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Most Urgent - Payment of Subscription Fee for the period April'15 to Mar'16

Subscription fee of all members of the association is expired on 31st March-2015 hence all members are requested to please pay their subscription directly to CHQ account given below through net banking or through DD or through cheque only. Cash payment will not be accepted.

Existing members (who have paid subscription up March-15) must pay Rs. 1200/- for next 12 months i.e. up March-16. Existing members can also pay in two equal installments of Rs. 600/- or three equal installments of Rs 400/- but all the installments must be paid on or before 30th Jun-2015.

New members (all who have not paid subscription up to march-15) must pay membership fee of Rs 500/- + previous subscription Rs 800/- (Aug-14 to March-15) + current subscription of Rs 1200/- total Rs 2500/-. There is no installments facility for the new members. Acceptance of new membership with the above subscription is restricted up to 30th June-2015 after this period new membership will be accepted with additional fee of 18% panel interest on above amount.


  1. The above subscription fee is not to buy the resolution of the issues but to manage the mandatory provisions of Association i.e. conducting meetings, visits and tours, paying for other day to day expenditure to maintain the affair of the association etc. subscription fee is to be paid for association not for any leaders. Leaders are responsible for managing day to day affair of the association, highlighting/pursuing the issues before authorities and sharing the information among members but not at all for resolution of the issues. For resolution of the issues collective efforts, risk, sacrifice and contribution is required. Only those who understand and in agreement with above facts and abide with the constitution of the association must pay the subscription to become member of the association. Association need supporters hence investors are requested not to become member of this association.

  1. This association will shortly intensify the fight including legal battle for standard pay scale, superannuation benefits in totality from Oct-2000, payment of arrear, HRA and medical benefits on 78.2% IDA merger, one increment and scale upgradation on LDCE promotion, etc. where involvement and contribution from every member is required. legal battle will be restricted up to the paid members of the association who are willing to share the cost and consequences equally and cases will be filed in the name of individual paid members only so that benefits can be extended to them only not to all. Extra fund will be collected from beneficiaries as and when required.

  1. Any association shall entertain only regular paid members hence representatives at all the levels are requested to please be strict on this principle. Member of district executive committee and circle executives committee will be removed if they do not pay the regular subscription in time. It is easy and effective to work with actual members then proxy investors.

  1. After paying the above subscription fee members must fill the following form for maintaining the database and to issue the membership number/ID card of the association.

After submitting the due subscription, individual need to fill online subscription details in form link given below :

Online Form Link. Click here


Submission of representation to the concern authorities against any injustice/loss through proper channel is foremost and basic right of the individual officers working in CPSEs. Officers must make it habit to submit immediate representations against any injustice/loss which will prevent their legal and future rights. This association will make aware to the members time to time against injustice/loss but representations must be given individually which will help association to pursue the issues to the highest authorities on behalf of mass.

This association has prepared the representation for individual officer’s against various injustice being done with direct recruits executives in respect of pay, promotion and pension issue but surprisingly most of the direct recruits refrain of submitting their representations. This passiveness of direct recruits are not only taking them away from their very basic and legal rights but also not giving sufficient strength/confidence to association for struggle and not giving sufficient reason to the authorities for taking decision on merit.

This association once again appeal to the direct recruits of BSNL to please submit the representations to the various authorities if not submitted yet as given below as early as possible.