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Recruitment of DGM from among External Candidates and Out Action regarding

Recruitment of DGM from among the external candidates having Engineering Degree (60%) and post qualification experience with minimum 5 years in a company having turnover of Rs 100 Cr but denying the internal executives having Engineering Degree (up to 80%) along with additional qualification of MTech/MBA and experience more than 12 years in BSNL itself having turnover more than RS 27000 Cr is not at all justified. Even a layman can realize this fact.

As per our analysis and information received through internal sources, more than 750 internal candidates have passed the written exam of DGM without any preparation and hardly 2-3 candidates from external are in top 100. Denying the internal talent and recruiting inferior DGM from among external candidates is nothing but simply a scam on cost of our career and compromising the interest of the company. We are not only the employee of this company but also a stake holder. This company is made with the taxes of the public which includes our parents also. Nobody is having authority to employ the officers as per his whims and fancy. There must be parity in eligibility and open competition. Candidates securing higher merit must be given appointment. Internal candidates are always given preference but here in BSNL internal candidates are kept out from the race for DGM recruitment. This is nothing but simply abuse to our qualification, talent and experience.

Although, this decision was taken by the earlier board and our present CMD and Director (HR) both have assured to take final call which shall be fair and just. Meeting on this issue is scheduled on 23-09-2015 with Director (HR) where we expect the decision to scrap this discriminatory DGM recruitment which is filled with vested interest and chance of corruption.

Meanwhile this association requests every executive who have appeared in the DGM exam held on 20-10-2013 to please represent against this DGM recruitment once again to secure our legal right. this association also request to members to please explore the possibility of legal remedy in line of this representation to take stay on DGM appointment. The format for representation is attached herewith. (Finance people must make changes as per requirement).

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