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Date Posted : 15 April 2014

Subject : TRAI to address industry's OTT concerns: Reports

Latest Telecom News :


TRAI likely to float discussion paper on OTT players like Whatsapp, Viber. (Source : The Economic Times, 15th April 2014). Click here for full article

Date Posted : 14 April 2014

Subject : dr b r ambedkar jayanti

Remembering BabaSaheb Dr. B R Ambedkar on his 123rd Birthday, 14th April 2014


Date Posted : 14 April 2014

Subject : BSNL to open technical university

Latest BSNL News :


BSNL to open Technical University, offer Cyber Security Training. (Source : Times of India, 13th Apr 2014). Click here for News


BSNL has started work on establishing a technical university that will offer engineering and management courses. The PSU expects to approach All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) as well as University Grants Commission (UGC) for formal approval within next eight months.

Date Posted : 7 April 2014

Subject : Details & Resolutions of cec held at bhopal, mp on 5th & 6th April 2014

Resolutions of AIGETOA CHQ CEC held at Bhopal, MP on 5th & 6th April 2014 :


As scheduled, CEC of AIGETOA was held in Bhopal on 5th and 6th April 2014. Representatives from various parts of the country and CHQ office bearers attended the meet. Various aspects related to organizational aspects of AIGETOA and the current issues related to President AIGETOA were discussed. The house unanimously rejected the resignation of President AIGETOA and other CHQ members. It was agreed that the changes in the governing body of AIGETOA, if any can be taken up in next AGM. It was also resolved that MP circle body will take up the matter with MP circle administration for unconditional withdrawal of all the disciplinary action taken by MP Administration against the members including apology from the CGM MP for his uncalled for remarks against the AIGETOA leadership. It was also decided that after waiting some more days for the recommendations of HLC, AIGETOA CHQ may take up the decision of launching agitational programs again if there is unnecessary delay in sharing of the report and its recommendations with association and also if they are not based upon the merit of the case and various orders issued from DPE, GOI, DOT time to time. The house reiterated its faith in the current leadership and ensured the support of all the members for the endeavors of AIGETOA CHQ in regard to the various issues related to the direct recruits. The whole house was of the view that AIGETOA should always be ready for the extreme if nothing comes out through amicable means.


Resolution of CEC on 5th & 6th April 2014. Click here for the CEC Resolutions


Photos of 5th & 6th April 2014. Click here for Glimpses of CEC


Date Posted : 30 March 2014

Subject : Format for Individual Representation on Random Salary

Format for Individual Representation on Random Salary :


All members of MP Telecom Circle are requested to submit individual representation on random salary cut as attached in the format. Click here for Individual Representation


Member may also give reference of the representation already made if any on the subject. This representation must be submitted by every individual without fail. Circle Representatives must take the responsibility and call feedback from every individual member.

Date Posted : 29 March 2014

Subject : Online travel plan form for cec at bhopal on 5th & 6th April 2014

Online Travel Plan form for Emergency CEC at Bhopal, MP on 5th & 6th April 2014 :


All Circle Secretaries/CWC & CHQ Members should fill & update their travel plan status for the AIGETOA CHQ emergency CEC meeting of CHQ and Circle Secretaries on 5th & 6th April 2014 Bhopal, MP. Click here for Online Form

Date Posted : 27 March 2014

Subject : Details of the Persuasion Made at different levels to Resolve the Issue in an Amicable Manner

Details of the current issue which cropped up with our All India President Shri R P Shahuji. Click here for Detail


Details of the Persuasion made at Different Levels to Resolve the Issue in an Amicable Manner


GS along with AGS Amit Roy met on 19th March met CGM MP, GM (Admin), GM (Finance) and OSD to CGM. The issues raised by the members of MP circle were discussed in detail. In the end, CGM MP recognized the genuineness of the issues raised and agreed to refund the salary. Further, the suspension orders issued to the office bearers of the association were also discussed. Admin side agreed to revoke the suspension orders. CS MP Shri S K Gupta was asked to co-ordinate with the circle administration for the same. CGM MP also directed GM (finance) to immediately ensure that digital signature is procured for ensuring compliance to EPF authorities. Further, CGM MP also directed GM (Admin) to post direct recruits for this job. GS requested MP circle authorities to not to treat DRs as their adversaries and not to take any vindictive action against the direct recruits without any reasons. GS assured circle administration that all DRs are completely dedicated towards their work and donít involve in agitational activity unless it becomes absolutely necessary. On behalf of members, GS assured that members of AIGETOA will keep on contributing to take BSNL to its greatest heights but their issues should be kept in mind and they should not be treated as enemies of administration. In regard to the comments made by CGM MP on AIGETOA and its leadership, CGM told the representatives that he will not speak about AIGETOA on any platform and they should close the issue.


However, till date the commitments made by circle administration have not been fulfilled. GS on 25th March also spoke to CGM and he has informed that he has already instructed GM (Admin) to implement the commitments made and asked circle secretary shri S.K. Gupta to get in touch with GM (admin) and ensure the compliances. The same was communicated to circle secretary. CS MP Circle is in discussions with circle administration but perhaps MP circle administration has taken the endeavours for amicable resolution as our weakness.


