had worked just like puppet of Government and obeyed every decision. Instead of opposing such policies of Government they prefer to cut down the benefits of employees who have been working day and night and made survival of BSNL so for even with small resources. Unfortunate part is that officers working on deputation in BSNL enjoying their all benefits including perks/allowances, LTC and even some selective benefits of CPSEs for which they are not even eligible as a award of working with puppet attitude but original employees of BSNL are getting their half salary than they are eligible citing loss to the company. This is first time after year 2005 when all executives and non-executives employees are united together except government puppets and showing courage to fight against Anti-BSNL policy of the government. This unity and struggle is highly required keeping in view the survival of BSNL and benefits of the employees. Pay revision is due in year 2017, if government will not adopt pro-BSNL policy then definitely our benefits will be on stake. We all will have to pay for the wrong doing of others and cowardness of ours. We may have differences in some particular issues but still all must remain unite and fight against the government policies which are harming our beloved company. This association also hopes that unlike year 2005 strike some leaders will not mingle their hands with authorities for negotiating their small benefits on the cost of survival of BSNL

Ek hi Ullu Kafi Hai Barbad-E-Gulista Karne Ko!!! Hal-E Gulista Kya hoga jab har Sakh pe Ullu Baithe hon!!!! .

Date Posted : 22 April 2015

Subject : grand success !! first day of strike on 21st april 2015. Make second day successful

Grand Success !!!! Day One of Strike !!!!


AIGETOA Congratulate each & every employee of BSNL in making first day ( 21st April 2015) a grand success. As per the reports recieved from various field units, successful strike observed in Central Zone, Eastern Zone, Western Zone & Southern Zone. 100% strike reported from every corner of the nation.


AIGETOA appeal all the members of this association to participate actively and make the Day Two (22nd April 2015) a grand success also.

Date Posted : 21 April 2015

Subject : LDCE Notification issued

LDCE Notification Issued : Examination will be held on 21st June 2015


Corporate Office issued notification for holding Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Promotion to the grade of sub-divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 21.06.2015. Click here for Notification

Date Posted : 18 April 2015

Subject : Must ensure 100% participation in forum strike to be held on 21-22 April-2015

AIGETOA is part of united forum for the purpose of proposed strike and also signed the strike notice. There should not be any confusion in this regard. All member of this association are requested to fully participate in the forum strike to be held on 21st and 22nd April-2015. Branch representatives must ensure 100% participation

Date Posted : 14 April 2015

Subject : Feel importance of your representations on pay, promotion and pension- submit it as early as possible

You might remember that Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister, had headed a committee to review BSNL’s operations in 2009-10. The committee had recommended selection of the best professionals from the private sector at market rates at the level of GM and CGM, and appointment of an eminent person from the private sector as chairman. It suggested separating the post of Managing Director/CEO from CMD and a change of the board’s composition to seven directors — one internal MD/CEO, one non-executive chairman, two government nominees and three external directors.

The Telecom Commission deliberated these recommendations and then set up an Internal Committee led by Member Services (ITS). The Internal Committee submitted its recommendations on October 29, 2010, based on which the Telecom Commission decided that taking 30-50 professionals from the market at market rates, changing the board constitution or separating the posts of chairman and MD may not be feasible in only one public sector undertaking (PSU) as it may simultaneously trigger protests from BSNL and demand for similar treatment by other PSUs. Telecom Commission had refused to recruit 30-50 professionals from the market at market rates based on the resentment and representation of ITS officers against this recruitment.

Earlier pro-ITS were appointed as board of Directors and taken every decision to extend benefit and survival of unabsorbed ITS officers in BSNL on the cost of our career and interest of the company but now situation is changing day by day. ITS is dying cadre and now absorbed ITS or non-ITS officers are getting their position in BSNL board. This association is very much confident that now Pro-BSNL instead Pro-ITS officers are getting their position in decision making post in BSNL. Your mass representation may provide them base to change the decision taken by Pro-ITS BSNL management. Many direct recruits have already submitted their representations but still quantity has not crossed even 25% of direct recruits. This association requests every direct recruit to please submit the representations uploaded on this website as available on top and contribute small effort to change your destiny. After sending the representations please fill the data in the form as available on this website so that representatives of this association can argue strongly before the authorities.

Date Posted : 10 April 2015

Subject : querries on status of verious critical issues regarding

there are various quarries regarding status of committee report on standard pay scale, superannuation benefits and career progression, MT/DGM recruitment. This association can only say that No power of the universe can stop our benefits in respect of standard pay scale of E2 and 30% superannuation benefits in totality. It is only the matter of time which depends on our strength and participation. Every authority in BSNL knows that they cannot stop these benefits as these are not our demands but our entitlements. Any further delay is only the loss of moral of employees and hence productivity of the company which is irreversible. If the BSNL management is having even small understanding about the service law and concern with the productivity of the company they must not linger on these issues any more. If we are ready to accept the BSNL views that one engineering graduate having merely 12 years of experience in any company of the world can become DGM in BSNL but we despite possessing higher qualifications and experience in BSNL itself are not capable to execute the responsibility of DGM and above and same responsibility will be executed by external MT then this association can only say that we are having no self respect, self confidence and in fact not alive but we are more than dead. If it is not making any effect on our sense of mind that all employees including our senior managers and board of directors require benefits of pay revision, perks/allowances along with handsome pension for retiral life and we direct recruits will face pay loss after every pay revision and can survive our retiral life without pension by just begging on street then our mind has become senseless which need to consult famous neurosurgeon immediately. Last but not the least if we think all these benefits will be extended automatically in time or with the effort few volunteers then we are surly mad and need to………………….. We will get all our dues today or tomorrow or day after tomorrow. If we want it today then don’t depend on some of the volunteers……………at least represent your issues today and get ready for future struggle. .

Date Posted : 10 April 2015

Subject : UPDATE ON LDCE for SDE (T)

On 09-04-2015 VP Sh Mantosh Kumar, AGS Sh Abhishek Jain and CWC member Delhi Sh Subhendu Kumar met GM (Rectt.) and GM (Pers) at BSNL CO and inquired about the status of LDCE for SDE (T). It is conveyed that although BSNL has approached to Honorable High Court of Shimla for seeking permission to conduct the LDCE with clubbing vacancies together but there is least chance. To avoid further delay in wait of outcome of Honorable Shimla High Court LDCE for one vacancy year i.e. 2010-11 will be notified within this month and expected to complete the process of conducting examination, declaration of result, issuing promotion order and posting within span of two months. LDCE for subsequent vacancy years will be notified within 7 days of completion of all the process of first LDCE. This association and BSNL management is trying the level best to extend optimum benefits to all direct recruits through LDCE for their very first promotion. Members are requested to refrain of approaching to court of law to create further hurdle in want of early promotion then seniors which ultimately delay their own promotion. Conducting LDCE with year wise vacancy is the only fastest way of extending promotion to all the direct recruits without injustice to any batches. Even if Honorable High Court of Shimla allow the LDCE with clubbing all the vacancies together there is every chance that higher court will grant stay and revert the decision which is nothing but simply wastage of 4-5 more years. .

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