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Date Posted : 29 October 2014

Subject : Some of the "Hitlarian Act" of CGM MP Telecom Circle

Some of the "Hitlarian Act" of CGM MP Telecom Circle :


  1. Forcing executives to purchase Smart Phones from their own salary so that official communication can be made through whatsApp.

  2. Forcing employees to purchase Jumper and Drop wire from their salary for providing telephone and broadband connections.

  3. Issuing instruction in writing to employees for donating salary to increase revenue of MP Telecom Circle to improve the performance of circle in his tenure so that he can improve his APAR and qualify the interview for his career enhancement.

  4. Threatening employees to have normal delivery of baby without hospitalization else he will not pay medical reimbursement.

  5. Forcing DDOs to cut the salary of employees without following the department proceedings.

  6. Filling fake FIR, Suspension without sufficient reason in violation to CVC guidelines, Show cause notice, Charge sheets, and transfer etc against the association leaders who dare to raise voice against his wrong deeds.

  7. Now, putting terms and conditions like "Unconditional regret, Performance, Vigilance status" and undertaking for not raising the voice in future against their wrong deeds for refund of wrongly and randomly deducted salary.


It is highly required for the CGM and GM (Admin) Madhya Pradesh Telecom Circle to verify their authority and power delegated by company whether they are authorized to put such repressive conditions for deduction and refund of basic wage of employees. As far as our understanding deduction of salary on account of unauthorized leave and refunding the same is governed by CCS leave rule wherein no such provision exist to put such repressive terms & conditions. This is clearly the hitlarian act of CGM and GM (Admin) MP which needs to be stopped over here. They need to change their mind set that BSNL is not their personal property and they are also the paid executives like us hence they must not try to overstep their jurisdiction with intension to harass the executives just to satisfy their ego.


All members of MP Telecom Circle are requested to send their appeal to CGM MP within this week as directed by association, this association is now fully prepare to counter against such hitlarian act.


CS AIGETOA MP wrote letter to CGM MP against the repressive order issued to field units in respect of salary refund. Click here for letter

Date Posted : 27 October 2014

Subject : MP Circle Issue : Kind attention to all members of aigetoa mp

Kind attention Members of MP Telecom Circle:


The negative attitude and hitlerian act of CGM (MP) and GM (Admin) MP is now acme of the pyramid. There are doing all such things with targeted move to demoralize the employees working in this circle so that they can prove there supremacy as they donít have any concern with the performance of the circle. There are various genuine issues of employees but instead of resolving them on merit they are simply using gimcrackery tactic like sticking faux FIR, Serving Show Cause Notices, Memorandums, Charge Sheets, Vindictive transfers and issuing suspension orders to representatives of associations who dafe to raise the voice against their wrong deeds. CGM MP has gone up to the extent of abusing the leadership of associations.


This association has tried its level best for amicable resolution of the issues and taken up the matters up to highest authority of the company. Despite involvement of CMD BSNL and clear direction to act on merit and as per the provision/guidelines of company, CGM is completely ignorant and keep on doing his hitlerism. On request of CMD and GM (SR), General Secretary of AIBSNLEA was also involved in resolving the issues amicably but all in vain.


Recently, MP circle office has issued letter for salary refund by putting several terms and conditions like unconditional regret, undertaking for non-participation in future agitation, performance, vigilance status etc which is not at all acceptable to this association. This association has not demanded refund of salary but only raised the voice against random deduction of salary without following the provision/guidelines of the company and demanded justice.


Now this association has left with no options but to fight purely on merit. All members of MP Telecom Circle are requested to be prepare for the same and as a first step all members must file following appeal to CGM MP directly on following address within one week of time.


The Chief General Manager

MP Telecom Circle,

BSNL Bhawan, Hoshangabad Road,

Bhopal, MP - 462015

Format of Appeal to CGM MP. Click here for format


Attachment Annex-5 of Chhattisgarh High Court Order. Click here for attachment

Date Posted : 20 October 2014

Subject : Circle News : AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA Circle News : Kolkata Telecom Circle


AIGETOA-CTD team Congratulates Sr. GM (Enterprise Business)/CTD for securing business from M/S Allahabad Bank. On behalf of AIGETOA-CTD, President Mr. Amit Das presented a flower bouquet to our Sr. GM (Enterprise Business)/CTD Shri Amit Bhattacharya and congratulated him and his team for making a milestone achievement, by securing a big business worth Rs 115 cores from the M/S Allahabad Bank.


Further, AIGETOA-CTD congratulates the DR Executives of EB team for their pivotal role in bringing this huge revenue to BSNL with their consistent effort. We strongly believe that these kind of business acquisition will motivate BSNL fraternity to work as team to take BSNL to a new height in days to come.