In the meanwhile, in regard to the HLC recommendations, next LDCE, Gujarat issue and other developments, as GS is unavailable because of accident while coming back from Bhopal, AGS-I and VP-II were monitoring the developments. However, the information received was mixed.


Sensing the criticality of the situation and undue delay by MP circle in fulfilling the commitments, despite of the medical condition, GS went to meet Director (HR) on 26th March 2014. All the issues were discussed. Director (HR) assured us that he will call CGM MP and tell him to ensure the all the commitments which he had made should be fulfilled. In regard to the HLC also, director informed that discussions with CMD has also taken place on the issue and we should wait for the outcome. On LDCE issue Director (HR) assured for an early action. On Gujarat issue, management has called for some inputs which we shall be submitting today. GS also discussed the issue of four year time bound up-gradation and EPF contribution on training period and informed him that no action has been taken on these issues till date. Director (HR) assured to direct the concerned authorities for action on the same. HLC is also meeting on 27th March 2014 and we have a sincere hope that they submit their recommendation without any further delay.


Friends! Despite of the best efforts, on the MP Circle issue, it appears that my endeavour for solution in amicable way has failed. I followed the steps which I thought as best in current scenario but perhaps management doesnít understands such type of actions and it is this lax attitude which forces the leaders to follow the path of agitation. Most of you believed that I will do the charisma with my style and convince management on the issues but I donít have any second thoughts in accepting that all such thoughts have proven to be wrong and my thoughts and process have been a complete failure on this platform. Though BSNL CO response on the issue was positive but despite of that circle has failed to act. It may also be a planned act to destroy the association at the place from where association has flourished and derived its energy.


Our two CHQ members (All India President and AGS), CWC MP and DS Bhopal has been suspended for raising the voice against the gross violation of the very basic rules by MP Circle administration, and seeking the documents and basis for action taken. While the suspension should have been of those officers, who mindlessly acted upon the circular issued by corporate office without adopting the very basic process and authorization from the competent authority. In this process, the rules have been broken by administration, their officers have overstepped the jurisdiction which is also a punishable act under the CDA rules, and to add to everything, even law of natural justice has not been followed. In one of the discussions with Circle administration GM (Admin) asked CS MP why he has not signed the notice served by Joint Forum against the proposed one day salary cut. He even suggested that this has resulted in ego hurt to them which is creating problems. Nothing can be more disastrous then this. Perhaps they have forgotten that instigating anybody to extreme is also a punishable offence. Our officers have asked for the documents and approvals which administration failed to provide. If anybody uses loud voice then it becomes a case of misconduct and reason for suspension giving us enough reasons to wonder whether we are living in democratic country. Further, we are also aware of the hob-nobbings and hand-in-globe tactics of other friendly associations who have taken this as chance to en-cash but they have forgotten that same thing may occur to them also.


In this scenario, to react and take things to the next step is the only solution. CHQ hereby announces an Emergency CEC in Bhopal on 5th and 6th April 2014 at Bhopal to decide the next course of action and brainstorm the previous developments and other organizational aspects. In the meanwhile, the format for the Memorandum and other representations to be submitted by office bearers across the country shall be uploaded soon. We shall also be uploading the format of complaint against the erring officials who breached the rules which should be submitted by each and every member of MP Telecom Circle. Click here for Notification of CEC


The recent developments seek an immediate attention and strong reaction to teach a lesson to all such elements who indulge into such gross misuse of their power and authority. The Emergency CEC has been called to decide the next course of action and by that time perhaps recommendations of the HLC shall also be in place. Therefore attending the aforesaid CEC is a must for every CS/CP/CWC Member, otherwise they may send in their resignations on moral grounds.

Date Posted : 25 March 2014

Subject : epfo to provide permanent numbers from October

Telecom News- :

EPFO to provide permanent numbers from October. Click here for news

Date Posted : 15 March 2014

Subject : Updates on Recent issue in MP Circle

Updates on Recent issue in MP Circle :


With the intervention of Director (HR) and GM (SR) BSNL CO, a meeting was fixed with CGM MP on 18th march which has been subsequently rescheduled on 19th March 2014 for resolving the impasse. GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma and AGS Shri Amit Roy shall be attending the meeting. Till that time members are requested to exercise restraint and not to do any thing anywhere. We are aware of your feelings and anguish in your minds, next course of action shall be informed after the meeting. We have already conveyed to management, the feelings arising in the minds of all the direct recruits due to the provocative act of mp circle administration. We are aware of the fact that members are ready to go to any extreme but since management has shown concern over the incidence and is receptive to our feelings, we will wait for the outcome of meeting failing which we will serve the notice for organizational action on 19th march 2014.

Date Posted : 14 March 2014

Subject : bsnl cpsu policy

BSNL CPSU Policy :


At last bsnl management issues the much awaited cpsu policy after repeated pursuasion of AIGETOA. The policy however was supposed to be meritocratic and should have given weightage to qualification. But all such things appears to be beyond the scope of management for reasons best known to them. Any how still some breakthrough is there and we respect that. We request members to send feedback on the same on chqaigetoa@gmail.com. Click here for Policy

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