Date Posted : 14 October 2014

Subject : BSNL Corporate Office issued letter for increase in wage ceiling under EPS,1995

BSNL Corporate Office issued letter for increase in wage ceiling under EPS,1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 1st Sept 2014 :


In reception to the letter given by GS Shri R P Shahu to CMD BSNL regarding increase in wage ceiling under EPS, 1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 1st Sept 2014, BSNL Corporate office issued the EPF & Gazette Notification. Click here EPF Notification and Gazette Notification

Date Posted : 10 October 2014

Subject : Data collection in respect of pending Rule-8 transfer cases in JTO cadre

Data collection in respect of Pending Rule-8 transfer cases in JTO cadre :


Members are requested to please fill in the following online form so that association shall have complete data in respect of pending Rule-8 transfer cases in JTO cadre. This data is urgently required to follow up the pending Rule-8 transfer cases. Click here for Online Form

Date Posted : 10 October 2014

Subject : increase in wage ceiling under EPS, 1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 01-09-2014


GS Shri R P Shahu writes to CMD BSNL regarding increase in wage ceiling under EPS, 1995 from Rs 6500/- to Rs 15000/- w.e.f 1st Sept 2014. Click here for letter

Date Posted : 10 October 2014

Subject : aigetoa meeting with gm(Estt.)

Details of AIGETOA Meeting with GM (Estt.) :


Vice President AIGETOA Sh Mantosh Kumar along with Shri Surinder Mahar met with GM (Estt.) to follow up the issue related to EPF contribution for training period. Shri Surinder Mahar informed GM (Estt.) that he himself has filed this case to the EPF commissioner against BSNL and decision came in the favor of direct recruits. Later on BSNL has filed appeal in Chennai High court and again decision came in favor of direct recruits. But instead of implementing the directions of Honorable High court, BSNL again filed a defective appeal to the divisional bench but the case was not pursued. We strongly submitted that BSNL is just using judicial provisions as delay tactics against the interest of direct recruits. GM (Estt) patiently listened to us and told that due to holidays and thereupon busy schedule he was unable to study the case but he assured that he will look into the matter and called us in next week for the issue.


GM (Estt.) also informed that he has hold internal meeting regarding standard pay scales and second meeting is also planned in next week. Association has reminded him about his assurance for resolution of pay scale issue by the end of this year. Sh. Surrender Mahar told to GM (Estt.) that almost 8 year out of ten year tenure of pay commission have passed and insisted that issue needs to be resolved at the earliest. GM (Estt.) assured for the resolution of the pay scale by the end of this year.


Regarding rule-8 transfer cases, GM (Estt.) informed that he has asked CGM (WB) and GM (Admn.), WB, during their visit to BSNLCO to initiate the rule -8 transfer cases against the LICE passed JTOs in line with other circle and expedite the rule-8 cases approved by his predecessor and CGM(WB) was in agreement for the same.

Date Posted : 10 October 2014

Subject : special joint meetings of aigetoa & aibsnlea karnataka circle

Details of Special Joint Meetings of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA of Karnataka Circle : 



  • Special Joint General Body meetings of AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA held at NOC Bangalore (East) on 29th Sept 2014. Click here for details

Date Posted : 8 October 2014

Subject : meeting update with GM (Rectt.) in respect of LDCE for SDE (T)

Meeting with GM(Rectt.) in respect of LDCE for SDE (T) :


Shri Mantosh Kumar (Vice President AIGETOA) along with Shri Bhupendra Agrawal (Auditor Delhi Circle) & other members (Shri Ashwini Kumar Joshi, Shri Naresh Kumar & Shri Sharad Kumar) met with GM Recruitment and discussed about LDCE (JTO to SDE) which is pending for a long time. GM (Recruitment) informed that he himself is concerned for early conduction of exam and recruitment cell is working in mission mode for the same. For LDCE he informed that, there are some hurdle in notifying LDCE which may cause legal problem but notification may come by 13th Nov-2014 after getting resolution of the hurdle. Association insisted for early notification as long time has already passed since last LDCE, GM (Rectt.) assured that he will try to make it done by end of this month. GM (Recruitment) said that not only LDCE but other exams like Special recruitment drives (SRDs), JAO, MT etc. are also in pipeline. It was also informed by GM (recruitment) that the process for online examination year to year basis is under process and by next financial year (2015-16) a fixed calendar for all the examination will be available. It was also informed by GM (Recruitment) that Recruitment cell has forwarded note to Establishment regarding special recruitment drive in North east and Assam Circle Cell for further administrative approvals so that shortage of man power can be managed in these areas. Association side has welcomed the concept and assured all possible cooperation to get through this special recruitment drive.

Date Posted : 2 October 2014

Subject : AIGETOA Karnataka Meeting with Hon'ble Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda

AIGETOA Karnataka Meeting with Hon'ble Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda :


Circle Body of AIGETOA Karnataka Shri Sundar Raju (Circle Secretary KTK), Shri Harishankar Tiwary (CWC KTK) and Shri Prashant Gaurav (ACS KTK) met Hon'ble Railway Minister Shri Sadanand Gowda at his residence on 27th Sept 2014. AIGETOA owes gratitude to Shri Sadanand Gowda for giving his valuable time to listen to the issue of DRs in BSNL. He was very generous and receptive towards ours issue and assured to put forward the write up to Hon'ble Minister of Communication Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad and also pass on the views shared by us to MOC in best possible way, at the same time urged and called upon all the employees to work hard for betterment of BSNL. Click here for Glimpses of Meeting

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